Romantic dating is a desirable option for all people. But how will AmourFeel ruin this pleasant experience?


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is AmourFeel And Who Is The Creator Of It?

AmourFeel is a scamming dating resource that creates a false image of a romantic dating website. Amourfeel dating site was created to steal users’ money using regular scamming and blackmailing. In spite of the fact that AmourFeel looks normal, there are still a lot of ways to recognize that. But when we only started conducting our AmourFeel review, it was hard to notice scams.

Talking about contact information, the AmourFeel website didn’t hide it from users, and you can still find everything about them. Information includes:

Company Name
United States
Email Address
[email protected]

However, AmourFeel support is not active. Of course, there is a chance that you will receive some scripted reply, but you will never get some help. This resource is not created to reach real people, and the only desire is to take as much money as it is possible. The amour feel customer support team hardly ever works on this online dating platform.

But does it make us state the fact that AmourFeel is a scamming site? Our AmourFeel Review will help you find the truth about this website.

Diving Into Scam: How AmourFeel Scams Its Users?

AmourFeel doesn’t look like a scam site. That would be a lie to claim that we didn’t think that all our members’ demands were mistaken and that the Amour Feel website is fully fine. But everything started when we couldn’t find any contact data on AmourFeel. It was just impossible to learn who runs the website.

Later on, we found out that all the AmourFeel tabs were very laggy. There was no possible option to reduce the time of waiting, and we were wondering how people use the AmourFeel website at all.

But then we saw a registration window and decided to make sure that this website is nothing but a fraud. Let’s talk about registration.

Registration on AmourFeel: Why is it horrible?

To complete an honest AmourFeel review, we needed to register. AmourFeel registration is a bad trick. It is a one-tab window without any other solutions, but it is laggy and uncomfortable. Amour Feel challenges you with the registration form and request contact details for every single step.

Here comes the basic information you need to register on AmourFeel:

  • Gender;
  • Name;
  • Email;
  • Age.

Some people also told us that they ask for your marital status and other contact details. But maybe that was another version of the Amourfeel App.

AmourFeel didn’t even ask for our location. For this reason, we can look for some USA dating and receive nothing, because the website will be somewhere else, but not in the USA. The registration process was laggy, they tried to complete some verifications and sent more contacts requests. We had no idea why Amour Feel took so much time to register us. It already sounded like a scam.

But when we registered on AmourFeel, we had to complete even more quizzes and provide even more information. The funniest was the photo. The demands of the Amour Feel website were more like we were not registering on a dating website but were taking a passport photo.
It was time to start AmourFeel login and see all the fake profiles.

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All the profiles are fake: how is that possible?

AmourFeel profiles are of a bad quality. All online communication is based on sexual motives. And this was a pretty common thing in our AmourFeel site review. In fact, the first look at them can show that they are pretty average and that they might be real. But when the flood started, we could experience their true nature. Average users will not recognize the girls profiles scam and will think that Amour Feel is a legit website with beautiful women. And, of course, they will try to see their private photos thinking that they will just be paying users on the site. It would be hard to recognize truly fake profiles on Amour Feel without the help of an expert.

The average age on Amour Feel is about 30 years, which might be nice. Profile pictures show that women are really beautiful. But you cannot freely use their search filters. They simply don’t work. Such websites can create an image, but when it comes to different communication tools, you will get only a few options, hoping that they will at least work.

In only 10 minutes of our work with the AmourFeel website, we received about 7 likes and 4 messages. It might have been a great start, but our profile was fully blank. There was nothing included at all. Just a name and age. We were shocked by the behavior of AmourFeel’s fake female members.

A little spoiler alert, our payment was rather successful. At least, we could send some messages. We made up a short and depressing story, and received almost no feedback. Probably, all the AmourFeel accounts were moderated by one operator. But when we told this story to one woman, every single woman who sent us a message started acting like she knew what’s going on. Using their so-called premium services, we realized that every like we left would be a perfect match, and all the beautiful women on Amour Feel are keen on talking to strangers without a photo trying to encourage him with a real life date.

Not a single particular member doubted that we are her real perfect match.
And AmourFeel fake female members sent us a lot of voice messages in order to make us spend all the credits. That was so fake that we couldn’t start laughing. This was the peak of AmourFeel reviews.

So, how much money do you need to buy AmourFeel credits?

Incredibly high prices on AmourFeel

AmourFeel costs depend on the system they use. The Credit system is pretty nice, and you can spend them the way you want to. The prices on the AmourFeel website are not that high. The website promised that in addition to their extended search they would us give many free features, such as opportunity to send messages. But AmourFeel free services doesn’t exist, and new members will never experience cheap premium services.

You have to pay only $2.99 for 20 credits. By the way, this is the only available package. We are afraid to think what new members feel here. Including the fact that nearly 80% of online communication tools are not working, combining poor registration forms and an inactive AmourFeel support team, we can assume that people are here just to spend money to send messages to some operator.

Amourfeel free credits are more like a myth. During our AmourFeel review, we couldn’t receive any of the free features of the website.
However, it was claimed that $2.99 is a discount price, so we couldn’t resist a wish to have such deal. And guess what? We were charged $9.99. In fact, we were already scammed. And you don’t receive any complimentary credits. Such feature was announced when we managed to register, but we got nothing. And when we contacted the customer support team of this online dating platform, we received no reply.

AmourFeel website proved that it didn’t care about its clients.
After our first transactions, 50% of the messages on AmourFeel contained content that was focused on taking our credits. Voice messages, letters, and photos required us to spend about 5-10 credits per action. AmourFeel costs just rose significantly for us. And that was so obvious that we were not even surprised. This is how the scam works. Only fake profiles will never lead to a real-life date.

Girls’ profiles on Amour Feel are almost blank, and you will never be able to start a video communication with them. This is why Amour Feel dating site is a bad solution for your dating experience. The only thing you can do here is to send money for seeing as many girls with fake profiles as possible.

Having chatted a little on AmourFeel dating site, we realized that sending a photo comes for only 5 credits and that all the content these fake women receive might be used for further blackmailing.

What their Privacy Policy says

The privacy policy of the AmourFeel website didn’t even try to hide that they take no care of the data of their users. They claim:

The Suppliers are independent contractors and are not our employees, agents, or representatives. AmourFeel is not responsible for the quality of Suppliers’ services, the willful or negligent acts and/or omissions of any Supplier or any of its respective employees, agents, servants, or representatives including, without limitation, their failure to deliver services, partial or inadequate delivery of services.

Source: https://amourfeel.com/public/terms-of-use

And here, we can make a conclusion in our AmourFeel review and claim that this dating website is just a scamming platform with no fair dating experience.

The Conclusion About AmourFeel.com

AmourFeel is a scamming dating website that tries hard to hide all the dark aims they have. AmourFeel dating site is not about a fair dating experience. It has only one goal: to steal your money and use your data for blackmailing. After AmourFeel login and registration process, you might think that everything is fine. This scam site is nothing but a fake and you have to avoid it without any doubts.

Here, you will come across a laggy registration form without even a question about your marital status, sending your request contact details to be scammed, and getting no free credits. Even more, there are not many communication tools, the support team is always offline, there are no free features or free credits, and other members are not even real. AmourFeel legitimate work is fully fake. No way is AmourFeel dating a secure resource.

Want fair dating? Use only reliable services. AmourFeel is not one of them. This AmourFeel site review was aimed at showing you that you will never receive fair services on this website, and that Amour Feel private chat always involves some third-party users.


  • AmourFeel is a scam website focused only on the creation of a false image of proper dating. This site has a nice image but hides a dark scamming aim beneath this “proper dating” picture. Avoid this site to save your money. In our AmourFeel review, we showed everything about it.
  • AmourFeel is not a legit website that is focused only on fake interactions with other users. All the members of AmourFeel are not real and spread only fake information.
  • Yes. AmourFeel is a scam platform that provides only fake services without even trying to give some fair dating experience. Fake profiles with stock images can only prove that this site is created for fraud.

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