Findmyflings.com Review

Passionate girls and hot messages - isn't that what everyone who registers on dating websites dreams about? Unfortunately, findmyflings.com will disappoint you and cost you a pretty penny.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who findmyflings.com is for and who owns it

The website findmyflings is a social site for dating, flirting, and conversation. However, if you’re in the mood for romantic messages, dates, and meetings, you can look for another option. Here everything is centered on sex, and the reader who is not aware may be a little shocked by the frank picture of the accounts, which will be published not only on the main page but also sent to the personal messages in the chat.

This information in the review will help those still hesitant about registering an account here. But all in all, there are many visitors on the dating site who are happy with this format.

Most internet users belong to the age group of 35 and up. Therefore, the main requirement of the site is that real women and men are 18 years old. However, it is not mentioned that anyone should identify himself. The administration only needs you to tick a box to agree to the Services and the platform’s rules.

And now it’s time for our review mentioned data of the owner of this fake hookup site.

Meteor Interactive BV
Savannahweg 17 City 3542AW Utrecht
[email protected]

As our team found out, the company has a lot of experience in the dating scam. However, it is not its first site offering love for money with fake bots. Moreover, no company website respond to safety and honesty requirements with its members.

It is a large-scale scam that robs users by using fictitious accounts. The company takes advantage of other people’s photos and other data for profit and to lure its customers. Frank images and elaborate controlled dialog mislead members who believe in the sincerity of affection.

Details of findmyfling review

Before you sign up on the site and enter your details, we recommend reading the findmyfling review of all the features, functions, the cost, and conditions of finding fling dating. We tried to gather as much information as possible in this review about the website, with proof of the scam, reviews, and comments from real visitors.

Everyone who mentioned personal information in an account and messages is taking a real risk, as the company does not guarantee the safety of any data. Instead of live conversation, you’ll get tons of emails from a fake profile with seductive private photos and heated texts.

The free registration process at findmyflings

When you go to the official findmyflings site, you’ll see a landing page with nice people and a profile for a newbie. You will not be able to go any further with dating until you successfully complete the registration. If such words can be applied to this site, it is specific protection and security of profiles.

The information you need to start a free registration:

  • name or username;
  • date of birth, which determines your age;
  • location, namely the indication of the city;
  • a password to remember;
  • email address.

Here you also specify your gender: male or female and choose which gender of your interlocutors you are interested in.

It is possible to pass this step faster by logging into the google account with a username, and even a password is not required. But this is not the end of the form for dating. Users will be offered six subsequent steps, which invite them to sign up for the newsletter, identify their age, and agree to the services website. The most interesting thing is that few people notice a curious inscription warning about fake profiles when dating, with which they will have to communicate in chats.

The inscription says:

By becoming a member, I agree to the Terms and Conditions and the use of fictional entertainers’ profiles, marked with a heart icon, with which physical contact is not possible.
By submitting my account information, I understand that Meteor Interactive B.V. will process my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement.

Source: https://www.findmyflings.com/splash

So, even if you understand that trained operators with bots write a comment, you can not make any claims.

Main page interface

We must pay tribute to the developers, who have done everything possible to make the main page attractive. It is designed in neutral tones, and the menu is divided into several sections:


There are several more subsections above them, informing you about visitors, incoming messages, and users interested in dating you. Finally, at the bottom of the page, there is more information about the company, including Terms & Conditions.

Hot chat

  • 2 chat girl
  • 3 chat girl
  • 9 chat girl
  • 10 chat girl
  • 1 chat girl

Fake profiles

Undoubtedly, all accounts for dating are fake, and you will have no physical contact with them. The company warns that such users are marked with a heart icon, but you can’t check this when you send messages in the chat.

If you want to make sure the woman is real, you have to go to her fake profile each time and hover your cursor over this love sign. Our own practice showed that all who wrote a comment to us in chat are bots, as each of them had a heart mark for dating.

It remains to guess where the private photos and data were taken from because they are pretty realistic. However, it leads to the idea that the images were stolen from the profiles of real people, accompanied by fictitious names, ages, and other information.

Cost of membership

Free dating is only formal. The only thing you get for free is registration, and then, you have to pay for each message and comment in the chats. And believe us, it is pretty expensive. Details about the cost are as follows:

$22.04 costs 10 coins
$52.12 costs 25 coins
$96.91 costs 50 coins
$180.48 costs 100 coins
$334.20 costs 200 coins

Cost is constantly changing, adapting to the current market. You have to understand that it’s only increasing. The company offers promotional discounts that can go as high as 75%. This is a great temptation for those who like to save money and chase sales. At the same time, the cost of single messages is quite high and the coins you buy won’t be enough for a long time.

Specially trained operators skillfully engage you in conversation for dating. However, every message ends with a question and a wait for an answer. Such psychological move forces members to spend even more credits. As a result, if it is impossible for you to buy coins, you fling the dialogue, and there is nothing else to do here.

We find the following clause in the terms and conditions

To save you time on dating, we have delved into the detailed user Agreement and Terms of Privacy in our review. Unfortunately, many inconsistencies in these sections do not guarantee your rights as users at all. Here’s one example from the section on website usage:

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment service and that the profiles (I) are fictitious, and you will interact with operators.

This is what we had to prove in the review: you will respond, send messages and get answers in chat from fake strangers, hot guys and bored girls who are ready to do anything for you. However, they are only ready to get money from you dating and nothing more.

Now we offer another interesting passage concerning privacy:

Unless otherwise stated in the published privacy statement…you agree that your Members’ materials will be treated by us as non-proprietary, whether or not you mark them as “confidential” – and will not be returned. Meteor does not assume any obligation to you or any third party concerning your Members materials.

In simple terms, they openly tell you they can use your information, regardless of your consent. That’s how scam bots are formed.

Source: https://www.findmyflings.com/agreement

Conclusion from our findmyfling review

Web site findmyflings.com is filled with explicit nude photos of adventurers. But you won’t be able to get in real contact with any of them and that’s it. Instead, you’ll get hundreds of messages in a chat with fake profiles that don’t exist in the world. And you will respond, send messages for your money. Operators do all the correspondence with the help of created bots.

This site is nothing but fraud and tricks. It is designed solely to rob your wallet with attractive photos stolen from the internet. Do not believe any member, as you will not meet a real person here.


  • It is a site for flirting and intimate dating that offers buying credits for correspondence with bots. Unfortunately, the site is one of many belonging to the same company with negative reviews.
  • There is a warning about animators, entertainment purposes, and fake profiles. However, it isn't easy to recognize them. Users' information is under threat, and it can be used for selfish purposes without the consent of the owner of the account. Based on this, the site findmyflings.com can not be called legitimate.
  • The site is a fraud because it steals personal information and makes money. Members cannot protect their data or have correspondence with a real person.

Hot chat

  • 2 chat girl
  • 3 chat girl
  • 9 chat girl
  • 10 chat girl
  • 1 chat girl