You will definitely take your internet dating over because of the insufficient CasualDating.com approach and fishing — absolutely 0/10.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

CasualDating.com Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Modern daters commonly find free websites commonly too generic, so they consider offers from professional players in the market more valid and valuable. There are some advertisements that advise the approach of the CasualDating.com site. This portal is styled for all basic types of online dating relationships — hookup dating, committed relationships, and non-binding affairs.

United Performance Ltd
Suite 10, 3rd Floor, La Ciotat, Mont Fleuri, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles; 28 Queens Road, 20th Floor, Central Tower, Central, Hong Kong
It isn’t the company’s service.
mailto:[email protected]

Doesn’t it sound like a great offer? This site will show off how this scam company’s offers can attract your attention online. We don’t recommend finding and hanging out with any girls on this site — it is just a rip-off story. Stay tuned to check what we have found out about the miserable background of this dating site.

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at CasualDating.com

Members of free websites for dating will feel more secure and satisfied than customers who waste their time and money for invalid deals on the CasualDating.com site. If you would like to receive spam messages, find out dozens of ways how to ask for financial assistance from foreign women, or other spam techniques to rip you off on the internet, here we go.

Registration at the CasualDating.com Site

You can proceed with the registration steps on the site without extra charges on any device. The landing page has the same view on PCs and mobile phones. As former members of the community (of course, we have no desire to remain fans of dating scammers), we must say that signing up for this company’s offer isn’t difficult:

  • You specify your gender.
  • You choose your username, password, and email.

That’s it. More personalization is expected to be done afterward when you are already in the subscription trap. After the initial step is over, you will get a confirmation email with an activation link to follow. So it was impossible for us to cheat a little and get access without providing our accurate data (it didn’t prevent us from creating a special test account, anyway). Please note that your account will be terminated in sixty days if its verification isn’t done.

Our team doesn’t find paying for scam profiles and moderated chats extremely appealing. The website is lacking really heavily in terms of its informational value for male and female daters — you don’t even get to find out what the on-site profiles might look like here prior to registration on the site.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

On the platform, users can examine, update, and completely cancel their involvement in the exchange of personal information. It might take you an eternity to get rid of extremely disturbing and somewhat ridiculous requests from the service provider.

After registration on the site, messages from women will start swaying your account away. We created a few test profiles, and the same problem happened constantly. You feel like you arrived on a desert island, where ladies should have survived for ages without males and strived to get their attention back. Our team can perceive it only as an extremely terrifying and stereotypical way to hook men. Unfortunately, it might still be functional — ladies send a lot of hot and nude photos, share their stories, and compliment their interlocutors as well.

If you don’t find it suspicious enough, how about constant requests for staying online, paying more money to talk like that, and refusing to meet you in person in any nearby location? They promise that you can find a real partner for any type of relationship. But you register and get dozens of phone notifications with spam requests and hazardous requests from registered ladies at the CasualDating.com site.

The Cost of Membership

With no proof of account verification and background check on the site, as well as secure payment methods and live chat assistance, it is a really dangerous place to spend your money on. Unlike free websites in the market, casual dating is impossible here — you are charged for all the features on the site and might have serious difficulties trying to terminate the agreement. The information about their pricing policy isn’t open, but our team has resolved this issue for you:

  1. Enthusiasts can get a lot of credits at once, starting from two hundred and twenty coins for five US dollars. However, please note you pay a different amount for them for reading messages, checking the visuals, and so on.
  2. You are requested to spend ten US dollars for five hundred coins, twenty-seven US dollars — for one thousand two hundred, fifty-five US dollars — for two thousand six hundred coins.
  3. The most expensive tariff offers five thousand five hundred coins at a one-hundred-dollar price tag.

Based on what we read and experienced on the site, this policy just rips you off. We found another non-recurring coin plan with no trials and discounts. It is impossible to get your cash reimbursed. We tried to pay with different payment methods, but the only one we found at least somewhat convenient and secure was PayPal.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

One of the things that complicate your understanding of whether it is a fake casual dating company or not is the way they represent themselves publicly. And we really mean it. Have you ever noticed how the page with terms and policies is styled? Is it customer-oriented and user-friendly? In the case of the CasualDating.com site, each of these questions will get an immediate “no”. You don’t even get a separate page of the site — it is just another tab with no branding that is hard to read and find crucial details efficiently.
But we’ve done this task for you, and here are some alarm signs that shouldn’t be missed:

The Partner [namely, registered men] shall indemnify and hold harmless UP [the company’s name abbreviated] and its Advertisers against any and all claims for damages, liability claims, warning notices, cease-and-desist declarations by third parties and other claims, as well as any and all costs, efforts expenditures associated therewith as arising from behavior by the Partner as the root cause thereof.

Any form of misuse may lead to an immediate suspension of the Partner’s account. If advertising is not complying with these T&C, remuneration will not be paid.

Source: https://www.casualdating.com/assets/tplegal/united_tc.htm

This company is highly pompous about its conditions, which is another way to distract you. Your registration will be based on simple rules, but further interaction will depend on you solely. No matter how many beautiful phrases the CasualDating.com site uses, it is just a complicated way to show they request your money for fake services in return. This business approach is definitely not what we can recommend for interested parties.

The Conclusion from Our CasualDating.com Review

This website has found its own way to trick people. It hides a lot of information about its services, which becomes clear after you read its policies and check users’ comments at least. They back up their content in terms of security — we couldn’t find any defects. On the contrary, we can’t help but not recommend this online dating website because of the insufficient and fake communication between male and female users of the portal.


  • With so many negative reviews, this dating website still remains open to people who are searching for casual interaction between men and women online. We don’t recommend paying for its coin plans because of fake profiles, non-legit services, and ripping-off business strategies. This scam is created for male users — beautiful and sexy profiles that seem to promise hot adventures are pretty luring.
  • This website’s content provides good information about the basic features that turn the company into a dating portal. By other means, it isn’t the right place to spend your time with pleasure. Although it is a pretty secure domain, your online communication is based on fake chats and improper facts about fellow fake accounts. Therefore, this site is definitely just another type of non-legit platform for digital daters.
  • This website gets dozens of negative comments, but its representatives don’t react. It is a fake marketplace instead of a dating portal — men pay for virtual meetings with fake women. There is no confidence that a person you talk with is truly Jane or Jessy, for example. If you want to find a partner for your love story, it is definitely far from the best option.

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