Scam dating apps with ripping-off strategies are extremely insufficient, and ChatMyFlirt isn’t an exception — save your money with this review.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

ChatMyFlirt Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Over time, the online sex dating category of sites has become incredibly sought-after. There are more and more people who would like to satisfy their needs without difficulty, and that’s where ChatMyFlirt and similar spaces come in handy (at least, per their advertisement). This site unites different sexual passions, being a nice dating app for straight, lesbian, and gay individuals. The age gap might vary, but customers younger than eighteen years old are prohibited from access.

Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savvannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, the Netherlands, CC: 75034782
Staying in touch via emails is preferred.
[email protected]

Established two years ago, the analyzed dating site has already become a stumbling block for many internet users. The main issue is that the company’s promises and the way the service is delivered don’t match at all. Our team has decided to find out what the problem with ChatMyFlirt is. Keep on reading this review to get acquainted with the hidden profile of the organization. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at ChatMyFlirt

Users can easily find the right platform to communicate on different topics with ladies online. Please note that Chat My Flirt isn’t the right option, that’s it. Stay tuned to see why other users regret their free registration and would have liked to abandon it way sooner.

Registration at ChatMyFlirt

The landing page of the site is simply poor — you won’t get any access to its details prior to registration. All that you can see on the site would be different photos of women, in clothes and naked. This might be luring, but it doesn’t deliver any understanding of how on-site profiles will look.
Contrary to similar businesses in the market, Meteor Interactive doesn’t let you read the portal’s terms and conditions unless you become their registered member. Does it cost money? The signup and login processes are free. It is possible to sign up with Google, but we can’t say this approach is reliable. Members sign up and provide the following personal information.

We find it inconvenient that the site doesn’t have a uniform registration form — each field is designed as a separate page:

  • your gender;
  • the partner’s age for naughty internet-based relationships;
  • your date of birth;
  • your residence city (the website accepts US-oriented data only);
  • your height;
  • your email address;
  • your nickname;
  • your login password (it must be at least five characters long).

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

This website enables users to choose a perfect partner in their area. One of the matchmaking algorithms is included in the pre-login procedure — you define the ideal age of prospective female chicks. Since we created different accounts to test the site’s trustworthiness, we could check whether the information online alters accordingly. No matter what browser or account we used, the site offered the same pool of candidates — their age and some other account details just changed automatically, depending on the customer’s login information.

Still, our team hoped there might have been real profiles on the net. Unfortunately, the majority of women we contacted and who contacted us turned out to be bots. Based on our experience with the company, this site is one of the many scam businesses it handles to fool end users. Your country or other account specifications don’t matter — there is no chance to arrange an in-person visit and encounter any of the registered females in real life as they all are fake. The use of fictional entertainers’ profiles is justified here. Simply put, physical interaction can’t be maintained.

The Cost of Membership

Your interaction with the site depends on credit plans. The more credits you have, the more services you can apply. If some of the credits are left unused, they will expire three months after the initial purchase. Please note your monetary operations are irreversible on the platform:

  1. The startup package includes sixteen credits at nine US dollars.
  2. After your login and using the first discounted offer, the minimum set of credits to get is three per two US dollars each.
  3. The most expensive package costs almost three US dollars per credit and includes just seven credits.
  4. Other packages vary in the number of credits and their cost. You can get twenty-five and fifty-two credits at fifty and one hundred US dollars accordingly.
  5. There are too bulk orders possible — one hundred and three hundred credits per one hundred fifty and three hundred US dollars correspondingly.

Whatever users choose, they can pay in any currency they want — it will be exchanged according to your bank terms and might incorporate extra fees. Considering our previous experience with the distinguished company, this policy is pretty standard for them.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Considering how non-flexible and non-customer-oriented the interface of the site is, it is especially important to find the way to the company’s policies. Since it is so well-masked, it is a huge alarming signal that something might go off. Here are the most important notes that make this section a must-read for prospective users:

We are not responsible for your interactions with other users of the Service or how other users of the Service will use Personal Data you make available to them and we do not undertake any background checks on, or otherwise make efforts to verify the identity or character of, Service users.

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.

You grant us a broad license to the content you submit and to your profile. You retain ownership of and responsibility for your content. We have the right to manage our Service to keep its content appropriate.

Source: https://www.chatmyflirt.com/agreement

As former customers of the chat, we truly understand how essential it is to cut ties with such fake scam providers. We didn’t have significant issues canceling our accounts, but the comments we have seen so far show different stories of dealing with this brand.

The Conclusion from Our ChatMyFlirt Review

The usage of the Chat My Flirt dating app is absolutely insecure and won’t result in any benefits for interested parties. You will spend money on fake conversations and might lose even more if you encounter scam profiles that aren’t moderated by the service provider.

With so many negative comments, this brand stays silent and doesn’t try to improve its reputation. Instead, this organization invests a lot in marketing and advertising. When you see good comments about them, they are totally fake. The same goes for their profiles, policies, and other elements that doesn’t let us call it a worthy solution for your naughty and sex-related pleasures on the internet.


  • If you just wonder whether this site can be a good choice for your hookup and no-string relationship, the answer will be straightforward. Although it is styled as an easygoing chat with lots of chances to have fun with ladies and make highly personalized considerations, it is just the company’s advertisement. In reality, it is another scam business from the organization to rip you off.
  • On the one hand, you can contact girls and chat with them. It doesn’t lead to anything committed or extremely adventurous, but one of the purposes of sex dating sites is achieved. On the other hand, we checked on our own and saw numerous comments about the site’s insufficiency, constant glitches, and errors, as well as the absolute lack of realistic conversations. That’s why we don’t find it a legit space for modern daters.
  • It is a scam site for many reasons, including the aforementioned lack of personalized and verified communication. The system is established with other purposes in mind — this provider is interested in getting as mammoth income as possible by making end users text more, watch more, and so on to spend more credits and cash.

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