CasualHookup.com review lets end users find out why the platform is just a scam scheme promising mountains of gold.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is CasualHookup And Who Runs It?

Casual Hookup claims to be a real dating site for people who would like to find a one-night couple. However, we have enough claims to tell that this resource is nothing but a fake site. No real members here are involved.

If you would like to contact the owners of this website after you get scammed, you can try using the contact details provided below:

Company name
Theme Bow Limited
Company location
Office 6B, The Watch Oak, Chain Lane, Battle, East Sussex TN33 0YD, United Kingdom
Email address
[email protected]

But the creators of Casual Hookup didn’t give at least one piece of real information. No single person will reach them. This is because they are focused on single-use cooperation, where you get scammed. So, if you are interested in why this website is that horrible, read the CasualHookup review. Let’s start!

The Detailed Review Of CasualHookup: What Are The Disadvantages Of This Site?

Casual Hookup did put some effort into the creation of an image of the landing page. However, spoiler alert, even their landing page looks not that great, while the website itself is lacking. But let’s be consistent.

The landing page contains a lot of links and information about the company. We were glad that they gave us all that data, due to the fact that we could save some time while completing a review of this scam site.

However, there was still nothing interesting. The only thing left was to register. So now, let’s talk more about CasualHookup: what’s wrong with their registration, how to recognize that all women here are fake, whether it is possible to find members you like, and why prices here are that unacceptable. Enjoy.

The registration process on CasualHookup

The registration process was pretty OK. We didn’t have to spend much time, and we didn’t have to include that much info. Such a classical approach is not that common for scam sites, so we were even surprised.

All you need to include is:

  • Your email address;
  • Nickname;
  • Age;
  • Location;
  • Preferences;
  • Password.

The registration was slower than it is on real dating sites, but we thought that maybe our readers were mistaken. Everything was pretty smooth. But not, when we visited their main page with women profiles, we saw that there are only fake bots aimed at scamming common members.

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Fake profiles of CasualHookup

The profiles of this website are just funny. You can see a lot of literally ugly women. But don’t think that we are using abusive speech. The main issue of Casual Hookup is that they edited the majority of photos, and did put some filters. It was made with the willingness to hide the true origin of their photos. Probably, they were just stolen from some leaked databases.

When we wanted to examine fictitious profiles in more detail, we realized that there is no age filter. On the majority of dating sites, it should be free, but on Casual Hookups, it is just missing. If you would like to chat with members you like, you can forget about it. But, for this online scam project, it is not an issue. This is because their bots will start a chat themselves.

The flood started 5 minutes after we appeared online. Just imagine 20 fake women sending you messages at the same time, telling you that you are hot, that they want to have sex, asking for your phone number, and insisting on a personal meeting. It is, at least, uncomfortable. But to make sure that all the profiles here are fake, we decided to pay a little for their services. Here’s what we got.

How much to pay for CasualHookup services?

The CasualHookup payment system is just horrendous. You see, there is no trial plan, no free messages, and no coins or credits. The only thing you can buy here is their overpriced subscription. It contains the following subscription packages:

1 Month subscription for $35;
3 Months subscription for $69;
6 Months subscription for $120.

When the cheapest plan comes for more than $30, it makes us feel upset. But OK, it will be a great price for our review. And after paying the money, we couldn’t reach the website. So obvious. They just blocked us!

This way, you are not only deprived of any free features here, but you also are not getting chat solutions, and, after all, you are not getting your membership, even after you pay for it. In the best-case scenario, you will be able to still watch the profiles of other members to look at their naked pictures.

But many users claimed in their comments that they could go on with chatting and that the fake women they met there were just asking for sending nudes. We have enough grounds to claim that this scam site will also blackmail anyone who visits it.

What does CasualHookup tell about its scam?

If you think that this site will protect your contact data, you are wrong. It will not only make it fully visible to anyone but will abuse it in order to get even more money from your account. Here is what CasualHookup says:

By completing Your account registration, You agree that You shall prevent others from using Your account and to be held fully responsible for all activities performed under Your username and password. Any and all communications We receive under Your account shall be deemed to have been made by You.

Source: https://www.casualhookup.com/site/terms

Everything is not protected. We never saw a fake dating site that will be so clear with its intentions. For you, it should be another example that privacy policy matters a lot.

The Conclusion About CasualHookup

The conclusion about CasualHookup is pretty simple. You have no way to use this website as a real dating platform. This is just a template of a horrible scam site with fictitious profiles that cannot provide you with anything pure and real.

Keep in mind that you will only find here fictional profiles and no real local hookups. Their membership is not efficient, their app is laggy, and their free features are simply unavailable.

Losing your money is the only option here. So, if you would like to save everything you have but still get a great and beneficial dating experience, read professional reviews, pay attention to comments, and never let scammers get any piece of your personal information.


  • Casual Hookups is a scam dating website, which is aimed at stealing money and personal information about people who register here. With fake profiles of hot girls and low quality photos, this site just baits common users to buy its paid membership. However, it will not give you a successful dating result.
  • CasualHookup is not a legitimate dating site. This site contains only fake profiles of other members that are created to leach all the personal information of their victims. If you register on this fake dating site or even send some messages here, you will be 100% sure that you will be blackmailed.
  • Casualhookup is definitely a scam site, which is aimed at stealing everything from members that would like to find simple sex dating options. However, all the girls on this website are just bots that will never join a real conversation with you. The only goal they have is to leach as much as they can from your account.

Hot chat

  • 3 chat girl
  • 5 chat girl
  • 8 chat girl
  • 1 chat girl
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