See what our review of the flingpals dating site has revealed. We found out that its landing page is not transparent and the site is not suitable for casual dating.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

For whom is the flingpals online dating portal

At first glance, this dating site seems to be a good choice. We must agree to its terms and conditions before we enter the site. This does not mean that you sign the contract. However,  this site notifies all users about its nature and services. This makes a very good impression. On the landing page, you see an image of an attractive female person. This image makes a very promising impression as if you were going to meet the same great woman on that dating site. However, this appeared to be an insufficient dating website. We wanted to test dating websites search, and here is what we revealed. 

This online dating portal is created for casual dating. It seems that you are going to have an erotic adventure. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, this site may not be the best choice. There is not much information on its landing page. You are only offered free registration. In general, all profile pictures look quite solid. 

Company name
Skyloop Digital Ltd
Dept 3266 196 High Road Wood Green, London, N22 8HH United Kingdom
[email protected]

This is one of the dating sites belonging to Skyloop Digital Ltd, which is based in London, UK. Although the website seems quite good and solid at first sight, later, we have learned about plenty of fake chat operators and fake profiles. Although the registration is free, paying for fake chats doesn’t make you happy. 

  • For whom is the flingpals dating site: for people looking for flings, flirts, and hookups
  • Members geography: the USA and plenty of other countries
  • Male/female ratio: 66%/34%

If you are eager to know what else our review revealed about flingpals, keep reading it until the very end. You will find plenty of interesting facts about this dating site. 

Details about the flingpals dating site

This online dating site is a pure scam. There are plenty of fake women on this website. These members make an impression of being interested in you while keeping you on the website. These fake women make men spend plenty of money while making them believe that there will be a result. 

Registration details

Both men and women can register on this dating site for free. It is very easy and quick to create a profile on this online dating site. The registration button is right on the landing page. You just enter your gender, name, and who you want to meet. The website is created only for men and women so dating for bisexual people is impossible. After that, you can enter your age, location, username, password, and valid email address. 

The process of online dating registration is free. Then you need to verify your information and agree to the terms and conditions. Before any person can log in to the dating site account, it’s necessary to pass a verification procedure. This online dating site will send you a code by email. Without this, you will not be able to enter your account. Unlike on most dating websites, it makes you feel that there are no fake members on this online dating site. 

Now, you completed the registration. However, the site doesn’t require a user to provide personal details. The only things you provide are your age and location. Other users will only see an empty profile. While working on this fingpals review, we realized that the site doesn’t ask users to provide any additional information. This is not a very good sign by the way. Who would be interested in an incomplete profile with no picture? Just fake users or profiles.

Hot chat

  • 3 chat girl
  • 2 chat girl
  • 8 chat girl
  • 9 chat girl
  • 5 chat girl

Fake profiles of members

It is one of the most unpleasant surprises with this scam site. When we started to work on this review, we had a lot of hopes because the dating portal seemed very decent. On this platform, a fake person is called just moderation. Moderation on this site means involving members in a fake chat. 

Once the member profile was created, we received plenty of messages from other users. Unlike on many other dating sites, women on flingpals were crazy about dating and showed some unbelievable interest in an empty profile. It makes you feel excited at once but later, it makes you wonder how these girls search at all without seeing a single photo or description. 

After communicating for a while, it was obvious this dating platform is a scam. The website simply operates fake profiles and involves you in a fake chat. These fake chat operators bomb users with messages. When joining this dating portal, you do not expect to be contacted by fake women at all, so this is nothing but a scam. A fake chat is something you must pay for. 

How much does this online dating portal cost?

Registration on this dating website is free. This is what you will see on the landing page. Visitors will not find any other information about how much members should pay. You can only search for other members for free. You start paying once when you want to send messages to fake profiles. Many members mentioned that the site is a rip off even though it is a casual dating site. The overall moderation idea is about making you spend plenty of money on a fake chat on this dating site. So, how much does this dating site cost?

You can pay for your coin plan online and choose any package you wish. Plans are non recurring, so you do not need to terminate your membership on purpose. Once the package is used, you choose whether you buy more or not. There are no trial plans on this dating site, unfortunately. 

$15 ($1.50/message) 10 credits
$26.99 25 credits
$55.99 50 credits
$101.99 100 credits
$200 200 credits

With the biggest package, you can pay only $1 per message. You can pay by credit card on this online dating portal. 

The Terms and Conditions

As for 2022, the Terms and Conditions of the flingpals dating site mention the following: 

5.2. flingpals.com has entertainment as its goal, it is explicitly not the purpose of flingpals.com to establish dates or meetings in person.

5.3. flingpals.com explicitly reserves the right to send calls on flingpals.com through self-created profiles. These are fictitious profiles with which no physical agreements are possible.

Source: https://flingpals.com/agreement

As you can see, the site mentions a fake chat in its Terms and Conditions. This casual dating website doesn’t even hide from its visitors that they are contacted by a fake chat bot. Such dating sites have no right to exist. They are nothing but a rip off.

Our final verdict about fingpals

We believe that fingpals.com is one of the dating sites that scam its members with fake chats. The high costs on this dating site make your money fade away very quickly. Even a new profile with no photos will be overwhelmed by messages from fake members. Although the operator is registered under the United Kingdom legislation, it doesn’t seem to be legit and decent. 

The dating site’s fake chat operators control everything. This cheeky fake chat makes you pay more and more until you run out of credits and have to pay again to chat with fake profiles. No person is interested in meeting you for real. The goal of this cheeky fake chat is to rip off and keep you engaged while thinking you are talking to a real person while it is all fake.

This is not the best dating site if you are looking to even chat with someone. Most members who contact you are absolutely fake and when working on this review, we made sure of it. This is an insufficient dating site that hosts fictitious profiles. If you pay a little bit more to a matchmaker, you will get much better results. 


  • This is a dating site that is registered in the UK and hosts fictitious profiles. If you search for a matchmaker, this is not the right place. flingpals.com is created for flirts, flings, and hookups. 
  • This site sends messages on behalf of people. Most of its profiles are fake and fake chat operators make people chat with bots. This is a rip-off. If you want to date, search for it on other websites. Here, you will not meet anyone in reality. 
  • Yes, all dating sites that belong to this dating provider are a scam. We had a very expensive report about this dating site while working on this review. If you plan to date in reality, you will hardly do it. Talking to self created profiles and paying huge money for that is not what people expect from a chat or dating sites. 

Hot chat

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