If you prefer to pay for a scam, join the Flirtme site. Welcome to the world of fake illusions!


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who flirtme Is For and Who Owns It

Ordinary at first glance, the flirtme platform for online dating really offers an original way to flirt. The method of the site is that you won’t be able to find a couple or at least a profile friend here without buying coins. If you pay for content, it will not provide the best service at all, and your privacy is not guaranteed.

The site is designed for an audience in a wide age range. However, it does not allow minors to register for dating or leave comments. The average age of users is 35-55+, and they can indicate matches’ desirable appearance, attitudes and sexual preferences.

We made a lot of research and experiments before giving the final comments and crafting reviews of the company. Our team created profiles, tracked correspondence, and compared types of messages. As a result, it became clear that there is no hope for love, reciprocity or romantic dating, and everything is built only on the business interests of the company owners.

Apps Partner BV
Apps Partner BV
Looskade 20 6041LE Roermond Netherlands
[email protected]
Technical support

We found out that the company is located in the Netherlands, and its owner does not want to reveal his name. But the problem is not even that, but the support team, which has a cold-blooded attitude to its duties. We wrote letters, complaints, and comments from a few profiles, but all we got was a reply “with a quick solution to the problem.” In general, if you have any problems with an account or profile, count only on yourself, here you are one of the singles left alone with their issues.

But even all these nuances pale in comparison with what the Flirtme platform really is. We invite you to join our review to bring this scam to light.

Details of the flirtme.com review : fake profiles with false services

The site easily determines the location of your profile by the IP address of the device you connect to. By default, it will show you dating near you, but don’t be fooled, you will never see the matches in person. Surprisingly, but even as a newbie, you are immediately spotted by a large number of regulars. This is nice and encourages reciprocal interaction for dating.

The site itself is designed quite modestly, without pathos but with its own style. The naked bodies do not catch the eye from the very first page, as it often happens on other sites, but there is a photo of a beautiful woman on the whole screen, which looks promising:

  • the shades of white, blue, yellow and orange don’t strain your vision;
  • large icons are easy to read;
  • the clear menu is divided into functions;
  • a searching bar and filter allow you to choose the right community.

Even if you filter out most of your fans, you will still be bothered by your over-active “friends.” Some may be interested and flattered by such attention, but knowing the whole truth, you won’t want to be here anymore.

Registration Process on flirtme

The registration of a profile on the site is completely free, the only requirement for the profile is that you are 18 years old. At the same time, you can read the privacy policy and terms of use, which is ignored by most users. To become a full member, you need to:

  • open the free registration panel;
  • write your name for profile;
  • make up a password;
  • enter your email address;
  • choose your gender, age;
  • select the gender of a partner you are looking for.

If you don’t want to go through all those profile fill-ins, there’s a short way through the social media account. There are two options to choose from: Google and Facebook.

This is the first step, which will be enough to enter the site and start flirt. However, to widen the circle of dating, rather than stay in singles circle, it is better to enter the profile and add relevant information. There you can insert a photo of your profile, specify your preferences, etc. We have put a fake photo on our account for the sake of review, and nobody has checked it. So, we conclude that the photo of any profile on this site can be no more than a fake.

It is worth noting that if your device has GPS enabled, the platform will quickly determine the location. Having fixed a position for you, it will offer dating and spontaneous flirts from profiles that are close to adjacent areas. You cannot change this point later.

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Fake profiles and False Correspondence

After all the formalities, the most interesting thing begins. More precisely, it’s a scam of users to get money for dating. No one even tries to veil extortion in any way, you simply will not be allowed to send any messages and comments in response to numerous letters for flirt. Yes, a few coins are given to a newbie in the profile to start with. But they will be enough for a couple of messages. And that’s just to light a fire in you and give you a taste for hot women.

We analyzed each incoming letter and saw the same tendency: each time the interlocutor ended his message with a question, forcing us to send a reply. The correspondence was clearly moderated and it was not even very hidden. Many emails contain repetitive phrases, indicating a fake account.

During the whole time of the experiment, we did not meet any live account, which was similar to the person and agreed to meet. Only bots profiles and untrue photos downloaded from the net. This site is a fake for naive people who flirt and don’t care where their hard earned money goes. There is no sense to pay for the messages, it will still be processed by a bot or a specially trained man who gets paid for it.

Another innovation, which the site is proud of and presents as an advantage, is the ability to send virtual gifts. This unique solution is to spend even more dollars for a virtual gift picture, which the non-existent profile of your interlocutor will receive!

By the way, there are several other typical resources with an identical history associated with Flirtme – IFlirts.com , YouFlirt.com and WhatsFlirt.com. These are the same sites with pay operators instead of a real person, but without an app for smartphones.

The Cost of Membership

Paid services are a separate story. Don’t think that free registration will help you decide to brighten up your leisure time. You are dumb as a fish and you will be one of the singles if you don’t pay for the coins. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of money on dating.

There are several different tariffs available:

  • you can start by taking a 2-day trial premium account membership for $1;
  • or you can buy a monthly subscription for $17.

After the trial, you can buy a pay membership, the price of which depends on the number of days, for example:

  • for 7 days, $2 to $9;
  • for a month – from $10 to $17;
  • a three-month membership will cost $23 to $25;
  • you will pay $33 for six months.

But this is not all the expenses for which the fake women or men will scam you. You have to pay separate money for the coins:

4.99 euros for 200 coins
9 euros for 400 coins
24.99 euros for 1,000 coins
49,99 euros for 2000 coins
99,99 euros for 4000 coins

If you get into the promotion, the Flirtme site will let you double the purchase size. Do you appreciate the generosity? A banner will pop up every half hour asking you not to forget to use the “best deal” on your coin purchase. To delete it, you need to click on the cross in the right corner.

Despite the fact that you pay money for a membership and buy coins to flirt, you will not be offered enough convenience to use the resource. For example, the dating platform still does not have a slick adaptive mobile version, which would run in a smartphone browser.

Meanwhile, there is an app with built-in purchases in Google Play. The version is a little crude, but you can use it. But even there you will find the same profiles of bots, there is no romance in it.

The Terms and Conditions

While oue review was being compiled, we read many reviews from profiles of real people who were disappointed in fake relationships on this dating platform. We have seen the extent of these lies under which people are sold “pure” and “romantic” relationships. During all the time, we failed to organize a straight meet or invite girls to real dates, we got ridiculous excuses or ignorance.

And after all our efforts, when we were finally convinced of the facts of scam, we found one curious point in the terms of use:

Appspartner uses professional animators and operators to entertain Users who are not separately identified in the system. This Service is provided in the highest quality. It is impossible to really meet with these operators. Users can only send them messages within the portal.

Source: https://www.flirtme.com/static/terms

This is so brazen and so easy! Animators to entertain users! That’s why they call entertainment everything that happens on Flirtme. And site dating should then be renamed to site dating with animators, bots and company moderators. That would be fair.

In addition, it is important to read the entire text of the privacy agreement to know that the company is not responsible for the safety of your personal data and that you post them on the profile at your own risk. That’s why you can’t publish:

  • credit card details;
  • insurance number;
  • your real name;
  • real photos;
  • anything else that can be used as a scam for personal purposes.

The administration may not be giving out privacy data intentionally, but the company is not taking security measures that will guarantee the privacy of the information. This is true both for the site and for the company’s app.

The Conclusion From Our flirtme review

Men and women of different ages from various regions regularly register on the site and in the app. They are looking for dating, live communication, flirt, romance, and love. But here you can only find disappointment and lose a solid amount of money that you pay for a brief conversation with a fake account.

All the photos shown are pure trickery flirt designed to get you to buy another package of coins to send messages. Believe us, there is an experienced man on the other side of the monitor who skillfully swindles your money.

If you want a real relationship and are looking for people and not bots, then flirtme is the wrong place, so run away immediately. This site is for those who are happy with a virtual world based on mercantile sentiment. The price and tariffs here are quite high and will not suit the poorest visitors. After all, it costs 50 of those tokens to send one message.


  • Flirtme is a fake online dating site, extorting money for communication with operators who pretend to be real girls and flirt men. Only registration is free and you have to pay for everything else.
  • It is possible from a formal point of view, but extortion will never be legal, and here people are cheated and pressed into the brightest feelings to make a purchase on the website. There are automated bots and trained operators behind fake profiles who skillfully swindle money from naive love and romance seekers.
  • Flirtme skilfully masks itself as a real dating site, taking care of its attractive appearance and free registration. However, if you dig deeper and try to flirt on the site, it turns out that there is absolute lawlessness going on! It's a real scam!

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