Before users go to dating websites that are not free, they need to check them. Check our thorough review for your final choice.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is AmericanFlings.com for and who owns it?

This AmericanFlings dating site was launched in 2019. The site is suitable for both men and ladies looking for sex dating or casual dating. The age can be completely different, starting from 18 years old. The site additionally opens in your browser and is designed for frank communication. But be careful as many fake profiles have been found. The service is still too young and therefore has many shortcomings. This is confirmed by a large number of negative reviews of real members who have tried this site.

If you need contact information, check out the table below.

Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savannahweg 17
Index + City:
3542AW Utrecht
[email protected]

But it is worth additionally noting that the support service is poor. Its employees rarely respond and will not solve the questions you are concerned about. The point is that the scam site simply cannot solve the issue because it knows in advance what the problem is. This casual dating site creates problems itself due to its dishonest method of making money.

AmericanFlings.com review details

Before users choose a website that is not free like Meteor Interactive that can provide them with physical contact with another person, they need to pay attention to several details to make sure it is not a scam. You shouldn’t send messages to bots. At first, it seems like communication with open minded people, but in reality, it is only an attempt to cover scams. No matter what man woman comment is there, it is better to choose a reputable website for casual dating.

As it turned out, absolutely everything on this scam website is fake: operators, users’ profiles, photos, as well as their promises of casual dating. This is all confirmed not only by the comments of former members of the site but also by the facts.

American Flings registration process

You can register on the scam website American Flings and use it in a browser only because there is no mobile app. Registration in the browser isn’t simple and implies filling out only 10 fields. Users can’t use the service without registration. Lack of effectiveness indicates that much time should be spent to register.

This step is supposedly required to ensure that photos and account information is private. But it makes no sense because most of the profiles are fake and designed by the creators of this company themselves. Registering at the website isn’t a very easy step but it doesn’t make your money involved. Registration seems serious because of the many fields to fill out.

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Fake Women Profiles

The disadvantage of Meteor Interactive company’s sites is that there is no identity verification, which is why there are a lot of fake accounts. Questionnaires can often be easily confused with real and fake ones, so it is difficult to ensure honest use and real communication. At first glance, the pictures seem real, but most of them are fake. Some of the members who created an account said that it was very easy. Sexy, professional pictures of a young woman and other members are added to attract users. Yet, some of women are scam.

This scam site doesn’t confront the big problem of fake accounts, which makes the site ineffective anyway. Also, there are some questionable notifications in the form of “min started receiving solicitations”. Beautiful non recurring profiles create a perfect place to engage both women and men. The Meteor Interactive company members develop fake accounts and send messages on their own and even talk to women.

Ignore the pretty pictures you lead a conversation with. They are taken from various sources but not uploaded by the ladies in the shots themselves. Once again, let us remind you that the correspondence is handled by specially trained workers. This means that you won’t get the final result you are hoping for.

Cost of membership

Another drawback of AmericanFlings is the lack of trial rates. You need to buy credits to be a part of the community in the browser. That is, only paid community participation is possible. There is a coin plan that functions without auto-renewal, so you don’t have to do anything extra:

10 Credits cost $21.67
25 Credits cost $51.23
50 Credits cost $95.25
100 Credits cost $177.39
200 Credits cost $328.49

So, you need to purchase credits, nothing is free. It is very hard to find codes and coupons for such no-perfect-match websites. They may not even exist. There are no trial plans and no casual dating.

Active users who have made effort to register on websites can see that the prices are not insignificant. Credits are deducted very quickly and imperceptibly, so users can spend large numbers of credits without even noticing it. Members can see that for 200 coins they will have to pay a huge credit, which disappears from the account and ends up in the wallets of scammers. You can’t stay on the site without money and credits.

It is not clear how the money price was formed on this site because there is no good reason to charge any money at all. The whole point is that there is no benefit or effectiveness in any fake account posted.

Terms of Service

The American Flings scam site wrote the following in the terms and conditions section:

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that the (i) profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.

The terms, as well as many reviews, also claim that websites like this are not responsible for their operation. This is the first reason to be wary and realize that this is a scam. Additionally, the company does not provide any of its services for free. If you want to send messages you must pay. Terms say that all features of the questionnaires do not correspond to reality and are selected at random. That is, any coincidence with a real person is a free fluke.

The conclusion from our review of American Flings

As it turns out, the site promises users mountains and marvels but the members’ possibility of getting a non-fake conversation is reduced to virtually zero. This website offering to register users from America has revealed a lot of flaws, including a lack of identity verification, real community, mobile apps, free features, accountability for operation, etc. Also, it will not be able to ensure anonymously, so security is at risk. Indeed, members can talk but is it worth the money paid?

The policy of the Meteor Interactive site says that requests are submitted by members of different views (e.g., gay). There is a function to find people for casual dating or sex dating in your city but the probability that you will find the right person here is zero — there’s no exciting fun at all. If you get an “ideal match,” a bot woman can send messages and can respond a lot. However, the result is unreliable, which means men can waste their time. Do not be fooled by active Meteor Interactive and do not purchase credits because the site deceives its members.

Perhaps, some active periods will be interesting but after all the time spent, you will remain disappointed and will regret that you did not use a decent website where there are real profiles of people who want to meet or have a date. At least, this is evidenced by all the honest reviews from real users posted on various Internet resources. People recommend users not to repeat their experience and not waste time on unreal casual dating. It’s not a perfect place for open minded people as it may seem at first glance. Any review or comment is negative.


  • American flings is a website that offers different members to purchase credits and promises them to get an ideal match and exciting fun. At first glance, inexperienced people think that this is true and create accounts but the results are disappointing.
  • According to the American Flings site's terms of use, it can use personal data for its own purposes and if the user agrees to the terms of use, this user is likely to be deceived. Once you register on this website, there are no safe methods. The site is not legitimate for sure.
  • Yes, it runs on its own scam technology. Women and men are given the scam promise that they will find a social and exciting fun partner. As a result, they become victims. No perfect match is possible because the website is full of fake profiles rather than real users who register there. There is a risk to spend a lot of members' money in such a dubious community.

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