ChatIW.me likes you best when you are crazy about its fake female accounts and ready to pay for fake services.


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ChatIW.me Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Unlike typical casual dating platforms, your opportunities for starting chats with male and female users are instant. Whether you would like to exchange photos or have a small flirt talk with a chick out there, you shouldn’t request any other tools. The ChatIWMe app offers free chat rooms, anonymous dating, and staying connected with people from any other country around the globe. Would you like to join?

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Unfortunately, no matter how attractive this digital dating location seems, we must warn you — you will worry a lot about your safety at the ChatIWMe free text chat. The purpose of this review is to reveal the true face of this application and make your communication environment healthier and safer. For more information, keep on reading this post. Mind the gap!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at ChatIW.me

This portal’s algorithms are designed in such a way to keep the representatives of one country “nearby.” Starting chats with fellow men and women is as simple as ABC, but we faced several mirror accounts during our tests — fake replicas with the same requests for financial assistance and other silly ripping-off missions. This chat without registration is convenient just for having fun and trolling fake users. But we can’t advise you this method of utilizing the ChatIWMe privacy mobile chat installed version either — your cyber security is poorly backed up.

Naturally, you can start chats and see on your own how to exchange photos and messages on this free text chat. But the amount of advertisements, popping-up notifications, and other on-site errors won’t be pleasant at all. That’s why you can simply relax and keep scrolling this review to get acquainted with this app in more detail.

Registration at ChatIW.me

The site doesn’t request a lot — starting chats with male and female members of the community is an instant occasion with the ChatIWMe chat without registration. You can access its privacy mobile chat install process on your Android or utilize its desktop version. To create a test chatting session, we had to choose a profile’s username and define its age and state. Please note it is impossible to manually change your location. If your country is defined as the USA through its GPS tool, it can’t be adjusted. It is a sort of security measure to prevent male and female users from being someone else on the web. Our team doesn’t find it extremely efficient though since there are several ways to disguise yourself when you exchange photos or use other features of this free text chat.

You can chat with male and female strangers in your country, but this activity won’t be backed up in any way. Amazing photos sharing share and other pre-paid features they offer don’t make the right sense since you always worry about the other person’s genuine identity. Is it worth it then? We don’t think so and would like to prove it by the ChatIWMe selected policies, in particular. Stay tuned!

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

Whenever you are tempted to start chatting with ladies on your Android, this app won’t deliver satisfactory conversations for you. Because of the performance aspects, high-end random chat services are out of your request zone for sure:

  • When you get this privacy mobile chat installed, you will end up constantly worrying about your cyber safety. Given the fact that identity verification isn’t an option, you never know with whom you might participate in the same pre-paid or free chat rooms. That’s why sharing personal information is extremely hazardous. We have seen several negative reviews, where former users disclosed their location or weren’t careful about photos sharing share. It resulted in huge information leaks and the spreading of your data to third parties over the internet.
  • Another feature that complicates any potential troubleshooting is the always-to-be-deleted chat history. Simply put, we didn’t have access to the data during the initial chatrooms after the privacy mobile chat installation period.
  • VIP membership doesn’t make any sense on the ChatIW free text chat. Its functionality isn’t supreme and is also limited because of peak investments it requests to maintain privacy mobile chats for males and females from a particular country.
  • This site welcomes chatting between strangers but doesn’t promote true-to-life communication. We couldn’t find any real female profile — the degree of scam is impressive. What’s more, long-term relationships aren’t on the service list of this random chat by default.

How could we define large volumes of fake female accounts on this casual dating random chat app? It was as simple as ABC. That’s it, if you encounter the following suspicious behaviors on this and other websites:

  • You see photos sharing share files are just images from other internet sources.
  • Sharing personal information isn’t matching in the provided details.
  • A person refuses to leave ChatIWMe just because it is convenient and doesn’t want to get rid of the privacy mobile chat install from their Android device. They will never meet you in real life — don’t think they are too shy or playing some of the online female roles to hook you.

In practice, female accounts are designed to be entertaining, but the purpose is to request more personal data and make you pay for VIP services instead of using this chat without registration.

The Cost of Membership

The basic approach to price-forming is pretty adventurous for end users, we must admit. Overall, this free text chat has lots of features to communicate online and not worry about starting chats with several fellow interlocutors or exchange photos. It is also possible to get more premium functions that should have boosted customers’ efficacy on the chatroom:

  • Its subscription trap is pretty cheap at first — just around five US dollars per month.
  • The next service package is calculated for six-month use and costs a bit more than twenty-five US dollars.
  • The annual subscription at the ChatIWMe application  will require almost fifty US dollars.
  • For those fans who would like not to bother themselves with repeated payments, there is a great chance to pay once and become a lifetime user — almost one hundred US dollars.

The key problem is that the functional appeal of VIP features doesn’t keep the balance between expectations and reality. We were promised to get a chance to enjoy ad-free pages, which didn’t happen. Our experts also couldn’t send an unlimited number of private messages — errors were too frequent, disturbing, and irritating.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Prior to starting chat without registration on this web or going for its other features, you have to get acquainted with its policies. We would like to save our readers’ time and highlight the most suspicious messages this chapter prepares. Don’t let such free text chat solutions put a ripping-off spell on you:

ChatIW.me/Chatiw App does not warrant of timely, secure, error- and interruption-free provision of ChatIW.me/Chatiw App Services. ChatIW.me/Chatiw App expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

Chatiw App is not responsible for the Content, accuracy or opinions expressed on such websites, and such websites are in no way investigated, monitored or checked for accuracy or completeness by ChatIW.me.

ChatIW.me/Chatiw App assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, any User or Member communication.

The Conclusion from Our ChatIW.me Review

The chance to block irritating users is provided only to VIP users, which makes troubleshooting for free chat fans simply non-existant. We had tested several sites so far, but this app is one of the most non-informative, insecure, and dangerous platforms to chat with men and women. Its privacy policies favor the ChatIW company only — be ready to be blamed for each and every error. Although there are some real profiles, the overwhelming number of fake profiles and scam advertisements don’t let us recommend this anonymous dating location for residents of any country.


  • The ChatIWMe information and photos sharing share website is styled for anonymous interaction between male and female users and hookup dating, in particular. However, the app’s interface is overly simple and underdeveloped. Although any age category older than eighteen years old can register, thousands of profiles offer fake data about their age and other personal peculiarities.
  • This app is not so legit platform for conversations between male and female accounts since there are too many issues to be faced. Not only with you start chat with a beautiful male or female strangers without knowing their genuine identity, but also the ChatIW is irresponsible for anything that might go and goes wrong. Regardless of your country or age, sharing photos with fellow users of this mobile app is prone to an information theft and leak.
  • Once you start chats on your Android or other device without registration, you enter the world of fake messages, scam profiles, and lots of unnecessary data you get through this application. These volumes of informational trash are impossible to control even if you pay for a VIP subscription — we couldn’t manage with any of the provided “benefits” to the full extent. In turn, we can’t help but consider the ChatIWMe dating portal a scam platform for any man and woman.

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