Cudate Review

Signing up for these services to meet your ever-lasting love is a bad idea that will lead to disappointment and frustration only.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Cudate Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

We are convinced that people who would like to date on the internet should have a lot of questions before entering the market. The presented portal is one of the domains that show off its powers and claim to be the best to choose from.

Regardless of your browser details and settings, it will be easy to research this opportunity from different angles and get your account created in an instant. Compared to other websites to experience affection for others and meet soul mates after signing up and scrolling the feed page, the distinguished option is more skilled in casual and hassle-free dating.

Cudate Limited
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Our team wasn’t quite impressed when its members created test profiles and tried to check whether negative reviews would be true to life. In this article, you will figure out the chances to encounter a real person on the portal today. Here is a small spoiler for you — we didn’t manage to communicate with reliable interlocutors during the week of our test.

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Cudate

Before commenting on our experience on this portal, we would like to highlight that the information about the company is quite limited. It is one of those rare cases when scam sites didn’t try to fool potential visitors with an abundance of misleading details.

On the contrary, reviews about the organization reveal an interesting strategy — they have created a platform to let members meet and find love discreetly, which should have become an excuse for the lack of information.

Overall, our experience on the analyzed fake dating app was irritating. We suggest interested parties take their time whenever they want to register on such domains — your safety and security should come first.

Registration at Cudate

The user interface is overly minimalist and doesn’t let users understand what its menu looks like after registration. We would like to comment on that:

  • We created an account instantly. Did it help us meet other users at once? Not really. This fake dating app asks for real details, including your username, email, and gender. It even implements the captcha widget to confirm that you aren’t a robot. This creates an illusion that the platform has at least basic security measures.
  • After you appear on the portal, you are negatively impressed again. You won’t be able to chat with others unless you pay. The cost of their services isn’t provided publicly and varies from review to review. The problem is that it is probably the only ever-changing aspect of its performance.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

Without a doubt, nobody wants to interact with a domain, the accounts of which can’t be trusted by any means. When it comes to this dating site, you won’t be the only real person on the domain. But that’s not the reason to set up your expectations high either.

Even if you don’t rely on comments from former members who created their pages on the website, there are lots of guiding details on the site itself and its policies. These scammers easily try to lure unsuspecting customers into giving up their money on empty dating promises and pleasures.

When we tested this dating website, it performed differently on several browsers, for instance, the loading time required to access its menu. However, after signing up on the portal, this fake dating app didn’t change the palette of potential girlfriends’ pages, no matter how many changes we might add.

With such sites as this one, it is especially important to pursue high-end dating experiences while remaining cautious. Staying in a safe and positive dating environment is possible when you get a habit of finding and meeting real partners not just after scrolling the dating page.

In this article, our team wants to highlight how essential it is to do the following:

  • ask questions when you don’t understand something;
  • cooperate with customer care representatives who respond to emails;
  • read the site’s terms and policies;
  • make a thorough research of its background.

Did the analyzed dating website cope with the challenge? We can’t say so. It has created a lot of ripping-off barriers and scams, preventing real people from finding love on the internet and emailing potential interlocutors in an easy and reliable way.

The Cost of Membership

While there are some freebies for interested parties, the majority of features don’t come for free. It isn’t a traditional coin system though. It lets you not only replenish your own balance but also pay for friends within the network. It is actively used by visitors from all around the world to trick you and get you addicted to communication on the portal.

The system supports payments that are processed via PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, and some other services. When it comes to the cost of its credits (so-called gold balances), prices are pretty expensive.

You will be able to track the ratio instantly — the number of gold coins equals the number of dollars to spend to get them. So two thousand gold coins will cost two thousand US dollars accordingly.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Reading its policies doesn’t really provide a lot of precious and essential details, and this always should make you wonder why. If you don’t get replies from the customer support team (and we didn’t when tried to contact them), the answer is obvious:

  • Cudate.com have the right to review and delete any content, messages, information, photos, or profiles (collectively, “Content”).
  • You are all payable taxes due on this site to trade in this website for paid services that occur, as well as communications, network services, and other aspects of the costs borne by you. The website reserves without written notice, just in case the site publicity, temporarily or permanently, the right to change or discontinue some or all of the “service.

Source: http://www.cudate.com/bottom/term.html

The Conclusion from Our Cudate Review

With so many negative reviews about this interface, we don’t consider the idea of meeting other users here a great one. On the contrary, if you truly care about your cyber security and want to establish solid connections with beautiful women, it is the opposite of win-win combinations like LoveForHeart or SofiaDate.

Visit our official page to check what authentic and reputable solutions should function like. All things considered, Cudate is another taboo for online daters.


  • Your time on the dating website promises to be “exciting” since you won’t be able to communicate with real daters, as advertised. Instead of cuddling with your beloved ones you met on the site, you will have to ban fake profiles and get rid of never-ending spam notifications from this domain. Several negative reviews about this service only prove its lacking sufficiency.
  • The days when it was simple to trick customers are long in the past. So modern dating websites have to present something excessive to lure end users into chatting with fictional profiles and spending money on such activities. Not only are several important pieces of data about the company’s background missing, but also its pricing and security strategies are quite disadvantageous scams for end users.
  • It is simple to detect a scam solution if you are attentive to details. In this case, the lack of important pieces of data on the official domain is more than self-explanatory. We couldn’t find essential information about the company’s background and had to face several aspects of scamming solutions — from ripping-off payments to fake accounts.

Hot chat

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