Bride-Forever Review

Don’t be fooled by beautiful photos of girls — over 95% of brides we communicated with on the website were scammers.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Bride-Forever Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

A lot of people are ready to spend huge amounts of money to reach their dating goals and interact with Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian women without borders on the internet.

Instead of solely offering communicating tools, the Bride Forever agency is the mediating power of love — it lets interested parties pay in credits for fiat currencies and chat with other registered members of the website, and even get married in the future.

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Pretty unfortunately, the Bride Forever dating platform has nothing in common with legal dating services and a top-notch interface to save in your bookmarked tabs. You can share virtual gifts and use other advanced functions, but the inability to distinguish genuine from fake profiles and get your claims validated will only frustrate you more and more over time.

Keep reading and find out more about the insufficiency of Bride Forever dating on your browser. Mind the gap!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Bride-Forever

Bride Forever isn’t a reasonable solution to pay your money for — its services are just a waste of time for men. On the one hand, there is no effort done by the provider to prevent fraudulent activities and intentions.

With no data verification and background checks, the abundance of fake profiles is something extremely irritating. We couldn’t find a single woman to chat with without worrying about our own security on the domain.

With the help of such reviews, our team would like to show why rejecting such eye-catching deals will be for the better. For the very least, you won’t need to communicate with brides from God-knows-where who fake their identities and text as if they are Russian or from other Slavic countries.

Registration at Bride-Forever

Checking how to become users of dating conversations with charming ladies has always been a must-have part of our reviews, and analyzing the services of Bride Forever isn’t an exception:

  • The loading time on the Bride Forever dating website was pretty satisfactory at first. However, we noticed that it might start lagging behind to make you stay longer on the portal.
    For example, we couldn’t frequently finish conversations and had to send a few more excuses to our interlocutors. That means we were forced to exchange credits for fiat money for this opportunity.
  • There are a couple of ways to register and find gorgeous girls from Ukraine and Belarus. It is possible to set up an account with your Google and Facebook links, but we tested a standard approach.
    To find your place in this community, it is necessary to state your gender, name, email address, and location. Such details as age can be updated later in the settings.

Any lady will get great shots to post on the domain. The problem is that the lack of verification tools doesn’t let us truly identify those women. So it is always up to end users whether they want to save their resources and waste them on comments with bots and operators instead of the ladies who are willing to become brides in the future.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

It is complicated that conversations with ladies become less and less intimidating over time. Here are some aspects we would like to highlight and warn potential visitors of the domain about the danger of writing letters to other girls for fiat money:

  • The Bride Forever dating website doesn’t have any means to interface with a lady while checking her identity. It offers discreet dating more, even though its original intention was to let interested parties exchange messages freely.
    In practice, we had to deal with tons of bot-generated comments and lead conversations with accounts governed by Bride Forever’s operators.
  • On the other hand, communication with the customer support team doesn’t solve the ever-occurring issues in the domain. No matter how lacking these services are and even if it is obviously not your fault, you will be blamed for any trouble and challenge you experience.
  • Not only is there no guarantee you will meet your significant other, but also it isn’t possible to deliver a claim for these pre-paid features. To be more exact, we tried to block the pages of extremely suspicious ladies. In turn, no action was taken by the Bride Forever dating organization.

The Cost of Membership

If you are interested to communicate with Ukrainian girls in the desired age category on the Bride Forever domain, you will need to cover the cost of credits.

The number of credits for each particular function varies. So the more credits you purchase, the more chances you have to interact with other women on the Bride Forever dating portal.

There is no information about credits before you create an account. Taking into consideration that the data on the portal is outdated (in the About Us section, we clearly see that they refer to 2017 as the present time, the Bride Forever website isn’t worth it at all.

Moreover, the cost of credits changes rapidly and randomly without any prior notification. For these reasons, getting a lot of credits on the Bride Forever dating portal will always be a bad decision. There is a chance to get free credits from the service provider, which is why more customers risk falling into this credits-related financial trap.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Our task is to save you from such ill-minded girls. Don’t hesitate to dive deeper into the topic and check how important the site’s terms and policies are. Here are some especially warning messages:

  • We cannot accept liability for the [portal’s] unavailability or the timeliness, deletion, misdelivery or failure to store any user communications or personalization settings.
  • You are totally responsible for all information contained within the [domain]. Bride-Forever.com have all rights to make changes or corrections, alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Website or the content, including your access to it.

Source: https://bride-forever.com/content/terms-condition/

The Conclusion from Our Bride-Forever Review

The presented features are surely the tip of the iceberg. The variety of ways to trick end users might turn out to be even more fascinating in each particular case — the number of fake profiles keeps increasing, while the overall security of the domain is at a zero level of perfection.

For example, it is impossible to detect who is who and limit other parties’ access to your data. For at least these reasons alone, we don’t consider it a brilliant idea to test Bride Forever — we didn’t face any great offers during our stay on the portal.


  • The Bride Forever dating platform is created by scammers for real users. It means that this agency broke its promise to help enthusiasts from different countries to reach out to Slavic beauties and even hot ones from Russia. Instead, reviews prove that it is possible to meet only fake girls on the website.
  • Although a lot of services seem tempting and come for free, there is no guarantee that you won’t spend your time in vain on the domain. The loading time here is pretty fast, but there are no valid details about the company. Taking into account the lack of information about its activities, this offer is more than suspicious.
  • The Bride Forever dating portal doesn’t protect end users. On the contrary, it does its best to harm customers — from luring them into wasting cash for fake conversations and moderating comments they fake the impression of potential victims of this hell on the internet. We are convinced that this organization is a scam solution for realizing ripping-off strategies.

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