BromoDates.com review has proved that BromoDates gay dating site will never let you reach success when searching for a match online.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

BromoDates: Who Created This Scam Site And How It Functions?

BromoDates is a website focused on gay dating. In fact, it could be a friendly resource for finding gay guys, if it wasn’t just a scam site. This website has no real functions and provides no real dating solutions for common users.

The company creator of this scam site is supposed to be reached via the following contact information:

Company Name
Norfex Holdings Ltd
Company Address
MK Business Centre, 115A, Floor 2, Valley Road, Birkirkara, BKR 9022, Malta
Email address [email protected]
[email protected]

However, this company is not aimed at replying to messages of its customers. As the members of their fake site are. Average users will not even be able to find information about this website, because it is hidden from new members of the dating community.

But to make sure we are not mistaken about BromoDates, read our review on this site to learn more about its scam.

Detailed Review Of BromoDates: What Are The Worst Points Of This Resource?

The first look at the BromoDates dating website was some sort of amusing. We saw an excellent landing page, which, probably, was just copied from some reliable dating website.

The image of two men showed that this site is for gay dating. Going a little forward, we think that it is horrible to abuse users of this sexual orientation because gay dating websites are not that common. It means that scamming them might just ruin their whole impression of real and fair dating.

An attempt to reach this app from our mobile device wasn’t successful. We realized that this online scam scheme is made to steal from inexperienced users who prefer using computers.

However, let’s dive deeper into our review of BromoDates. It is time to take a closer look at their fake profiles, prolonged registration process, awful pricing system, lacking private chats, and the methods they use to justify their scam.

The Registration process on BromoDates

The free registration process had to be simple. Like, we didn’t even have to mention our sexual orientation, it was literally impossible to make it slow. But Bromodates managed to make this registration process almost impossible to complete. To become one of their members, we had to include:

  • A nickname;
  • Email address;
  • Location;
  • Age;
  • Password.

Trying to enter our location led us to nowhere. The website didn’t let us complete the registration with our location. We had no idea what to do, but after an hour of waiting, we could proceed. And when we saw the profiles, we realized that we’d better stay on the landing page. This online scam company just shocked us with the profiles of its members. And even if we were shocked, what about average users?

Read our review further to know what is wrong with the profiles of gay singles here.

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How fake are Bromodates profiles?

The website greeted us with a very laggy main page. It was so laggy that we could not even see the profiles here first. But after we took a look at them, we were even sort of shocked. We realized that BromoDates dating options are not real. Even without having that much experience in completing reviews of gay dating sites, we knew that something was wrong.

A lot of male profiles were just full of naked content. Nothing here was telling about “bromance”. Bromodates dating site looked like a website where we could find some sort of porn. However, to our surprise, we found even several women’s profiles here. It was just funny, probably because the template they used for their other dating websites glitched.
What is also essential is that Bromo Dates had no age groups, no profile videos, and no features for single men to find other members they like. Well, no things typical of other websites.

And these bots were not innocent. They started spamming us with a lot of dirty messages. Having a limited number of free messages, we could send them something, but they ignored us. We realized that this website is made to leach money from regular members, but we had to pay a little to test more chatting functions.

What are the prices of BromoDates fake services?

The prices on this website are peculiar. There is no difference between buying a 1-day subscription or a 1-month subscription. If you are interested in their prices, here’s the list of them:

1 Day subscription costs $1
1 Week subscription costs $7;
1 Month subscription costs $29;
3 Month subscription costs $45.

Of course, 3 months membership will be the most beneficial, but still, it will be just a way to leak your money. As you can see, giving your payment information to this website will only lead you to lose all you have in your account. Moreover, the Bromodates website will give you no free features or trial periods. In fact, their membership will be only used to leak money because they didn’t even create some image of the available cancelation policy.

Thankfully, we hadn’t that much money, and they stole only $5, but even after that, they gave us an opportunity to chat with men here. All of them were keen on sex, exchanging photos, and personal meetings. But it was just a scamming method to know more about their victim. So we decided to learn more about what this website tells about its fake services. It was hard to find at least something about this fake gay dating site, so read our further investigation.

What can this site tell about its scam?

When we decided to check their privacy policy, we realized that it was just hidden. The owners of this scam site didn’t want us to learn more about their fake services. But we managed to find their privacy policy and noticed that it is just classical for such scams. They say:

We take no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages caused by the inaccuracy of the Personal Data Provided by you.

Source: https://www.bromodates.com/

So, if you are getting scammed by fake profiles on this site, you will just be ignored. BromoDates found a great way to make up a reason why their support team is not working at all. This is just a typical example of an online scam.

The Conclusion About BromoDates

The conclusion about BromoDates is extremely simple. This is a lacking scam site that has nothing interesting to offer. All the members here are fake, the prices here are ridiculous, and services and features are just aimed to steal money from you.

You will never be able to get a trial period on Bromodates, use their free features and chat properly, and will never find real members here. It is just a scam dating site, which is created to steal money from users of all ages, making them sign up for their fake services.

If you would like to try real gay dating options, you should read more reviews and consider comments from other members. This way, you will never be scammed by such services as BromoDates.


  • Bromo Dates is a fake gay dating website with no real features. Gays will never be able to contact guys they like here, due to the fact that all users’ accounts here are not real. The features this fake dating site provides are not working, so potential users will only lose their time and money.
  • BromoDates dating site is just one of the unlimited number of scam projects created by Norfex Holding LTD. This website uses some free features and fake cancellation policy to attract gay members of the dating community and steal everything they have.
  • BromoDates is definitely a scam project. Buying a membership here will be a mistake because finding hookups here is not an option. This site will never provide its members with a pure and real dating experience. All users who sign up on this scam site will only lose their money.

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