This fetoo review is based on our personal experience with this dating site. See why this online dating provider is a rip off.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Fetoo.com details

The fetoo dating site has a very attractive and nice landing page. The site welcomes you with a photo of a beautiful seducing girl. However, our thorough investigation of this service showed that this is just a part of the virtual entertainment world. It seems like this is a site for fetish enthusiasts but it will welcome you with many profiles of people who do not even exist!

XSMobile SP Z.O.O
Ul. Naramowicka 217b-17 Poznań, wielkopolskie, 61-611 Poland

The service is created for:

  • Casual dating;
  • Men and women looking for fetish relationships;
  • Members from the USA;

It doesn’t have trial plans and wants you to pay for a coin plan once you sign up.

If you want to know more about our very expensive report of this website, keep reading below.

What you should know about fetoo.com

You will have insufficient dating experience when using this casual dating website. Our very expensive report revealed that this website uses professional animators that keep you engaged in your fake chat. When we registered, we found out that we were sending messages to a fictional person. Maybe other profiles are not fake but we did not meet any real ones. We’d better test dating websites search beforehand to avoid unpleasant issues.

How did we learn that they offer a fake chat? It’s easy, see what we found out when using this site.

The sign-up process

The site offers free registration. This is why so many users are trapped. However, to send messages, you need to purchase a membership plan. New registrations are extremely fast. You only need to provide your email, password, and a few details such as who you are looking for.

This is the only free feature you should expect. Once you create an account, you must be ready for expenses. You won’t be able to send messages for free. We found out that this xsmobile sp site is not reliable. You will meet negative comments from other users when browsing the Internet. Here is why.

Hot chat

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Fake members

Do you expect to find sexy real women on this site? You may not even hope for that with their fake chat. A fictional person to send messages to is what you are going to spend your funds on. We discussed real meetings many times. However, a fictional person on the other side of the site only wanted to chat. This is a very popular scam scheme on such sites.

Many negative comments about this site will tell you the same. None of the users had real meetings with women from this site. You cannot meet a fake person. The site just creates a fake profile with attractive photos on the landing page. It will send you messages and show “true” interest. This fake profile is meant to make you spend as many credits as possible.

A fake profile will always answer in the same way. For instance, how great you are and how good everything you write sounds no matter what you write, actually. A few times, we tried to send nonsense things and still received the same answer. In a fake chat, a real person cannot be identified separately from a fake one. If you are luckier than us, you might meet a real person on this site. However, we think it is a total scam and there are simply no true members on this website.

The cost

There are no Trial Plans on this site.

You should get a coin plan/credits. The cost is as follows:

$5.49 per 220 coins
$10.99 per 500 coins
$27.49 per 1270 coins
$54.99 per 2640 coins
$109.99 per 5500 coins

It is possible to pay by wire transfer, credit card, or Sofortüberweisung. Although there is no trial plan, there is a free registration. It looks like the cost of this site is quite low and affordable compared to the rest of the similar sites. However, while working on this review, we found out that when you chat, your coins simply fade away. The system is built to make you spend all of them. A fake chat is a place where everything is against you although you don’t even notice it. You chat and see that the person in front of you is so much interested in you. They keep you engaged all the time until you truly realize that this member does not even exist in reality. Rip off and role play!

Terms and Conditions

At a first glance, there is nothing suspicious about the Terms and Conditions on this site’s landing page. Everything starts quite traditionally. Whilst reading, we found something really interesting:

xsmobile uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system. This Service is provided in the highest quality. Real meetings are not possible with these operators. Users can only send them messages within the portal.

Source: https://www.fetoo.com/static/terms

It means that right after registration, you are involved in a fake chat with a fictional bot. The site doesn’t mark these fake bots as those. You are truly convinced that send messages  to someone really interested in you. Unfortunately, we are sure that none of those people being in touch with us from the very beginning, was real. The site bots do a good job. They make you believe that you are needed and in high demand.

Even when not having any pictures in your profile, you already become so popular among other users looking for casual dating and role play. They keep sending you different letters in fake chat and want to chat as long as possible. It never comes to contact exchange or meeting in reality though. You do not even notice how your balance on the site equals zero. This review was written taking lots of aspects into account. The cost of a dating site doesn’t really matter if you get exactly what you are looking for. However, when they openly tell you in the Terms and Conditions that the site uses fake members to fool you, this appears to be a big scam.

If you try to claim your money back though, you won’t get anything. First of all, the site’s support that seems active on landing page is not responsive. Secondly, everything is clearly mentioned in their terms. It means only that you should read them carefully before you ever start using the site. Before you decide to chat and send messages on this site, read at least their policies, as well as at least one review from former members, to avoid this brutal rip off.

Our verdict on the fetoo dating site

The service that seems to be one of the casual dating sites offers a lot. However, if you check reviews on this company online, you will see how many former customers complain about this website. It is nothing but virtual entertainment world. Its landing page doesn’t contain a lot of transparent information. You will hardly notice what their payment conditions are. You also hardly count to talk to unreal people when registering on this website.

We didn’t meet real profiles on this dating site at all. Every time you are involved in a fake chat with some bot or virtual online profiles. Those fake users want you to message them and spend your money on chat. It is better to search for another dating site for casual dating if you want to avoid communicating with professional animators. This dating site doesn’t contain any real profiles. If you want to get in touch with customer support, it will never answer.

Our verdict is that this dating site is a complete scam to rip off users. You should not even open their landing page. Better search for a proven website that is worth its money. This company is not one of them. In order not to waste your financial means, try to avoid this dating site by all means. Everything is fake here. This review is called to warn people looking for some fetish and similar interests. It is much better to look for another casual site that will give you what you are looking for. On this site, you will only be able to chat with a bot in fake chat and meet negative comments. It would not be so bad if you didn’t have to pay so much for it!

Hot chat

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  • This is a dating site run by XSMobile SP Z.O.O based in Poland. The fetoo site doesn’t have good reviews online. Most customers complain about a fake chat and receiving messages from the xsmobile sp fake accounts. Such dating sites create fake profiles for entertaining purposes to keep a new member constantly engaged. It means that you are talking to a bot but not a real person. Communication with virtual online profiles in fake chat is what the fetoo dating site offers. So, you will not meet real profiles here.
  • The site seems to be legitimate. Its operator is xsmobile sp and it is registered under the legislation of Poland. However, taking into account that the dating sites of this owner do not have many good reviews, this company’s activity can hardly be called legal. You will be involved in a fake chat with fetoo’s fake profiles and spend plenty of money on illusions. 
  • Yes, fetoo is a scam portal. Such dating sites allow you to create an account for free in case of new registrations. Then, a new member starts getting messages from fake profiles. They claim to provide the highest quality of chat. However, you pay not for a chat with girls but with chat bots. You send a message to someone who doesn’t even exist and pay huge money for it. This is a role play that is called to entertain you at your cost in fake chat.