Insufficient dating and chatting with fake profiles are just the ice of the iceberg of DateYou.com scams.


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  • Fake Profiles
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DateYou.com Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

The DateYou.com website is an online dating platform for men and women who are interested in flirting and like-minded communication on the internet. Users are welcome to register for free and get access to the advanced features of this app — you will be impressed with how many contacts your account can collect in a short amount of time. The age gap between registered members of the community varies, but many reviews of the platform come from customers in their thirties and forties.

The landing page itself highlights its text informativeness. You don’t get a chance to see what actual profiles look like, but it is possible to see the company’s motifs behind creating this online dating app — people can get to know each other, regardless of how many miles separate them, and have fun.

MP Mobile Performance LTD
Spyrou Kyprianou 79, Protopapas Bldg, 2nd Floor, Office 201, 3076 Limassol, Cyprus
Users can contact the support team through the special form on the site, that’s it.

Unfortunately, we weren’t as impressed after checking this site’s features as we hoped for. It is a sample of non-clear scam operators with dozens of psychological techniques to make users spend more money on their services. We had to deal with spam messages, several bots, and other types of malware. The problem is that these negative aspects don’t attack your account immediately — this tsunami gets strength over time. Let’s get straight to the most typical issues of the DateYou.com website. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at DateYou.com

There are several rationales why we can’t consider the DateYou.com dating chat an efficient and sufficient online dating tool. Its interface is styled beautifully, and the overall interaction with the domain doesn’t usually cause huge issues from a technical point of view — during our test, we could register for free without difficulty, send messages to fellow users, pay for the app’s communication features, and so on. Was it worth it? Absolutely no, and here is why.

Registration at DateYou.com

There was nothing complicated for us to figure out how the free registration works on DateYou. The amount of personal information we had to provide was rather standard, compared to other online dating sites in the niche. Here are some thoughts about the process:

  1. There are two ways to join the list of new users of the DateYou app — you either use your Google account or provide more personal data to sign up for the site.
  2. We tried both ways. However, as we have previous experiences with scam dating operators, we are always prepared for such a scenario — our team used our test Google account. This way, no matter how spam notifications and other annoying stuff we might get, it won’t prevent our stable performance.
  3. It is not like you have to provide one photo and finalize the process. Like any real person with the intention to register with email, we had to choose a username and password, define an age, and attach an email address. It is possible to choose your gender only, so this DateYou account will let you “build” relationships as a straight couple. Once again, using your work email might be hazardous — it might significantly deteriorate your ability to exchange really important emails or find necessary ones.

Considering how many scam messages from fellow DateYou accounts we started to get, the fact that MP Mobile Performance LTD owns DateYou is negative. Thanks to this organization, interested parties will be able to locate other implicit scam sites from the same provider or related operators.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

We were ready to see how women ask any real person for more credits and other rewards just for one photo they send intimately and privately. The reality was even worse than our expectations. The degree of scam schemes increased gradually. The first few conversations were standard. The more we stayed tuned to our DateYou account, the more initial free coins vanished and were replaced by pre-paid tools. Women here, namely, fake chat operators, promote online safety and prolong the time to spend on the net before meeting in person. It takes ages to realize you are being fooled until it’s too late since such things sound super logical in our age. Be ready for financial assistance requests, fake images in attached images (or even stolen ones), misleading information, bots, grammar mistakes, and much more.

The site offers several FAQs and inbuilt contact details and enables you to technically report profiles that seem suspicious or offend you by violating your rights or the app’s user policies. In practice, this approach doesn’t bring any positive changes — paid features don’t reduce the number of fake accounts on the DateYou app. Many members struggle to get their money back or ban this site from others. So far, unfortunately, the operation hasn’t been extremely successful. That’s why we keep doing what we do to protect more new users from personal conversations with a scam woman operator after they sign up.

The Cost of Membership

With the DateYou app, DateYou members will have to pay a lot. If any woman says she enjoys chatting with you, you are first enabled to use free coins. New members can top up their account for the following number of credits using their bank account:

  • According to DateYou reviews, you provide your contact details for huge sets of coins — 400, 1000, 2000, and 4000. The maximum charge will be one hundred US dollars.
  • You might get bonus coins for each package, which makes the scam deal more advantageous. We believe this scam technique is awesome in luring people into bigger expenditures.
  • Many members of DateYou consider more cost-efficient plans. But they will only make you spend more credits in the future. Personally, we chose two hundred coins for five US dollars.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Many DateYou reviews state how illegal the way DateYou work is. Making contact with DateYou new members isn’t significantly different from what other scam sites offer. Check what signs will show you are going to chat with fake women on a pre-paid basis:

The User themselves are responsible for managing the communication among each other and for ensuring an appropriate way of expression.

MP Mobile assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy and security of the data and content published or transmitted by other Users.

Source: https://www.dateyou.com/static/terms
In the majority of cases, DateYou members are fake accounts and bots. Other accounts don’t belong to women on the site.

The Conclusion from Our DateYou.com Review

It is like tilting at windmills — the DateYou company doesn’t have any customer service to solve issues, keeps on charging customers more than they were supposed to, and does their best to ruin your understanding of what a healthy and reliable dating experience on the internet can be.

Don’t take this negative experience with DateYou as a personal offense — the operator to blame is DateYou. Their contact details are insufficient, but providing DateYou reviews will definitely help other people be aware of the company’s approach to running an online dating business. Of course, such online platforms make users consider more precautionary measures (like reading the app’s terms and conditions in more detail) to stay on the safe side. Please note that even if you make a mistake and rely on such illegal providers, it can be fixed and prevented in the future for sure.

Hot chat

  • 1 chat girl
  • 10 chat girl
  • 8 chat girl
  • 6 chat girl
  • 4 chat girl


  • DateYou lets you spend time with fun, chatting with gorgeous girls, and enjoying like-minded connections with other members. Unfortunately, in your dreams only. No matter how many reports and reviews you write, the site doesn’t become any better place. It is home to free bots that engage you in wasting cash on scam chats, moderated communication with members who work on a pre-paid basis, and so on.
  • Making contact with other members and your ability to write messages to them can’t be under debate. It is a technology-driven app for interested parties. But we have to warn you that this site for chatting with women is a scam chat — you will pay for fake messages and other suspicious things. Don’t spend your time on scam bots when you can get more sufficient services.
  • Prior to checking reviews from other users, chatting on the DateYou site seems a good idea — it is designed for flirting and building long-term relationships through pleasant conversations with the opposite sex. However, members will be overwhelmed by the number and quality of bots and malware on the website — tons of scam notifications and freebies to fool you and make you spend more money on chatting with women here. If you are ready for sending messages to fake user profiles that are operated by DateYou operators, feel free to start. After checking all the features of this app, we can conclude it is an absolutely scam site for any dating members.