It’s no secret that dating is the first step to a relationship. Love, passion, and sex are born from relationships. Previously, people met in bars, movie theaters, gas stations, and even libraries. Now is the era of the Internet, and many women and men meet using dating platforms.

Our experts review dating sites and find the best dating options for you.
We also write articles about different types of dating, the psychology of relationships and dating options in different places.
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Janet Barr - dating expertJanet C. Barr

@a psychologist, an expert in the relationship [email protected]

Janet is a graduate of Hampton University, the Department of Psychology, and she has decided to dedicate her life to the realm of interpersonal relationships. Her research focuses on cultural and lingual differences of representatives of different nations, which often complicate relationships and express feelings. She spends a lot of time writing for social media channels on the topic. Janet is an expert in the relationship field: “I help lonely hearts unite, hold family consultations and analyze dating sites in detail.”, – she said.

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Keith Rubio- dating expertKeith P. Rubio

@a relationship and family [email protected]

After graduating from the State University of New York at Binghamton with a degree in psychology, he decided to get my PhD in Clinical Psychology from the same university. Later on, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In everyday life, he is well-known for his desire to make people’s lives simpler—with an emphasis on helping people meet their soulmates and create strong long-lasting families. Keith especially interested in people making acquaintances and how these develop into romantic relationships. Actually, this is what Keith has gone through himself—he married (and is happily married to his wife for 27 years already) his colleague even though they had no mutual interests at all. That’s how it dawned on him to become a relationship and family coach—a job that helped him connect with many other couples who have found success together as well. Also, he runs many blogs, writes useful relationship posts, and makes in-depth reviews of dating sites so that users can choose the best ones for themselves.

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