Instead of domain protection services and real dating, users get scammed and pay expensive bills for this company’s credits.


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Cutefate Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

There are multiple details that differentiate Cutefate from other brands. At first, it seems an innovative and advanced platform for communication with a chance to find your soulmate. You can make calls, send video/audio/text messages, upload numerous files, and even arrange a real date with a chosen partner. Sending gifts to please your cutie won’t be a problem.

no information provided (users can use the website contact form or non-functional live chat option)

We truly felt disappointed — despite its lacking information on the landing page and slightly cumbersome navigation, it could have become a worthy domain to visit and recommend. It is just another sample of fake services and illegit performances at big prices. Keep on reading this review to see why we claim that the Cutefate website and its profiles are scammers. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Cutefate

Chatting with users of whois who accounts is what this company offers. There are other websites that scam users — just check out for more details on our official page or Facebook. Whatever browser you will use, you won’t be able to blame it for so many negative comments and reviews about this company. Stay tuned to see why this service is so dangerous for daters.

Registration at Cutefate

We don’t know whois the creator of such a brilliant idea to style the website this way, but it is lacking in details a lot. The page doesn’t ask you to confirm anything prior to free registration, but this action is done by default — you either register and comply with the Cutefate website’s rules or leave the domain. However, their hidden section on terms and policies informs that interested parties can create fake profiles only and proceed with fake chatting with girls:

In order to establish an Ad Profile on the website we require that you submit… You yourself decide what information appears in your profile. Personal information that may identify you is not permitted on your Ad Profile.

Given that users have the right to establish fake accounts only, the Cutefate domain uses collected cookies and other data to sell third-party services to you. Not only did we receive lots of spam messages, but we also had to deal with a never-ending flow of fake newsletters.

Overall, the login process is simple. Although we could create a fake profile only, we had to provide accurate and valid information only. The list included date of birth, country, postal code, and email address. Apart from pretty typical remarks, they asked for our preferences — whether we would like long-term or short-term communication with women, our height/weight, and similar requests.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

You have the chance to schedule dates with prospective local matches using Cute Date. Easily generate an appointment, select your target city and time, and afterward create your invitation if you plan to visit and encounter someone nearby. The price of a Cute Date format is USD$160. However, you can’t get access to her personal data just whenever you want (for more detail, please check the From the Terms and Conditions Section below).

This could have been an expensive yet functional way to contact gorgeous ladies. Unfortunately, the distinguished website cares about money only and uses fictitious profiles for advertising and commercial purposes to make you feel like fools. We expected to see at least some real members, but the social circle here is limited to managers and admins. Chatting with such fake account owners is the only way to reach out to them.

The platform is designed for fans of long term relationships. However, each and every action is paid for, so your common state will be like “I am out of credits again. I don’t have enough credits to text her.”

The Cost of Membership

Whether you would like to find a partner for long term relationships or just to stay in touch and have fun, the risk to go bankrupt is incredibly high. You will never have enough credits to do everything you want on the website. This whois domain entices real members by promises of exciting communication with gorgeous ladies, but the social circle is extremely limited here. To keep on chatting with fake profile owners, you will always need to recharge your battery — credits flow like water here:

  • For submitting a letter or sending a photo to a charming girl, you require ten credits. The same number of credits is necessary to get access to the incoming message or attached image. The only positive news here is that you don’t pay for reviewing photos — they are available for an unlimited number of views within a year after the original purchase is made (we can’t name it otherwise since you pay to see photos, namely, buy this service).
  • If you are just exchanging text messages, the calculation is based on the amount of time you spend in this paid chat. One minute will cost you two credits. We noticed that ladies here have two strategies to make you stay longer in the chat — whois the owner of the fake profile, they tend to either reply with no immediate answers. When they see this acting starts irritating you, they promptly change their behavior to attract your attention again. After you calm down a bit, the same thing happens over and over again. Even if you don’t send any information to the interlocutor, you will be charged as soon as the discussion takes place or you simply reply to an invitation to begin a conversation with her.
  • One of the advanced features is the exchange of audio messages and melodies, but it will cost you ten credits per each. As in the case with photos, you will be able to listen to them as many times as you want when they are paid for already.
  • Cutefate girls are crazy about gifts, and they use different tricks to make you send those. Are you ready to spend another ten credits to please her? We could’ve enjoyed this feature really much if it had enabled us to contact real women with their own passions and desires.
  • Another premium function is the exchange of videos. The price tag is four times bigger than the cost of text and audio messages.

The Cutefate site mentions that there are three varietals of subscription on the domain — free membership (for newcomers and all the fake female accounts), prime membership (any person who buys credits belongs to this category), and VIP subscription (month-based charges for extra services). In practice, the only free process is registration.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

After checking consumer reviews, we have found out that the majority of customers paid little attention to the terms and conditions of the Cutefate website. Compared to other platforms, the landing page is extremely poor in terms of information. You don’t have a chance to see user profiles in advance. To access the service’s policies, we had to click the “Contact Us” button.

Contrary to alternative non-legit domains from whois companies, the Cutefate site hides its fake services pretty excellently. Here is what we suggest you consider not to fall into their pre-paid subscription trap:

  • “The data is collected for commercial, promotional, advertising and business purposes.”
  • “Request Contact Detail service allows you to apply for your lady’s email address, when both you and your lady reach mutual agreement to go private. The decision for going private is a very important step and should not be rushed. In order to maintain quality assurance, you can only request contact detail after 3 months of your first order. For the sake of member security and to ensure an in-depth mutual understanding, Request Contact Detail service is only available after you have exchanged the minimum 60 letters with your lady (30 letters each from yourself and the lady).”

Your trials to contact their live support will be useless. When we initiated a live chat with them, the page kept informing us they weren’t available. They didn’t respond to our emails as well. Great job, Cutefate! We just can’t be more sarcastic about this service, especially considering how ripping-off their premium subscription is and that no real communication is provided.

The Conclusion from Our Cutefate Review

If you are searching for legit companies and positive reviews from their real consumers, the analyzed solution isn’t worth your money and attention at all. In our reviews, we tell a lot about such websites, and it is always disappointing to discover another platform that justifies fictitious profiles and ripping-off subscriptions. Our team doesn’t recommend this service, regardless of your needs.


  • This platform is created for people who are interested in long-term dating with gorgeous women, but it is a lie. Our team reviews customers’ comments, and all the female accounts are either AI-driven or operated by managers. We experienced their scam policies on our own, including the improper work with users’ data and its distribution to whois third parties.
  • This company seems legit only before you register. After that, you are immediately transferred into the world of lies and disrespect for your desires. For instance, we could talk or leave public comments at huge fees, and there is no guarantee our information will be discreet and cyber-protected.
  • In our reviews, we always highlight how an online dating company scams its customers. In this case, they offer advanced features to communicate with hired professionals. One of the main problems is that their pricing packages cost a fortune, especially considering that you talk to a woman you don’t know whois who.

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