Welcome to the fake site of probable dating with pleasant, hot horny girls waiting for you. If you are ready to get acquainted with bots and pay for a company subscription, our review on the website is just for you!


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who discreetcrush.com is for and who owns it

At the beginning of our review, we encountered difficulty finding the website company’s actual owner. His name is inaccessible and encrypted. He skillfully took advantage of the opportunity and hid. There are no links or other referrals with a source to these personas. However, we continued compiling our reviews on the company and found more and more curious facts and even negative reviews.

So, discreetcrush.com positions itself as a casual internet dating site with real other members who are also looking for new partners. Although there are only adult visitors on the website company, the leading age group is users from 35-55 and older, as the site rules require it. However, we can’t guarantee this is legal information because there is no confirmation of it. The company’s administration didn’t even think it necessary to send us messages to the mail or links for the transition to make sure that our existence was real.

While the legitimate sites interact in some way and send special messages to confirm the account, it was enough to type in an email address, which is the end of the verification. We purposely tried registering a fake address on a website and did it without any problems. What does that mean? You can make at least a thousand fake landing pages here, and the company does not check them. Are you still ready for introductions and a subscription on this site?

Publicly available legal information reports the name of the company and its coordinates.

Hero Access Ltd
19 Epameinonda Apartment/Office 003 Strovolos
2034 Nicosia
Customer support email address
[email protected]

The virtual dating site discreetcrush.com has a modern appearance, offering a wide range of new partners to interact with different views, sexual orientations, and locations. Here every woman and man can receive and send messages and greetings and meet friendly members ready to interact in chat. Sounds good, doesn’t it? So it is until you start to get into the site’s essence, the purpose of which is your money. And we have found negative reviews confirming this.

Yes, we have to disappoint you! The site needs nothing but your blood money, and any introductions are reduced to a moderated chat by trained company employees introducing themselves as hot horny girls. In other words, it’s more of a computer game where the only real person is you, and the rest is nothing more than program code.

More about Discreetcrush.com: registration and fees

Continuing our website review, we made an account in the company to see for ourselves all the intricacies and rules of the game. Then, we carefully studied the Rules and the Agreement paragraphs, which people do not read at all. We have learned a lot of new and curious things that even shocked us, so we will definitely share the information in our review and consider a few negative reviews.

The registration process on discreetcrush

The casual dating site provides free registration. The landing page, made with a modern appearance, shows a happy couple, the photo presented in an erotic style. At first glance, there is nothing wrong, and it is possible to try to register an account on the website. For new computer generated virtual profiles, you will need some data:

  • a nickname or name;
  • an email address;
  • password, which must be invented and remembered for future authorization;
  • date of birth, age;
  • agreement to the Terms and Conditions of the site.

After these simple actions, you get to the landing page online dating platform, where you are immediately asked to determine who you are: a man or a woman and what gender you are looking for friends.

The main landing page of the company is divided into sections of the menu, which are located at the top. There are such options here:

  • Search – find members by certain data;
  • Messages – view incoming and sent messages from fake chat;
  • Play – virtual contact with those who want to get acquainted with you. You can like or delete from the section someone you don’t like;
  • Live cams – erotic channel with girls providing an intimate service on live cams;
  • Sexy games – games for adults with explicit scenes.

After studying all the sections of expensive report, we concluded that free registration is a frank trap from the company into which gullible but already former users were lured for romantic dating fall. The whole subtext comes down to erotica and very adult games with hot horny girls waiting and leading fake profiles.

Hot chat

  • 7 chat girl
  • 5 chat girl
  • 2 chat girl
  • 10 chat girl
  • 9 chat girl

Fake profiles

Let us tell you a big secret – all you will see and read on this online dating platform is a total rip-off! All fake profiles that will contact you are just a scam to extort money. The essence of it is the following:

  • A new real person registers free computer generated virtual profiles;
  • Fills out a questionnaire and expects new acquaintances on the internet;
  • He immediately begins to receive a considerable number of letters and messages from fake chat about how interesting he is to many charming strangers;
  • It intrigues and interests users;
  • But to respond to at least one fan, you should be paying a fee to the company to become a community member;
  • You can find the cost on the site, and it is not tiny;
  • New members get sucked into the conversation and sign up for paid membership, repeatedly paying to keep getting to know each other.

The company scheme is very simple and works without fail. It is only at first glance a free dating site, but in fact, it is an insufficient dating website where you can do nothing without paying for an account. All of the computer generated virtual profiles that write to the members are automated profiles, which are maintained by experienced operators.

The company allocates specially created fake profiles with stolen photos for such operators. The images are very diverse, showing men and women of different ages. But there is no single account, only automated online accounts and moderated chat operators. We found reviews that confirm this.

The cost of new membership at Discreetcrush.com

It’s time for a financial review and understanding why this insufficient dating website becomes available. As we learned, the user can do nothing here without buying an account – neither reply nor send messages in the fake chat nor write to a real person he is interested in. And just sitting and looking at the profile pictures makes no sense without contact with other members.

The tariffs are posted in the Upgrade Now section and are divided into several types of membership:

you have to pay 29,95 euros for one month
you pay 59,95 euros for three-month membership (which is 19,98 euros a month)
99,95 euros for the semi-annual account (which is even cheaper - 16,66 euros a month)

The conditions are such that the longer the package period, the cheaper the monthly fee. It is a great subscription trap for those who are used to saving money and seeing a significant discount. However, it’s essential to understand that all that money goes into the company owner’s pocket, and some of it is paid to the operators that run the automated profiles. As for you, you get a total fake and rip off in exchange for your money. Instead of a serious date, you will gain insufficient dating.

Another important nuance we found in our review is that pay is extended automatically if you do not have time to make a subscription rip off. But if you know the deadlines and write a waiver, your letter will be considered for a long time. Moreover, the subscription will be withdrawn during this time without a hitch and your consent. But that’s not all. If you don’t pay, user content can be taken without your permission. It is a real scam because you will have to block the card so that the money will not be deducted from it.

From the terms and conditions

As we claimed in our review, a few people read the Terms and Conditions of the dating site. But even those who decided to study all the nuances can not understand all the aspects because they are perfectly veiled by beautiful phrases. However, having some experience in such matters, we were able to highlight the most alarming points:

… Regardless of the above, during your use, access, and interaction with Services and related user content, you may interact with the user content created by or through automated online accounts (“bots” or “Automated computer generated virtual profiles”)…

Source: https://www.discreetcrush.com/site/terms

This discreet dating site does not hide the fact that the content generated, and may seem fair on the part of the administration. However, the problem is that there is no way to identify the automated profile, so it is impossible to distinguish bots from real members.

We’ll say more: real members can’t meet a natural person’s profile here. The site system is designed so that real users contact only trained operators and bots.

The conclusion of our review

The dating site discreetcrush.com is fake and a fraud. In our review, we made sure that scam schemes are applied here, carrying out real robbery and fraud. You won’t be able to reach the support team and cancel subscription rip off, termination difficult. Otherwise user content goes into the hands of the owners, and you have to go to the bank and get a new card.

No automated profile is a live person and all content generated. All messages you will receive do not come from the men and women who like you but are written by a particular program with bots for a moderated chat under the guidance of operators of fake chat. Are you ready to pay them a salary from your pocket?


  • Site discreetcrush.com refers to scam sites promising new and exciting dating but deceiving even former users with fictitious profiles.
  • The site uses your information for selfish purposes. And even if you close your natural person's profile, the data can be extracted to rip off other members further.
  • Site discreetcrush.com is a real scam that pretends to be real members. We do not recommend passing registration on such scam sites.

Hot chat

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  • 5 chat girl
  • 2 chat girl
  • 10 chat girl
  • 9 chat girl