The summary of the blackmatch.com review: we don’t recommend becoming a member of this black dating site as it presents fake profiles, which doesn't help you to connect and find black singles.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Blackmatch in a nutshell

The main concept of dating is that real singles seek long relationships by using dating websites or app to connect and meet other single partners with the same intention and interests. Online dating for men and women is easy and can suit many different types of relationships seeked by internet users. It allows user to communicate easier and find an open partner by provided data in his or her profile, such as age, location, sex orientation, interests and other data.

The blackmatch is a dating website for men and women, where it’s easy to get in touch with the African American audience. It matches black singles with their soulmates for long romance, notwithstanding their race.

Here the participants can find black singles and romance with them easy. This dating network welcomes black peoplewith straight, gay and lesbian sexual orientation. Learn the general description about the dating website owner from the following table.

Name of the Company
Antheia Services Limited
Country of incorporation
Agiou Georgiou Makri, 64. Anna Maria Lena Court, Flat/office 201, Larnaca area
Trade number
ΗΕ 422200
Incorporation Date
Michail Pavlou
Support service
[email protected] / [email protected]
Phone number

The legit company is incorporated under the law of Cyprus in 2021. We have noticed that Antheia Services Limited is a fresh company with a small corporate history. Unfortunately, we can’t see the legit ultimate beneficial owners of this company because such information is not open in Cyprus company register and can be requested only by local attorneys.

It is a question why such business is registered under the law of Cyprus but is oriented to the American audience. We can assume that blackmatch provides unfair service and tries to scam with the purpose to easy find black singles. On the various websites, we can find many negative comments about blackmatch left by black people. So let’s try to figure out the hidden sense of this online dating network for easy matches amidst black members.

The blackmatch service: a detailed review

If you want to suffer from a lot of spam dating messages and waste money for scam subscription – you are welcome to the blackmatch. You should pay a subscription for dating to easy find black singles because without it you are not able to use any of the options for dating and share content information to find real singles online easy.

Registration process on the blackmatch

There is an offer of a free registration on the Blackmatch domain landing page. You can push this button and get easy on the data page. Here you will be asked to fill the form and provide the following data to obtain your signed account on this dating network:

  • your gender and sexual orientation;
  • your age;
  • your email;
  • your password;
  • location.

Only users older than 18 years old can be verified on the black match. At the bottom part of the browsing landing page, you can see all options that this black dating site offers:

  • black dating over 40;
  • African dating;
  • black chat room;
  • black Christian dating;
  • black Muslim dating;
  • black Bi dating;
  • professional black singles;
  • black singles in Chicago;
  • black singles in Los Angeles;
  • black singles in Huston;
  • black singles in Atlanta.

During the browsing clearance process on each website where you should leave your personal data, pay attention to the privacy matter. Blackmatch is created by a Cyprus company. It is not bad because the operating company should comply with the GDPR regulation, which is the strictest in the world and provides the best level of privacy rights. Each European company can be fined for millions of EURO in case of violation of the GDPR provisions.

But if you learn more about black match privacy policy on their website, you can figure out the following information. The blackmatch domain considered their database with your personal data as its own asset. If you complete a signing up on this website, you agree automatically that your personal data can be sold or transferred to third parties as open. Think about it before you become a member of the blackmatch on its domain.

Hot chat

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Users fake profiles

The blackmatch uses on its domain moderated chat and woman fakes to increase simulated activities and induce member to buy black match payable membership. After we had registered a test profile, within 2 minutes of signing up, we received 4-5 messages from black people. Each message from woman seemed as automated. Moreover, we hadn’t added any photo and details of account, but people were interested even so. But free profiles don’t allow you to read or write message. We paid for opening and seeing it. In order to start a conversation, you need to purchase a payable subscription here.

We assume that the website has a few paid operators and bots that manage the woman fakes. They chat with you a little and claim they have to go to work or somewhere else. This time of conversation with woman is allotted time before the operators move on to someone else. Chat operators have to keep you engaged to draw out your money for their payable service. Additionally, the woman fakes are always vague in answering simple questions.

Consequently, we have made a conclusion that the blackmatch is fraud. Fakes and paid operators are a serious problem for members of this dating site. This is an instrument for getting more profit for the owners of alike domain. You should detect bot mailings immediately and cancel the use of such service. Be careful with the bots and profiles that ask you to stay online constantly and pay for subscriptions.Don’t purchase anything.

Fees of the Blackmatch

The black match offers users to start with an easy free registration for the new profiles. But the further use of its service requires paying a membership. Without it, you can`t chat with her on other profiles. After signing up, the scam goes on: you are offered to purchase premium membership. You will be offered to start trial membership that costs USD 1.29 per day.

Cancelation of this trial subscription is impossible because the deadline of membership termination is 72 hours. It means that for all three days you will be charged by this fraud domain. You should never make any purchases and start too early on the internet, you need to be sure that offer suits your personal requirements.
Moreover, the black match also offer users other prices, which depends on the period that you want to buy online. See their rates in the table below.

USD 1.19 per day 1 week
USD 1.09 per day 1 month
USD 0.99 per day 3 months

You can also visit black match as a guest without signing up or as a free member without the possibility to chat with members, but it allows users to visit all profiles and see all personal content as open. We want to highlight that free access to all woman photo and video content without verification can be a violation of data privacy regulation, don’t agree to it.

The blackmatch terms and conditions

We highly recommend reading terms and privacy policies of each site, which you plan to use, before signing up for the accounts.
Pay attention that the company, which operates the blackmatch, is incorporated under the law of Cyprus, but any disputes against the company should be heard in area English courts, applicable law is English law. Notice that UK lawyers are one of the most expensive lawyers in the world.

The company of the website rejects the part of important responsibilities. Below you can learn the following provisions of the terms of use:

We do not warrant that your use of the Services will be secure, uninterrupted, always available, error-free or will meet your requirements, or that any defects in the Services will be corrected. We disclaim liability for, and no warranty, representation, condition or other term is made with respect to, the connectivity and availability of the Services.

We disclaim all warranties – express, statutory, or implied – including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanlike effort, accuracy, completeness, reliability, security, title, exclusivity, quiet enjoyment, non-infringement, and warranties that your access to the Website will be uninterrupted, error-free, or that content loss will not occur. There are no warranties of any kind that extend beyond the face of these terms or that arise because of course of performance, course of dealing, or usage of trade.

Source: https://m.blackmatch.com/c3RhdGljUGFnZS90ZXJtc2JsYWNrbWF0Y2guY29t

As our review proves, the company has written its rules without consideration of user interest. It is not responsible for the security of the website. This information means that the procedure of the verification hasn’t got a sufficient level of reliability. According to the second point, the black match refuses to be responsible for violations of user`s rights relating to their photo and video content, such as photos, videos, voice messages and other transferred personal information through their website.

The conclusion from our blackmatch review

Black singles are also interested in dating to make new friends and seek a future partner. No doubt that some of them have been already registered and agree to use blackmatch as the dating platform. But we want to warn you that an account with bots here is not good idea. You can learn about that from many negative reviews. It uses scam moderated chat and woman fakes to increase simulated activities and induce members to buy blackmatch payable membership.


  • The blackmatch is a scam dating platform for black singles. If you agree to obtain a free account on the website, you will have to agree to buy a subscription for the use of its options and chatting with bots.
  • It doesn’t provide any prohibited photo and video content, such as adult, and share it. On the other hand, the issue of the race discrimination can be considered here. We recommend paying attention to the fact that it offer free sign up, but then you must pay a subscription to obtain the possibility to chat, share photo and other content. Legit companies hardly fool their users this way.
  • You can see the presence of fraud schemes because the main purpose is to rip off members by forcing them to buy payable subscriptions. Moreover, blackmatch uses previously registered fakes of non-existent people and offers to share a moderated chat to increase simulated activities on the platform.

Hot chat

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