Dating is a brilliant experience. But FlirtInLove might be a website that will ruin it for you.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Runs FlirtInLove.com And What Is The Targeted Audience

FlirtInLove might seem a regular dating website. The website is mainly focused on people of all ages, which is common for modern dating websites. There is no way to see where users are from, but we have sufficient ground to say that is it United States folks.

The site tried to disguise their contact details, while all the links are hidden. But they are here:

Estival GmbH
Location of a company
RM 1005, 10/F TAI YAU BLDG 18, Jognston RD Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Phone number
+33 9 71 08 12 81
E-mail address
[email protected]

This website is a part of Knowledge Gate company.

Moreover, the site decided expand its scam not only with man-woman dating options but some gay options. A combination of straight and gay categories would have been a great solution if only at least 20% of the website were fair.

The Detailed Review: What Should You Expect From FlirtInLove

Now, when we saw some basics about FlirtInLove, it is time to dive deeply into the work of this scam site and see what are the main points of dating here. When starting our review, we have noticed the following.

The front page looks nice but it contains only the registration window. Do you want to learn more about dating on this site? You can do it by clicking the “What is Flirt In Love” button, but don’t risk that. There is a high chance that the site will simply lag.

The information tab on Flirtinlove is truly poor. There are only basic claims about how great their website is, and no links to contact info.

If you want to know who holds dating here, you will probably decide to click the “Contact us” button. It simply leads to the e-mail field, because they don’t want you to know who is in charge of these services. That is already suspicious.

But that is the very beginning of our dating journey! Now, we are going to take a closer look at the registration process, paid membership, the prices on the website, its fake profiles, absence of coin plans and trial plans, their matchmaker options, and how this scam system works.

Starting our experiment: the registration process

The registration field is literally the first thing you will see when joining the site. Moreover, it is the only active field here, so you will never miss it. Free registration wasn’t a surprise for us.

From the very beginning, flirtinlove asked us for our dating preferences. That was rather uncommon because usually, the site is asking your name first of all. After that, we decided to register.

The registration took about 30 minutes. Not because it is complicated, or because site owners wanted to take care of customers to give them a developed service. Because the lags were horrible. When we finally finished everything, we were ready to conclude the review.

The site “politely” decided to fill everything in advance, so we had to change all the info there. But the most fascinating part was when we wanted to tell FlirtInLove where we are from. We simply couldn’t.

For our legend, we wanted to use dating in Los Angeles and filled a post-code field, but we couldn’t fill the “City” field. The website didn’t give us the option. At this moment we thought that our review is over because we couldn’t finish the registration. But that cunning system of pre filling our fields helped us, so we went on with a default city – New York. And free registration didn’t become an advantage.

After we have spent 10 minutes to confirm everything, we entered the site to experience really strange things.

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Fake profiles on FlirtInLove: how ridiculous they were

After we completed registration, we prepared for a massive attack of bot messages containing nudes. When the main page appeared, we saw that FlirtInLove presents profiles of men only. An interesting matchmaker decision. But we didn’t choose the gay dating category. It was still straight.

Yet, FlirtInLove looked creepy. There are a lot of fake photos of 50+ men, but the owners of the site think that we would believe they are 19. As dating experts, we couldn’t believe that we made a mistake and chose the wrong preferences online, so we created another account. But once again, profiles of creepy users presented like the other members. No matchmaker functions at all.

Ok, it was time to start working with FlirtInLove, and we decided to try to flirt and start dating these men online. We saw that there was no button to buy credits to add personals or messages. At first glance, it looked like everything was free, including:

  • Online chatting room;
  • Adding friends;
  • Chatting members personally;

We started again experimenting with dating profiles. Wrote a simple “Hello”, and… nothing happened. Our message did not appear in the chat, but we went to the FlirtInLove chat room, where a lot of members could chat together with fake local singles.

So, it all looked like an escort board, where users are trying to find cheap sex. And don’t think that we are judging! Nicknames of these so called local singles claim that they are “Escort”. They were only asking for a “meeting” in person. We even saw a rude comment there. No wonder that we found out there was no real person at all. The online chat field was available, but we still couldn’t send messages. Other members probably couldn’t do it either. No way to even flirt a little with a partner.

Going on with our review, we decided to pay a little to try their paid membership to find some new personals.

Payment on FlirtInLove: how horrible it is

That was our main challenge, except overall browsing this scam site. We could find neither the payment tab nor coupons, and we even thought that dating here was free. Since it is essential for us to give our readers information about FlirtInLove prices, we continued browsing the site to find at least some sort of discount tab for members. That’s how we revealed the main scamming method of this fake site.

Here one can find no coupons, no coin plans, and you don’t buy credits or messages. You buy a premium membership! You can buy:

  • Premium account. Comes for $0.57 per day and gives you highlighted messages and the opportunity to send “special messages,” and… notifications.
  • Super Security. Opportunity to be anonymous and secure of your messages privacy. And to have it, you have to pay $2.22.
  • Premium member. Comes for $7.17 per day. This one grants you “Increased attractiveness” and places your profile higher for paid membership.

As you can see, you have to pay for literally nothing. No trial plans available for members, while the cheapest account gives you simply nothing. The mid-price account makes you pay for the things that must be common and free for members on fair dating sites. And the most expensive one would make your online profile more attractive for a potential partner for $7 a day! This fake site is just funny.

As we had 2 FlirtInLove accounts, we decided to try 2 packages. With all the taxes, we spent $50 total and received nothing. The Super Security blocked our signing in, while the cheapest option was more successful, and we had the ability to send a comment and some messages. Though, we got no simple answer, no photo, no talk. Maybe users’ status was “Offline”, there was no way to see that. And after we logged out, there was no way to login back to see other members again.

Finally, we decided to cancel the bank account we used for dating on this scam site, because there was sufficient ground to think that the money would be taken away, and we will have no ability to stop payment for the fake subscription.

Terms Of Conditions tell us everything about FlirtInLove

Though the Terms of Conditions of FlirtInLove are well-hidden, our review experience helped us find them. And here we saw that the site takes no responsibility at all. The site directly claims:

You take all the responsibilities for communication with any Live Model. This type of profile is not created by our Service and we are not in charge to monitor them. If you receive the message from this type of profile, there will be an indication that this is a Live Model Profile. We do not take responsibility for any interaction or cooperation between any of our users and Live Model Profile.

Thus, we have enough grounds to think that fake accounts on the site are working under the authority of the creators. All the data one person sends to FlirtInLove will be used for blackmailing you, especially when you decide to send a sort of spicy comment while dating.

So using this site, you will become not one of the members they care for, but a target for online scammers while looking for a partner.

The Conclusion On FlirtInLove.com

When we first visited this site, everything seemed normal. Though FlirtInLove looked like an average website, where you can start dating a real person.

The most curious part of FlirtInLove was the scam schemes they apply. It didn’t look like the scam websites we had seen in our review career before. No classical trial plans, no advanced features. And your every comment or flirt message will be ignored.

This is probably a mistake. FlirtInLove is poorly made, and the creators just thought about a “great idea to steal money”. But they don’t even give you matches with members to encourage you. Even from the beginning. There is a free registration, but it is still slow and poor.

The conclusion of the review is simple: a poor site with poor scamming methods that would grant you no dating fun but disappointment.


  • Flirtinlove is a site that might look like an average and pretty OK platform if you don’t register here. This is a scamming site that provides only fake services. The main aim of the site is to steal money from its victims.
  • Flirtinlove has nothing to do with legitimacy. There are no real members. The main goal of the site is to steal money. Though the site implemented every single dating feature poorly, it is still dangerous for users, because it can steal your payment details, your personal information, and your photos.
  • Flirtinlove is a regular scamming site, with the only difference. It is too bad even to scam Internet users. But don’t underestimate this site, because it still has enough opportunities to steal something from you, starting with your e-mail. If you buy something here, you cannot stop payments.

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