FlirtyMyDream is designed to rip off your money and involve you in scam relationships with bots and scam operators.


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FlirtMyDream.com Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Established in 2020, the online location of this organization lets you refresh your digital interaction and participate in more appealing and modern experiences. It is a traditional sample of the sex dating domain, where a man can chat with any woman to his liking and vice versa. One of the benefits is the opportunity to see fellow members’ profiles and get acquainted with their dating patterns in advance. People of different age groups are registered customers, but it won’t be extremely sufficient for senior dating.

The company doesn’t reveal this information publicly
You can either contact the team by email or via the contact-us form on the official website
[email protected]

Unfortunately, the overall view of the platform is rather deceiving. It doesn’t work for any type of relationships. With a limited bunch of free features, the only purpose of its creation is to steal money for lacking communication with scam operators instead of real users. We are specialized in delivering professional reviews of online dating solutions, and this time isn’t an exception. It is high time to find out why Flirt My Date isn’t a good choice for anyone. Keep reading to find out more first!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at FlirtMyDream.com

How do you form your rating of favorite and reputable dating platforms? Our team has several criteria to define whether people can spend money and view really efficient dating services. So we created a free account and started this investigation journey. Here is what our experts have found out about the service. Onwards!

Registration at FlirtMyDream.com

The landing page of the site is pretty lacking. The only thing you can do is either to sign in or sign up for the Flirt My Date platform. The registration form itself isn’t complicated at all and reminded us of dozens of other dating sites in the market that we’ve already analyzed:

  • Your first task is to provide your email address. Although their is no account verification and background checks, the site won’t accept invalid emails.
  • Your name and password could be any. We tried fake but realistic names and nicknames — the system accepted both. When it comes to the password, the website offers you to choose a secure password automatically. Please note we used the Google browser, so the scenario might be different on other browsers you might prefer.
  • The site lets interested parties to choose your gender and specify whom you would like to meet. Although the site enables you to make non-straight considerations during the login, your email will be flood with special offers for online dating with the opposite sex.
  • The system presents a drop-down list with different options for your age — from eighteen and up to eighty years old. We noticed though that the majority of fake profiles fall in the category of 25-30 years old.

If you proceed with this registration form, you give your permission to get newsletters from the site, as well as other formats of email marketing and offers from FlirtyMyDream.

Hot chat

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  • 6 chat girl

Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

After login via your computer or any other favorite device, you will see a pretty interface of the site. But there are some features to remember about your experience with the platform under consideration:

  1. Users post their photos to attract the attention of others. Anyone can access and manipulate them. Although the page is protected by SSL protocols, according to the brand, we don’t trust their trustworthiness and reliability.
  2. Anonymity is under debate. Since there is no account proof procedure, who knows how many bots and fake operators hide under the masks of real customers.

Genuine subscribers are hard to come by. Immediately after completing signup, we get four mails in our inbox. We quickly begin to acquire additional letters from very lovely female customers. The institution’s sex buddies to make are endearing — hot, sexy, and charming. Our team even received compliments on how the bio appeared on the domain despite the fact that we had yet to upload a profile photo.

After chatting with different girls, we can make the following conclusion: the messages we get are manufactured by computers, and fellow members’ profiles are bogus. Fraudulent chat operators also work — we received messages from ladies that are built on the same principles and text templates.

The Cost of Membership

Prior to our straightforward access to the platform, it was really complicated to define the service price list. According to some messages, setting a free account didn’t deprive you from spending real money. We had ambiguous experiences as well. Although free opportunities that the web offers aren’t extremely satisfactory, we didn’t face any issues chatting with fake operators on different platforms — computers, laptops, mobile phones.

On the other hand, users have a chance to advance their communication through the premium membership. That’s where issues start. The pricing policy is extremely unclear and differed each time we checked it. It didn’t cost a lot to send messages to fellow females. There is no proof that you won’t be charged more or will be refunded back for insufficient services. Even if you prefer free accounts, your financial anonymity isn’t guaranteed. The site offers sending gifts, so ripping-off strategies are varied here and relative to everyone.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

We have tested lots of online dating sites so far, and all of them have one crucial thing in common — their terms and policies are complicated to read. Large volumes of data of this longread doesn’t cause any desire to check it. If you would like to prevent yourself from falling in the subscription trap after registration and set your account for communication with real women rather then bots and hired chat operators, take your time. Feel free to take a look at such review to know what to expect from services with fake profiles:

We send automated messages, view profiles, send friend requests, send gifts, comment on content and mark content as compatible under the name and on behalf of these opted-in Users.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless us, our affiliates, licensors and service providers, and our and their respective officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, licensors, suppliers, successors and assigns from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, judgments, awards, losses, costs, expenses or fees (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or relating to your violation of these Terms of Use or your use of the Website.

Source: https://flirtmydream.com/terms

Unlike other online dating service providers, FlirtyMyDream doesn’t hesitate to lie about their approach to fake accounts within the system: “As far as we know, all pages of our Users were created by real people. We do not create bots or open fake accounts. The Website may contain fraudulent pages created by third parties without our permission.” Unfortunately, our experience with profiles of women on the site was terribly awful, which doesn’t let us believe in the site’s clear consciousness in this case. There are too many fake profiles of women and men to blame their origin on rivals’ bots.

The Conclusion from Our FlirtMyDream.com Review

People won’t be able to find the real proof that the analyzed dating solution in the sex dating category is worth it. So did we. Bogus profiles commonly send you links to third-party platforms with hacking and virus bots, not to mention how lacking the functional interfact of the organization itself is.

Better try more reliable dating websites. You can easily find such trustworthy solutions in our other reviews — the rating is easy to track on our official site.

Hot chat

  • 7 chat girl
  • 9 chat girl
  • 5 chat girl
  • 2 chat girl
  • 6 chat girl


  • If your dream is to meet perfect women for excellent chats only, free registration with the Flirt My Dream site won’t be a sufficient decision. Although it is styled as a multifunctional domain with a nice interface design, the true performance can’t be reviewed positively. Casual dating with women is impossible because of the huge abundance of fake profiles and the website’s inability (or the lack of desire) to cope with such scam members of the community.
  • On the one hand, this organization has a legal registration. On the other hand, the site’s compliance with any governmental or generally accepted rules in the market is under debate. Because of scam operators, bots, and malware, we can state easily that the site has a lacking security and information protection system. Even if we assume the brand is a legit company, their approach is what makes us claim this review as a negative one. Our team believes that most probably the FlirtMyDream site isn’t a legal organization in the online dating industry.
  • After checking the terms and conditions on the website and chatting with women on the site, we are convinced that registration here is absolutely not worth it. Our experts reviews lots of bots, malware solutions, and scam operators. In this review, we state that the analyzed organization is a scam dating site, so your accounts are put into a high risk of information leaks and ripping-off strategies. Just consider their automated messaging system as a form of matchmaking — another form of spam messages on the internet.