ChatCafe.Online Review

Our team reviews dating sites to provide secure dating options, and fake profiles of ChatCafe have surely failed the challenge — they are a rip-off.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

ChatCafe.Online Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Nobody truly pushes you to find your soul mate here and now. However, there are several dating platforms with friendly members to connect to. Whenever you feel lonely or just would like to send messages and freely have fun with other profiles within the ChatCafe dating network, all that you need is to buy credits for fiat money and use your favorite browser.

After you switch on your computer and mail charming girls, the ChatCafe dating system lets you comment on their photos and interact in several other ways.

The palette of features is pretty advanced and promotes premium-class casual dating experiences. In our opinion, a lot of people consider ChatCafe for its simple and eye-catching interface. The age gap isn’t huge too but lets you start chatting with wonderful women right after creating your user page.

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It is not available, and the information on the site is outdated — the last version of terms and other important details was made on February 17th, 2021.
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All things considered, it could have become a really great dating platform. The company has chosen another path, though, and tries to use the loneliness people feel and other emotions to expand its scam dating network.

You spend your money on a platform with a poor rating in the industry, which also has several negative reviews from other members of the community. There is no proof you will purchase credits and will be able to identify the authenticity of the information on the domain. Stay tuned to see how far our journey has let us reach. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at ChatCafe.Online

The site welcomes you with a popping-up notification, which is commonly ignored — people just agree to whatever is mentioned to get straightforward access to the interface.

However, this is surely a beginner mistake to avoid if you want to make your stay on any digital dating service as convenient and secure as possible. This pop-up informs end users about its terms and conditions briefly, including age restrictions.

What’s even more crucial, its operators confirm that the interface contains several so-called Chatcherries. Simply put, it is just another synonym for fake profiles, but it is personalized to suit this company’s needs. With no physical arrangements, you will have to spend more than a dollar and a half each time you would like to reach out to fancy girls on the analyzed dating website.

Registration at ChatCafe.Online

It doesn’t take a lot to create an account on the Chat Cafe dating website:

  • To freely start chatting with potential chat pals, it is highly recommended to review the company’s terms and policies. This is the very first must-have strategy to implement in your search for the best solution to face your loneliness and transform it into positive feelings.
  • Freely Connect with other users’ profiles after providing your email address, username, and password.

As you see, the Chat Cafe dating solution isn’t demanding in what relates to its background check prior to and during the registration process. This simplicity is attention-grabbing since it lets interested parties engage in commenting on fellow accounts, chatting with hotties, exchanging photos, etc., actively.

Unfortunately, even if you express your sincerity with the use of anonymity functions, meeting with potential lovers within the network is impossible. Stay tuned to find out the reasons why.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

This dating portal is overwhelmed with the presence of fictitious members. Although it is advertised as an opportunity to meet interlocutors and freely entertain with other members, it is just an empty promise with no real usability.

The distinguished dating website always expands the barriers of your anxiety, loneliness, and other negative emotions.

It lets you find partners to chat instantly, but you will still feel lonely — connecting to friendly members turns out to be a dangerous disaster. On the one hand, any reviews on this internet-based domain cost you money. On the other hand, it is essential to be cautious of the influence and scamming tactics of fellow fake users of the community. Being able to get login details right away doesn’t guarantee their security.

In this article, like in other reviews, we want to highlight how varied these con artists can be. Their friendliness is poisonous since it makes you fall into the ChatCafe subscription trap. You don’t have to review such domains on a monthly basis, but each and every contact with fictitious members isn’t free of charge.

The Cost of Membership

To review ChatCafe and prove that contacting fictitious members here isn’t the best idea, it is a must to check its pricing policy — buying credits here is pretty expensive:

  • You won’t be able to meet beautiful ladies for free — the least expensive message to send will cost a dollar and a half. It’s included in the premium package with one thousand tokens.
  • Other packages might cost less but result in higher rates per message. For example, you are free to contact ladies after you purchase one hundred credits for twenty-five US dollars. In this case, the cost per message is two dollars and fifty cents.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Here are a few things to remember about the ability to contact fictitious members for free — this dating website doesn’t offer any free backup:

  • Viibe B.V. is not liable and responsible for the acts and omissions of other users on the website.
  • Viibe B.V. is not responsible for the content uploaded, disclosed through the website and distributed, not even with regard to the content of fellow users.
  • The user agrees that all content originating from such Chatcherries, information, texts, and images are fictional and are only intended as entertainment.

The Conclusion from Our ChatCafe.Online Review

If you don’t want to experience the benefits of free dating, nobody can truly push you to register on the ChatCafe dating domain. Its advertising strategy isn’t aggressive, but there are still a lot of customers who find out about its offers.

We don’t believe it is a healthy dating approach to contact ladies on this portal because of the abundance of fake accounts and other ripping-off concepts. Besides, the customer support team is absent when you need them and becomes annoying when you don’t. We couldn’t contact them and get replies concerning the registration and purchasing credits. However, once we decided to cancel our subscription, they reached out to us first. This type of miracle isn’t what we expect from a qualitative dating portal.


  • ChatCafe doesn’t offer free dating when you don’t have to obtain credits to contact other members. Its freedom lies in terms of its casual dating and anonymity. A lot of details are kept private. In practice, this functionality is a bubble because fictional contacts aren’t worth it at all.
  • The lack of information about this dating organization isn’t just suspicious. For this reason, we can’t consider it a legit platform to contact prospective partners and share your personal details with them. What’s more, there is no such thing as free dating with ChatCafe services. It is better to avoid this tricky subscription trap.
  • You can freely check the platform’s terms and policies, but this won’t help you identify the credibility of other members of the chat. Fictional pages aren’t always marked with special signs, and the lack of account verification only makes the idea to contact and mail gifts to ladies here not worth it. That’s why we consider free and services to pay for scams and spam.

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