BDSMLink Review: the site offers scam of all sorts to people focused on BDSM fetish


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is BDSMLink?

BDSMLink claims to be a dating website that gives its chat services to people that would like to attend the BDSM community. However, during our review, we found out that this site is just a scamming resource that has nothing in common with fair dating at all.
If you would like to learn more about the company that created this scam dating platform, consider the following table:

Company Name
Nearby Connections Inc.
Company Location
1128 Royal Palm Beach BLVD, Suite 243 Royal Palm Beach, 33411 FL, US
Email address
[email protected]

The website itself claims that it is just a part of a huge dating network, and we are not surprised at all. This dating resource is a part of a huge scamming system that is only made in order to steal the money and contact information of dating community members. In our reviews, we saw a lot of products from this company that are aimed at Internet scamming of users who are looking for some dating chats.
But let’s talk more about BDSM Link to see what made us think that this is just a fraud site where no BDSM fans will be safe.

The Detailed Review On BDSMLink

BDSM Link greeted us with a great and detailed landing page that was even good for us. We could find a lot of information about the website, find a lot of categories, and other stuff. But we kept in mind that this dating site had caused a lot of questions from users, so we were focused on checking it.

Some internal links are not working at all. This is why it is almost impossible to read more about the website. In fact, from this bright page, the only thing you can see is why BDSM Link is a nice site. But that is just a lie. And for us, it is time to learn everything about registration, fake profiles, prices of the website, and their scamming methods.

The registration process on BDSMLink

The free registration process on BDSM Link is just laggy. This is the moment when all the possible illusions about the work of this website just disappear. You see, behind a nice-looking template hides a horrible scamming site that has nothing in common with fair dating.
To register here, you have to include:

  • Email address;
  • Nickname;
  • The country you are from;
  • Password;
  • Preferences (your main kink);
  • Age.

You don’t even have to enter your gender. This way, your account will be automatically male. How do women reach this site if there is no such option to choose their sex? That was already a curious moment.

When we were ready to meet our potential lovers in private chats, we faced the issue of account identification. At first, we thought that reports of our readers were fake, and that we finally found a free and reliable service that is a rare occasion in our reviews.

But the approval of your profile is just a fake feature that is aimed at the creation of opinion that this site is safe. They say that they need some time to review our account to “identify the user”. And guess what? During this “approval,” we received a lot of notifications that someone tries to log in our email account. They literally tried to take control of our email. Another proof that this site is fully fake. But after an hour of waiting, we saw that we could join the website. So what is wrong with it?

Hot chat

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What is wrong with BDSMLink profiles?

The profiles on the website are of truly bad. They contain the lowest quality pictures, and we had no idea how to even see who is on the front page of the website. We understood why you don’t need to mention your sex. It is simply impossible to learn who is talking to you.
We were looking at these fake members, trying to choose the best candidate for our private chats. But there was no chat at all. Just a browser page with only photos of members. There were no features at all. We couldn’t even find a button to report our issue. So we had to wait until some of these fake members would try to reach us for some dating.

And then the spam attack started. Of course, we realized that BDSM Link will mean that we will receive something sexual, but these messages had nothing in common with real BDSM. Women asked to do a lot of disgusting things and told how strong their willingness was to have sex with our blank account. There was nothing about BDSM and nothing about the role we chose. Just a fake template of a scam dating site.

How much to pay for BDSMLink’s scam services?

The prices here are horrible. A regular dating site will never ask you to pay that much for its services. Just take a look at their subscription packages:

$40 costs 1 Month subscription
$60 costs 3 Months subscription
$130 costs 12 Months subscription

They are not only high but also ridiculous. We can clearly see a common bait to buy the most expensive package in order to take everything. And after paying an incredible $40 for 1 month package, we could chat with fake users here.

We decided to tell about our BDSM desires and saw that BDSM Link members are suspicious. In our reviews, we never saw such fake profiles of dating community members. They insist on sending photos and don’t accept any other messages. But the most interesting part came when we checked our email inbox and found a lot of blackmailing messages. This is why we came to their privacy policy.

What does the website tell about its scamming system?

Of course, there was no surprise that they found a way to justify their scam. Their privacy policy is just focused on telling how great they are, and how bad are users who just want to achieve some successful dating with BDSM Link. Here is what they say:

Please be aware that while we impose certain use restrictions in our Terms of Use, we are not and cannot be responsible for any user or third party’s use of information you may determine to share through the Site

Source: https://www.bdsmlink.com/
As you can see, all the users you chat with on this dating site can abuse your personal information the way they want to. But all the users here are just bots that are managed via operators. So blackmailing is just a common thing on this site. By completing the registration and becoming one of the members here, you will just face a lot of fictional profiles that are aimed at scamming regular users.

The Conclusion About BDSMLink

The conclusion about BDSMLink is extremely simple. This is a scam site that wants to steal everything from you. Your bank account data, your personal information, and, of course, your right to live happily after using this scam site.

Though the registration here is free, you cannot join the chat room, you cannot start dating other members. In this review we saw enough proofs that this site just uses fake profiles to steal money and, additionally, personal information.

If you want to achieve success in your dating and want to find a proper BDSM dating resource, avoid BDSMLink. This site is just a disgusting platform that will ruin your life with blackmail messages. So read reviews and find only reliable dating sites that will give you real profiles of real members.


  • BDSM Link is a dating site that has a nice template of a landing page but uses all its resources to scam common users who want to find a proper dating experience. You will never be able to find a proper dating experience here.
  • BDSMLink is not a legitimate website. The only goal of this scam site is to steal money and personal information about every single member that joins it. The site abuses fake profiles of other users for their Internet scam. Additionally, there are a lot of proofs that users can become victims of blackmailing after buying their subscription.
  • BDSM Link is not only a scam site but a cheeky platform that leaks all the personal information of its users. This way, BDSMLink uses all its resources to blackmail people who just want to fulfill their desires. By using it, you will lose your money.

Hot chat

  • 10 chat girl
  • 6 chat girl
  • 2 chat girl
  • 8 chat girl
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