BangHookups review: this dating site has nothing in common with legitimacy and fair policies towards members.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is BangHookups And Who Created It?

Bang Hookups can tell everything about itself with its name. This is an adult dating website focused on giving users an opportunity to find a woman for one night. However, if at least one single feature on this website was not fake, it would be possible to use it. This is just a common fraud that is being operated by a company aimed at the creation of fake dating sites. You can find more about them down below.

Company Name
Enza LTD
Company Location
48 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
Phone number
+44 116 464 7525
Email address
[email protected]

But don’t try to reach this company. Using this data, you will never find a real company in Jamaica. This is why Bang Hookups is another example of scam websites we saw in our reviews. Even though they tried to hide information about them, our experience in making reviews helped us find proper domains in order to know who runs this online scam.

But what makes us think that this resource is fully fake? Let’s talk more about the work of this site.

The Detailed Review On BangHookups

The start of our journey on this dating site was not pleasant at all. The landing page on this resource looks so poor. The combination of the lowest quality images leaves no single thought that this website is something fair. Bang Hookups showed that this is just a scam site where you will never find pure dating experience with real people.

The laggy interface of it is truly bad, and you cannot really scroll down through the resource in order to find some more information about its work. There was nothing to observe here, there was nothing to look at, so we decided to start our registration process to go on with review. Let’s see what hides under the free signing up process, whether it is possible to cancel their membership or not, how the pictures of ladies show that they are not real, and what the main scamming points of this site are.

Is it easy to register on this site?

It is nearly impossible to describe how devastating the registration here is, even though it is free. Every single piece of information has to be included using a separate browser page. This way, every single page is loaded for about 3 minutes, which is really long. To complete registration, you have to tell these scammers the following details:

  • Sex;
  • Preferences (but no gay or lesbian sexual orientation are available);
  • Age;
  • Location;
  • Nickname;
  • Password;
  • Email address.

And after that, you are free to join the website. Entering all this information will be exhausting for an average user and pretty annoying either. The site will take no time to verify your account. And the age doesn’t matter either.
However, it would be great if the access was that “easy.” For now, the main challenge starts. Let’s talk more about the online emissary program that hides behind the creation of a free account. Is casual dating with actual members available here?

Hot chat

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How fake are all the profiles?

When we first visited the website, we could see almost a blank page that looks pretty similar to some advertising of adult dating. A woman in a bikini told us that we have to prove that we are 18+, and the best way to do that was to enter our credit card data. This is the point when all these scamming features became obvious, but we had our test account, so we were able to visit the site.

And that wasn’t worth the effort. The site looks like a horrible template with a lot of naked women that are present on the website in order only to make common users pay more for fictional services. This is a disgusting image of casual dating. We also saw that the age filter is not working, and there is no way to cancel the setting we received from the beginning.

We could see that the only man woman communication is available with computer generated bots. This online emissary program utilizes virtual profiles using some sort of digital actors to create fake online experience of dating to rip off common members. And, of course, you will never find here gay communications. There is no single real person on banghookups.

But we were surprised that the spam attack here is still an option. We could see that all women are keen on sex and that they want us to send a lot of content to them. So let’s reply. It is time to pay for their membership.

What are the prices on BangHookups?

First things first, this is not a classical scam. At the very beginning, we thought that the website is fully free and that entering our payment data was really a sort of authentication. But that was a mistake. The first wrong thing to do here is to believe in their “Join Free” banner.

If you are lucky enough to not catch the virus on your computer, you will be just forced to buy their membership to chat with virtual profiles. Including our previous dating services reviews, we were not surprised that this online emissary program provides no trial membership or trial period. If members could see that there were no actual date options but for fake chat, they would just leave this site in order to find some options with actual members.

When we were scrolling through everything and trying to reply to other users, we saw that our bank account started to lose money. For this reason, the website managed to take about $50. This is a rip off!

However, we could chat a little with women, and the only thing we received instead of a casual date was a simple message that asked us for sending some naked content. The realization that this site is not only stealing money but wants to blackmail common users didn’t really hit us. That was expected.

Is that possible to avoid being scammed?

If you think that you can use this site without paying, you are mistaken. Only when you try to attend it, you do lose your personal banking data. And all the information you tell to these scammers is being used to steal money from you. And their policy is also unfair:

The site assumes no liability or responsibility if any information relating to any paying or non-paying member is intercepted and/or used by an unintended recipient.

Source: https://banghookups.com/terms

This way, all the information you tell to Bang Hookups will be used to steal money from you. Trying to sell members fictitious casual date via their fake chat, they just steal all their contact details. Losing everything using this resource is the only possible feature that all the users who try to use it will face. A horrible site that will only ruin your life.

The Conclusion About BangHookups

The conclusion about this scam site is pretty simple. It is just focused on stealing everything they can reach. Your money, your bank account, your personal information, and every single piece of data you tell them will be taken in order to blackmail you.

The total site experience is unfavorable. There are no casual dates, no option to contact ladies, no age filters,no option to report about your issues, and no option to achieve some dating success. If you join their fake chat, you just become a victim of this online scam site. And you will never be able to cancel their membership.

This site is not a legitimate resource that will only make you pay a lot for your mistake. Visiting Bang Hookups will be a bad solution for casual date that gives you no successful dating experience and will only sell you free low-quality pictures taken from some online porn resources. This is why you should use only reliable services with high grades to enhance communications with other dating community members.

A lot of people were interested in the work of BangHookups, so we decided to answer your questions about this scam dating site.


  • BangHookups is a laggy online dating resource that starts stealing the money of people who join it from the very beginning. Using this dating resource, you will start losing money even before you see all the fake profiles here.
  • Bang Hookups is not a legitimate online dating resource that doesn’t even provide at least minor dating options. This site is only focused on stealing from users online, and using such a resource might not only be really expensive but ruin your life completely.
  • BangHookups is definitely a scam site that only steals money. Reading the policy of this website, you can see that this is just a filthy template of a dating website that will leach all the money and data you have on your account.

Hot chat

  • 9 chat girl
  • 5 chat girl
  • 4 chat girl
  • 1 chat girl
  • 10 chat girl