Alternative dating site might be a great solution. But AltScene is the website that will destroy this pleasant dating option.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is AltScene And Who Is The Owner?

AltScene app is a free website that is focused on dating ones who became a part of some alternative people’s culture. This is why you can meet here emo, goths, and punks. Mainly, the audience of this alternative dating site is younger people. Though it is mainly an emo dating site, you can meet here 30+ women looking for some alternative adult dating experience. However, it would be fine, if these women were real.
You can start a conversation with AltScene website creators using the following data:

Company Name
Coda Digital Limited; Alt Scene
Company Location
Company Email
[email protected]

Tried that already? Well, if so, you could have realized that it is impossible to reach the AltScene app support team. Moreover, reaching at least one single woman on AltScene app is also impossible, because the website is a half-fraud, half-dead site. Interested in details? Let’s take a closer look at AltScene app and discover all the disgusting scamming methods this free emo dating site uses and uncover the dark truth this alternative dating site tries to hide. So let’s start our AltScene review.

Diving Into The Work Of AltScene: What Does The Website Offer?

The first visit to fake AltScene app can already show that this is a low-quality and poorly-made alternative dating website without any effort put into its creation. This alternative dating site designed so badly that there is even no way to start browsing it to find alternative emo singles. The Alt Scene landing page looks like this is some dark net red room website where something bad will happen to you. Stock fake photos of alternative people and nothing more.

The AltScene app page is really laggy. Any button will lead to nothing, and you will just have to reload this emo dating site. This is just ridiculous. The only button on this alternative dating site that will give you more content is the Alt Scene Privacy and Policy button that we will discuss a little bit later. It already was a horrible alternative dating experience.

So we decided to not stay too long on this creepy AltScene page and start our journey on this free fake online scamming resource to see the horrible registration process, disgusting alternative dating solutions, incredible scamming methods, accounts of alternative members, and a lot of fake profiles of emo singles.

How to register on Altscene?

The registration process is important. You see the tab only when you start browsing Alt Scene. And with fake AltScene app you will never miss the join window due to the fact it is the only thing you will see on the landing page of this alternative dating site for emo. And the site lags horribly.

The AltScene alternative dating website requires you to provide them with:

  1. Name;
  2. Surname;
  3. Age;
  4. Location;
  5. Sexual Preference;
  6. Gender;
  7. Information about yourself;
  8. Password.

There are a lot of things you have to mention to create an account, which would be really uncomfortable for members of this alternative dating website. Especially, on the site that is focused on the creation of fake profiles of emo and gothic singles. Of course, you can try their search engine, but it doesn’t work at all. No way to find other members with alternative point of view to start dating.

Moreover, you can’t remain anonymous on this alternative dating site, and your data might be used for stalking you by other users. It makes it harder to connect with your partner for alternative dating with the same interests. But what about the profiles of women on the AltScene website?

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Fake profiles of women: how to recognize them?

The first thing we have to say talking about alternative dating site profiles is that AltScene dating site is almost dead. There is almost no activity, but at least, it is free. Yet, the variety of AltScene profiles is so poor that we couldn’t even find a proper solution to contact a lot of women seeking alternative dating. And if you found some alternative users you like, don’t even try to remember their profiles. Browsing feature works badly. You will never find other users by nicknames or interests. You will lose the chosen account forever.

Alt Scene has a lot of different alternative categories of users, that include:

  • Single Punks;
  • Gothic Singles;
  • Emo;
  • Gamers.

Looks like the AltScene website is focused on attracting alternative younger users that want to find a couple by interest, send messages to some single punks, which might be not that easy to do in real life. This alternative dating site is aimed at the creation of false image of friendly atmosphere of alternative dating with single punks who share the same interests. And you can even send messages for free on Alt Scene site. But this is a trap that will just steal all the information from your account to scam you. We described such a scam method in our previous reviews.

Also, alternative dating solutions available on this site are:

  • Emo dating;
  • Goth dating;
  • Dating by interests;
  • Punk dating.

But the plan of Alt Scene fails, especially when we talk about these alternative dating site profiles. Every single punk here will appear to be fake. No way to find like minded individuals here. Every dating category on Alt Scene is full of fake accounts of bots members managed by operators. And don’t forget that there are no chat rooms available. No way to find a community with the same interests. AltScene dating is really poor, even though it is free. No browsing feature. Just a loud claim that they have extended searches of people with alternative lifestyles.

On Alt Scene, we managed to send about 50 messages to 50 single people and received only 3 replies. That tells that the operators of this fake website are too busy to at least pretend that the website is working. Such alternative dating site aimed at only taking your time. And what about payments on this alternative dating site?

How much to pay to be scammed?

This review was one of the most difficult for us. This is not because this alternative dating website had hidden its scamming motives. And not because this alternative dating site designed badly. No, the mental part of us were just horrified with the work of AltScene. This is not what we expected from the site for like minded people with alternative lifestyles.

The website is fully free. We tried to find at least one feature you have to pay for, but no. There is nothing you have to pay for. But don’t think that this alternative dating website will not scam you. You will lose money if you use this alternative site.

We received an e-mail from the AltScene website that was literally blackmailing us. For all our expert career, this was the very first time we received such letter. Especially, when we pretended to have an alternative lifestyle. Of course, that was nothing but a dumb threat. We didn’t even find any sort of like minded individuals to start dating on this site. There are no like minded single people with same interests who are looking for dating experience on this site.

But the messages AltScene has sent us were abusive. This alternative dating site aimed at insulting. And that is including the fact that we told on our profile that we are struggling with mental illnesses. This is the price a common alternative teenager might pay for using AltScene dating site. Even though it is free, you might lose something valuable on this scam dating site.

And with blackmailing us, we realized that all our data might be stolen while this alternative dating experience. So what can we find in AltScene’s terms of use?

Will the website be guilty of stealing something?

The AltScene alternative dating website uses a common template for all such needs, and shows that they take no care of their users. Here’s what they say:

You are solely responsible for any content, including any type of information that you post on the Site or display to other members of the Site. You will keep all Content provided to you through the Site private and confidential and will not disclose such Content to anyone without the permission of the person who provided it to you.

Source: https://www.altscene.com/site/terms

Another proof that this alternative dating site aimed at scams and blackmailing. All your interests will be used for scamming.

Yes. The Alt Scene dating website claims that you can be scammed and no one will protect you. Though this is a free dating site, you might lose even more precious things, trying to find minded single people.

Final Thoughts About AltScene.com

The conclusion about this AltScene review is obvious. AltScene looked like a nice concept for members who would like to experience dating with alternative people and any other person with an alternative lifestyle for free. But this is just a scamming resource that is focused on blackmailing common users and dating community members, who are looking for a partner.

This AltScene dating website is truly insufficient. You might receive an insulting message for no reason, just because the operator of this scam site is in a bad mood. So you have to avoid this site to be fully safe.


  • AltScene is a scamming dating site that is focused on blackmailing people who decided to use this online service. In spite of the fact that it is free, it is focused on blackmailing and insulting community members. This free dating site might ruin your life without any problems. This site for emo members should be avoided. You will only find a plenty of fake accounts here.
  • AltScene is not a legitimate dating site. It has poor mechanics, and a lot of facts show it is a fraud. It is free, but the main goal is to insult people with psychological issues. Use other dating sites in order to not have a mental breakdown. Alt Scene emo site should be avoided.
  • AltScene is a blackmail service that will spam you with messages demanding money for using alternative dating sites. It is a dangerous fake dating website that will insult minorities and might cause depression. There are no real members, no groups by interests, and no way to find a partner. Alt Scene is the worst online dating solution for minded single people

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