Comewithyou is an insufficient dating website that offers members to easily get to know each other. Let's discover together why the site has bad reviews.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is Comewithyou.com for and who owns it?

The first negative sign is that the site owner uses software to hide their personal information. The Comewithyou.com dating site was started in America. It can be described as one of the rather new websites that do not offer free features. Experienced users also refer to it as a swingers site. But even if you consider yourself to be swingers, do not hurry, because there are so many points to be aware of. As it turned out during the analysis, the platform has a lot of lacking features and not all of them are worth your money and nerves. Here members can upload their private photos, use paid services, and communicate.

People of all ages can make an account. The average age is 35-55 years old. The minimum age is 18 years old. Thus, you need to register and set up an account. We’ll explain to you how to do this below.

Here is the basic information about this dating website:

Smoochy Brands, Turmalinas Limited
[email protected]

If members want to get in touch via contact email, they must know that feedback from former members of this site says the customer service is of poor quality.

Features of the Comewithyou.com review

The Comewithyou online dating site hides other negative nuances that were found, behind great promises and fake profiles. It is very difficult and almost impossible to get dating here because almost all members of the platform are fake. Having transferred money, you get the opportunity to send messages but it is useless. The main purpose of the site is to earn, not to help people find sex. Any contact received is useless because there are no in-person meetings. You can talk but that kind of communication will require a lot of gold.

The registration process at Comewithyou

Registration on this Turmalinas Limited website for sex is quite simple. To create an account, you need to fill in 5 fields. There is no mobile app, so dating with fake profiles takes place only in the browser. After that, you will be asked to use the photo gallery and add your best photo. Only after registration, you can see the account and exchange messages with other members. Once you create an account, you can’t hide your photos. When entering personal information, be prepared that it may end up in the wrong hands of fake members.

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Fake Profile Questionnaires

Going to the page of the Comewithyou dating service, you can see a huge number of non recurring beautiful pictures. Moreover, your location may coincide, as the site is set up to earn. As you can understand, it’s all a scam to make you pay as much as possible. The details of correspondence and questionnaires may differ but it may be the same person who corresponds online. Comewithyou has thought of a recurring plan how to delay as much as possible meetings, which will never happen anyway. This dating website creates fake pages of people using the private photos of other members. And there are so many fake pages that they are not recurring. It turns out that the company managed profiles.

Such a problem can only be faced on scam sites like this. But as professionals work here, it is easy to believe in beautiful words, promises, mountains, and wonders.

Many of the non recurring images are processed with high-quality photoshop so that many of the real faces don’t look like themselves. This is how such scammers manage to get rid of liability for using other people’s accounts. All personal information, including first and last names, is often fake, too. People of different professions can work here, including editors and even psychologists. It is not for nothing that so many psychological tricks are used on this platform.

Cost of membership

According to the fooled users’ review, the disadvantage of the Comewithyou dating website is the high prices for the service. A free trial plan is not available, so members have to cover the full price. There is a paid trial period, which is offered at a discounted price.

  • One-day demo account will cost users $1.00 and then they will be charged $39.95 for a renewal.
  • Four weeks’ account expenses are $29.95.
  • 12 months membership is for $119.88

Even for the trial period you have to pay, so members can’t get anything for free here. After a certain period, the numbers from the card can be written off automatically. Beware of this if you do not want to lose extra money.

The more time you use this fake and scam site, the more bankrupt you will become. All the more, you won’t be able to get any useful information, so you shouldn’t even try to replenish your balance.

That is, free messages on the site can not be found. There’s also the subscription tariff, which is different from the others. The main feature is auto-renewal. Renewal of the subscription will be made automatically. To stop payments, you have to cancel your subscription, because the cancellation cannot be automatically enrolled in this case.

Coin plans are always respected. This not-free site claims that they have promotions and promo codes but none of them was found. Reviews from users enrolled prove that there is nothing cool to use here. The money is automatically charged.

Site Terms and Conditions

Official site conditions said that:

Without limiting the foregoing, you expressly understand, acknowledge and agree that the site may create and maintain some of the profiles on the site, and that some users of the site may be persons created by employees or agents of the site and that the information, text, and pictures contained in the company-managed profiles on turmalinas limited do not pertain to any actual person, but may be included for entertainment and educational purposes only

Comewithyou clearly states on the terms and conditions page that it is not responsible for the security or privacy of any personal data. You can read about this on their official website and in any comprehensive review available online. The service also confirms that questionnaires can be created by employees. Many of them are unreal, so any coincidence with real people is coincidental.

Members are contrived, so there is no benefit from such services. Online communication in Comewithyou is also conducted on behalf of another person, not on behalf of the person whose images are in the fake questionnaire. The fake location is set up by the client’s residence. All human features, messages, and details are fictitious because of the company managed profiles. The company is directly talking about its irresponsibility and unreliability, so take care of your wallets and nerves.

The conclusion from our review of Comewithyou.com

A review and search for details revealed that fake Comewithyou has nothing to do with a real dating website. Other members do not exist because of the company managed profiles. Comewithyou is a regular business, which is built on messages and attracts the opportunity to acquire dating. The whole site is a scam. Online reviews have repeatedly confirmed that the website is built on scam and fake information. Our review is negative as well.

Such dating sites can promise a lot, but do not waste your time on dubious projects and company managed profiles. As a result, every member will be disappointed. Not a single person is identified, which means any scammer can get in and scam at the site. When making a payment, it is worth considering that there are no guarantees of safety. Even the terms and conditions say so. Personal data and details can easily fall into the hands of a scammer and cause a lot of other problems. Questionable dating with company managed profiles is not worth it.

All of these details should at least confuse, and at most make you leave the dating platform forever and look for a more worthy option for such an important goal. We recommend that you pay attention to every detail or using reviews when choosing. The fact is that such scammers have been working in this field for a long time, which means they have learned to do everything as believably as possible.


  • Comewithyou is a scam site that makes anyone pay for non-existent communication. The pictures contained real people who may not know that their photo gallery is posted on a dating website. So fake profiles prevail.

  • Comewithyou's website terms and conditions say that it is not safe to use this product. There are no free features, so you still have to recompense for cheating. Personal information may be used for the site’s purposes. No, it’s not a legit site.

  • Yes, Comewithyou experience shows that this online project is a scam. The members who talk to you are not real people. The bots use communication to extort finances and arrange impossible meetings. The recurring plan always works.

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