Mature and romantic dating is a desirable option for the vast majority of people. But will AmazingFlings offer you a nice dating solution?


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Created AmazingFlings And What Is This Website?

AmazingFlings is a dating website focused on adult dating for mature members. This site claims that it provides dating solutions for a lot of different categories of people of all ages. Nonetheless, there are enough grounds to think that this website is nothing but a fraud.
Reaching Amazing Flings team is possible with the help of the following contact information:

Company Name
Online Bridge Builders Inc; Meteor Interactive
Company Address
411 Hackensack Avenue Suite Suite 200 #135 Hackensack New Jersey 07601
Email Address
[email protected]

However, here everything is just like on Amazing Flings site itself. This website is created by Meteor Interactive, so you will never get a response. They have the America’s biggest collection of scamming websites. And Amazing Flings is one of them.
Now let’s talk more about the Amazing Flings website itself and see all the functions it uses to trap the users.

Detailed Review On AmazingFlings

Talking about the Amazing Flings site, we cannot deny that it looks pretty good. The landing page contains a lot of intrigue and literally encourages you to sign up. And this website announces that you will be able to access exciting contacts with entertainment purposes. But it would be your main mistake to believe in it. There is nothing fair on Amazing Flings dating website. Did you want some fully responsive web design? Forget about it! There is no such thing.

As for landing, it is full of photos of beautiful ladies, but the overall tone claims that this site is fully about sexual meetings. Pretty nice solution, but the only aim is to scam common users. Interested in how they do it?

So now, it is time to discuss the registration process on Amazing Flings website, see how fake profiles on Amazing Flings are, examine their prices for the paid membership, see how they fulfill entertainment purposes, and discover their dark desires hidden from regular average members.

Registration on AmazingFlings: why is it horrible?

The registration process on Amazing Flings became a real pain for us. Including the fact that we had only one window to complete, we spend about an hour trying to make everything work. And that was not a surprise. Amazing Flings is laggy, like any website running under authority of Meteor Interactive.

First of all, you need to include the following information to register:

  • Nickname;
  • Location;
  • Age;
  • Preferences;
  • Age;
  • Password.

Our first issue was with the date of birth. We couldn’t enter anything because the tab with age just lagged. We had no idea what to do because the site simply cut our way to registering. Amazing Flings gave us a brand-new experience. Unfortunately, it wasn’t pleasant.
And when we used Google to register, we couldn’t complete the registration, because Amazing Flings website claimed our email was invalid. Finally, we managed to reach Amazing Flings site and saw a lot of fake profiles. Read more about them below.

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Fake profiles on AmazingFlings

When we started our work with the Amazing Flings website, we noticed a bad interface that had nothing in common with at least fine dating websites. AmazingFlings looked like a cheap site with porn that only offered both naked and half-naked women. Laughing at them is one of the best features on the website. At least, it was the only sincere positive emotion, because this website is not legit, and it is aimed only at making users purchase air.

We wanted to chat a little, send messages on Amazing Flings, but such an option was not available. Though we were able to receive messages, it was horrible. Fake women on Amazing Flings website have 2 ways of reaching you:

  1. First type of woman tells you a lot about sexual desires and sends a lot of naked photos, half of which are available to you without buying credits.
  2. Second type of woman sends you truly romantic letters that include the only desire to marry you. Sometime, such romantic messages can be also followed by a low-quality sex video. Being review experts, we can claim that a contact focused on sex only is a mark that the you are on a scam platform with bots and low-quality operators. but the only advantage is that some users can get some free fake pornography instead of dating.

It is not hard to notice the scam, especially when you see a lot of messages written with some certain script. So we decided to pay a little and have a chat. And Amazing Flings surprised us again.

How much do you have to pay to chat with fake women?

AmazingFlings provides its users with a credit system that comes as a pretty common solution. This way, we were even happy because with credits we usually can get more content. This way, you will be able to send messages with only a time limit. Paid membership here is unavailable, and you will not be able to try other features regular dating sites provide. Users will never get a free trial to know whether the service worth their attention.

The prices of Amazing Flings credits are the following:

$6 for 3 credits
$20 for 7 credits
$50 for 52 credits
$150 for 105 credits
$300 for 300 credits

Such pricing is simply copied from regular and nice dating websites. Amazing Flings didn’t even manage to make up their own pricing system. But we paid a little and bought 25 credits. It was pretty enough to respond to women who tried to reach us. Yet, if you read at least one of our reviews on Meteor Interactive website, you will see that nothing goes well after the purchase of goods from this company that provides only fake messages from bots and operators.

On this platform, we could at least chat. But not anybody receives such opportunity to start a conversation. For this reason, you will have to pay more to start sending messages to other members on this site. It is a common thing for fake dating sites. And we are sure that you saw a lot of them in our reviews.

We got some scripted responses from operators. But that wasn’t even close to exciting contacts. Only scripted messages from fake profiles that we received in our private chats. Some of them asked us for naked photos, and others were simply asking some stupid questions in order to make us pay more for chatting. Pretty obvious scamming. But, what does the Amazing Flings site tell about the protection of your information?

How does AmazingFlings justify its scam?

Working with Amazing Flings site, we were able to learn that you can send your personal photos and images to other people, and that made us feel really uncomfortable. We realized that the site can also blackmail you. And here is what Amazing Flings said:

You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of the Service, whether online or offline. We do not conduct any background or criminal record check or other investigation of users, some of which may be sex offenders, fraudsters or otherwise unsavory and may intend you harm. We are not responsible or liable for the conduct or content of any user.

Source: https://www.amazingflings.com/agreement

Amazing Flings free to scam you! That is what they say.
As you can see, you will get no protection if some “user” will start blackmailing you. But keep in mind that all the members here are operated by the Amazing Flings site.

What Can We Tell About AmazingFlings?

The conclusion is simple. Amazing Flings site is a scamming template of a nicely working dating platform and has nothing in common with high-level dating. AmazingFlings is just a scamming platform that will steal your money and will make you pay even more for not having your photos leaked.

There is no option to send messages, no fully responsive web design, no paid membership, and no private chats. There are only fake profiles, laggy browser pages, fake dating solutions, and scam methods of working. This review is more like a comment with our fair opinion. Meteor Interactive is a dishonest Internet company that always deletes and creates new scamming platforms with bots and operators. And we already had a lot of reviews about this company. This fake service will only make your browser lag while you try to create your account.

So if you don’t want to lose everything you have, avoid AmazingFlings and use only reliable services with a high reputation. We hope that this review was useful for you. And don’t forget to read more reviews for free on our website to make sure you avoid fake dating services.


  • AmazingFlings is a scam site focused on the creation of a false image of an adult dating. This site is full of nudity and fake services, and has the only goal to steal money. All the members here cannot keep their anonymity, because they are always followed by fake bots and dishonest operators.
  • AmazingFlings is not legit at all. This scamming portal is focused on stealing your money, photos, and personal data. This site is involved in blackmailing people in order to get even more money from their fraud scheme. All the users on this site will pay money without getting any features. The only thing they receive is disgusting comments.
  • AmazingFlings has nothing in common with fair dating services. This is a scam site with anonymity issues: the only aim is to abuse other users in order to take their funds and information. There are fake users, no free features, and horrible dating solutions.

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