Want to experience the best dating possible? FlingHub will not be the dating website where you will find such option. In this FlingHub review, we will analyze how Norfex Services have implemented scamming dating features on their site.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Runs FlingHub?

FlingHub is a dating website focused on providing men from the United States with local singles dating solutions. However, there are more than just enough grounds to claim that this dating website is not that fair. In our review, we mentioned a lot of factors that proved that FlingHub is just a scam site that has no dating solutions for real dating at all.
The company that runs this dating website is:

Company Name
Norfex Services Ltd.
Company Address
Floor 5, 115A, Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara, Malta.
Email address
[email protected]

Norfex Services Ltd comes as a new player in the dating market, and, unfortunately, instead of making a nice dating resource, they just focused on the creation of fake and scam services that are used only for stealing money. Do you want to know how we figured that out? Let’s dive deeper into our review.

What Can You See On FlingHub?

FlingHub’s landing page isn’t promising. That looks just like a cheap site with hookup solutions providing you with some cheap paid sex. But we decided to go further and checked the registration window. We will get to it a little later. First, we need to explore the vital points of this dating site.
We realized that all the members of this community would not be real.

The landing page tells a lot about the services the site offers. But we have to go on with our review and see what Fling Hub offers to its users.
And we noticed that almost every single piece of their interface was hidden. All the internal links were masked so members could never find out about what this dating site provided. Great job, Fling Hub.

It was hard to find all the important things on the site. Privacy Policy and contact details were simply hidden, and we had to spend a lot of time to find them. However, our review career gave us enough experience in working with such fraudsters.

But let’s talk more about fake profiles, the registration process, trial period, paid membership, the work of Norfex services, heavy costs, and, of course, how FlingHub dating site scams common users.

The registration process on FlingHub

When we decided to register on FlingHub, we were disappointed. We thought that this site would provide at least clear and smooth work. But the lags on this site were incredible. Though the registration was free, we had to wait a lot to complete everything.
After filling in each field, the site started downloading a lot in order to proceed with our data. And all the site needed was:

  • Nickname;
  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Sex;
  • Preferences;
  • Location;
  • Age.

Imagine waiting at least 1 minute before entering everything. This is not inspiring at all. Yet, the positive moment was that our test email wasn’t blocked. With much effort, the landing page was beaten, so we managed to start our work with the site and “enjoy” all the fake profiles on FlingHub.

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Fake profiles on FlingHub

When we started learning more about the resource, we saw that FlingHub was just insufficient. The very first thing we experienced after registration was our inbox with 3 messages. Our profile wasn’t even completed, but we already received messages from FlingHub bots. Do you understand what we mean?

This dating site is oriented toward scams. This is why all members here are fake. We created 2 separate accounts in order to learn everything about these women. The first one was from Los Angeles and the second one was from Chicago. And guess what? All the women’s profiles were the same! It means they will just show you the same ladies in order to scam you.

It is literally impossible to connect to this community. All members here are fake. Our screen was just full of fake profiles. In fact, we didn’t even want to send messages. When we decided to buy a membership, we realized that it would give us nothing. And the trial membership was not included.

When these ladies started spamming us with a lot of sexual messages, the site’s nature became even more obvious. The site wanted us to reply so hard that they started spamming with naked pictures, woman sexual desires, and marriage proposals. So we decided that it was the right moment to reply to these ladies and to pay some money.

How much to pay for using FlingHub?

The prices on FlingHub are not very pleasant. Here, you can only buy a premium subscription that makes no sense. Forget about testing this dating website. Their position about trial membership was clear. The prices include:

$0.99 for One-day membership
$9.99 for One-week membership
$39 for One-month membership
$65 for Three months membership

Usually, dating websites make you pay less for more extended plans, but here, the one-day subscription comes as the most desired one. Also, it is important to mention that no single service on this scam dating site is available without a subscription. All we could do here for free was scroll the main page and read messages. But clicking on any single piece of the interface caused a payment tab to appear. And we had no choice. Moreover, we wanted to make sure that your claims about how fake this resource is are not mistakes.

So we decided to buy a weekly pack. Why weekly? Well, including the fact that Fling Hub is a scam dating site, we wanted to make sure that we would make them even more motivated to use their bots to attract us to buy more. And, particularly, we were right.

The bots’ profiles became more active, and our replies made them ask for nudity even more frequently. Every single woman profile wasn’t real. All these users were insisting on sexual contact and sending implicit comments, so we decided to check their Privacy Policy to find more information about their scam.

What can the website tell about its security?

When we managed to find the Privacy Policy of the dating site, we were surprised by that attitude. The site simply told that they don’t care about us at all. They say:

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of users’ data transmitted to the Site; any transmission is at your own risk. We cannot assure you that the personal information that we collect will not be used or disclosed inconsistently with this Privacy Policy. We assume no responsibility for any of users’ information.

This dating website created its terms of use just to show members that they can be scammed. This hookups site just focuses on spam, scam, and provides you with a gallery full of porn content.

This way, fake members on this site can simply leak your private information to use it for other scam methods. But also, don’t forget that all the information you share with these bots will be used for blackmailing you.

The Conclusion About FlingHub

Concluding our experience with FlingHub, we must assume there are no fair resources on this site. When you register, you join a site full of fake women. There are no real members at all.

Free registration on this scam dating website didn’t change our opinion of it. Its paid membership is overpriced, there is no way to use some trial membership, and what is more important, it is almost impossible to have some interactions with other members, such as sending meaningful messages to real woman. The review proved that this dating website is just a badly operated scam.

This dating resource is only focused on stealing money and information, so using FlingHub will just mean that you will lose something, if not all. So if you want to find really beneficial dating resources, avoid using FlingHub. This place is just created for fraud. And if you are on this dating website, just leave it.

A lot of people heard about FlingHub and were interested in the work of this service. So here are the answers to the most popular questions about it.


  • FlingHub is a dating platform that uses fake profiles and fake images to scam average Internet users. This is a low-quality resource that will grant you only disappointment. It will give you an overpriced paid subscription that, in most cases, will not even provide you with a membership here. You might be just blocked.
  • FlingHub is not a legitimate site. The main goal of it is to steal everything people have. Money, bank account details, and personal information will be stolen if you pay at least something to these scammers. This junk site will only give you their paid subscription that will grant you nothing.
  • FlingHub is definitely a scam site that has no place in the world of proper dating. By using this site, you will only lose your time and money. So you should find another service that will be really legal and reliable. Fling hub is just a scam network that will not give you a proper dating experience.

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