If you are going to use the asstok website for adult dating, check this review and see what asstok offers — this dating platform is not worth your money.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Asstok.com details

  • Geography: 139,000 from the USA
  • Members activity: 620,000 active users weekly
  • Gender rate: female – 42%, male – 58%

The dating website offers you to create a free account. It hosts a really huge number of USA users. You will probably not see such a large number of members on any other dating website. Everything looks very promising. If you are going to meet cute college students or even milfs, the platform seems perfect for that. Registration is very easy. The search results will show you plenty of women in your area available for sex. It looks like finding someone for sex is effortless, however, you shouldn’t hurry to make your conclusions. Creating a free account on this dating site is quick and easy but is it as easy to cancel it? 

Asstok, LLC
Lawrence G. Walters 195 W. Pine Ave Longwood, FL 32750 Fax: (407) 774-6151
(407) 774-6151
[email protected]

Basic information about this dating site says it is located on Pine Ave Longwood, USA. In fact, our personal experience with one of the most popular sites showed that your dreams and plans to meet someone for sex will hardly come true on this site. If you ever try to contact them at  [email protected], you will not hear any reply. 

The dating site appeared to be a trap for users looking for easy hookups and sex. Such sites make you get a premium membership and then simply rip you off. Without a premium membership, you will not be able to chat with anyone. You should know that those members you are going to be in touch with are not real people. All profiles we came across were simply fake. 

We decided to visit this casual dating paradise and figured out that this dating website uses automated messaging. This is how operators from asstok work. Another member contacts you and makes you feel wanted and desired but it’s just their system is doing it for entertaining you. Don’t forget you have to pay for it. They say they want to talk to only you and they want to meet you and everything you want to hear. However, this never happens. Once you decide to go further and meet in reality, your dreams simply fade away. 

If you want to know how everything works and what our findings about this dating website were, scroll down the page.

What you should know about asstok.com

The operator of this company does not possess a good reputation on the Internet. The network of websites is well-known for regular big scams. Asstok is not very different from the rest of them. The biggest problem with this dating trap is its automatically renewed subscription. 

How to register

Registration on this dating site is fast and hassle-free. You only need to choose your gender (by the way, it works also for couples), mention whether you want to exchange nudes, choose the type of partner you are attracted to, mention your location, and proceed. 

You will have a free account easily. After that, you need to get a membership. Normally, on dating sites, they promise you can terminate it at any time you wish. However, in reality, it doesn’t work this way. There is no transparency on that matter and this makes members waste a lot of money. 

You can have a trial membership for 2 days though. Keep in mind it will be almost impossible not to be charged. Former members complain about this scheme a lot. 

Hot chat

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Fake accounts

Once you join asstok, you should be prepared that plenty of people here are fake. We confirm that based on our experience, the reviews of former members, and their Terms and Conditions. The dating platform acknowledges itself to use an automated messaging system that sends you messages from time to time. It means that you cannot distinguish where a bot and where a real person is. Are those messages from a dating bot or from real members? You never know and we will never find it out either. Moreover, we cannot know how many such automated profiles they have. Maybe all of them are nothing but bots. 

Based on our experience, the messages we received were normal for an adult dating site at a first glance. However, once you develop a conversation, you see that you are not chatting with a real person. If it was free, it would not be such a big problem. If you hope to meet someone not for chatting but for an adventure, this changes a lot of things. You cannot waste your financial means because asstok doesn’t ensure that its members are real. 

The cost

This site offers plenty of membership options. You can choose any subscription — from 2 days to 1 year. The longer your subscription is, the cheaper it will be. You can manage your account settings and pay by credit card. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t accept any other payments. The problem is subscriptions are renewed automatically. You have to terminate your agreement with this service if you want to stop paying. However, this is almost impossible. 

The prices are as follows:

$1.14 Gold 2-day trial
$11.94 Gold 7-day trial
$41.94 1 month gold
$13.98/month Gold 6 months
$11.99 per month Gold 12 months

At first, it doesn’t seem expensive but when you are not able to stop your account, it’s not so funny anymore. 

What do the Terms and Conditions say? 

When browsing the site, we found something interesting in its Terms and Conditions:

You may cancel your membership at any time by clicking here. You must cancel your membership at least twenty-four (24) hours before your monthly anniversary date to avoid being charged for another month of membership.

The Site may, from time to time, offer an automated message system for users to contact other users that meet at least one interest that the user is interested in. Such automated messages are labeled

Source: https://www.asstok.com/members/info/terms.

As you can see, this service is not free. Canceling your account is quite complicated and sometimes, even impossible. The most interesting thing is that the system sends you automatic messages. They say they are marked as “Icebreakers”. We really saw such messages. We still believe that those letters sent by real users are not what they claim. All of them sound very typical as if they are simply generated by the bot. In the process of communication, we were also able to see a few misunderstandings in communication. No matter what you say, you receive very standard replies. It all makes you think about whether the person on the other side exists at all. Many times, we doubted that. 

Our verdict on Asstok

If you plan to meet college girls online to spend some good time together, you’d better search for other dating sites. By registering here, you will access a huge library of bots who are going to make you believe in miracles and rip you off. This dating site hosts a large number of fake profiles that make users spend a lot of money. 

The platform has really too many active members and it seems you are in paradise. Most of them are males who want to meet open-minded females and other users are just bots ripping those males off. This place is not made for dating. It is a big online scam. One more thing we revealed about this adult dating platform is that it’s so difficult to manage membership. You can make an asstok account quickly but you will struggle with canceling it. 

Free membership doesn’t allow you to be in touch with anybody, so you have to become a paid member. If you want to cancel your membership, you go to your account settings, do that but it never happens. Customer  support gpnethelp.com is not very responsive and you may be kept charged while these disputes are solved. Getting asstok membership is very unreliable. You will find a lot of cool stuff on this dating portal but you will hardly be able to leave it if you wish. Believe us, you will want to do that once figuring out you are being scammed. 


  • Asstok belongs to Global Personals LLC, address is: Longwood, Florida. This is an adult dating site. Its members join it to find an affair, hookup, or whatever else they are looking for. The website interface is very open and tells at once what this company is created for. The site allows you to register for free but then, you must purchase a membership. Lots of members complain about a scam. 
  • The website belongs to an officially registered company. It has a physical LLC address. However, its scam schemes do not look very legit. The website hosts too many fake users and members complain a lot that you cannot cancel your paid membership. You keep being charged for it. Is asstok legit? Most likely, not. 
  • Yes, plenty of reviews of this adult dating site would tell you that its members are not really happy with this company. They say that this adult dating site is not free and when you want to stop your membership, you face plenty of obstacles. On this website, people keep being charged even after they ask to cancel memberships. Moreover, the asstok adult dating site uses fake accounts that overwhelm you with their intriguing messages and make you believe you are talking to a real person on this dating platform. It means you pay just for air. Many girls on the site are simple chat bots. It is a great platform to entertain yourself but do not forget you should spend huge money on that.

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