Read our detailed review of the flirtstate website and see why it is better to avoid this dating site.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

For whom is Flirtstate.com

This website welcomes everyone with a great woman in a bikini of the American flag’s colors. This company belongs to Meteor Interactive b.v which is very well-known in the world of dating sites. Plenty of members complain about this dating operator and they have good reasons to do that. The reputation of this operator is not very good. 

Company name
Meteor Interactive B.V.
Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, Netherlands
[email protected]

Did you know that flirtstate.com says in their terms of service that they use fake profiles and send you fake messages to scam you for money, but you can never meet a real girl there? 

– Geography: the USA

– For whom: members looking for flirt

– Payment system: credits 

– Man/woman ratio: 66%/44% 

If you want to know more about flirtstate, keep reading this review and see what we found out about this site. 

Flirt state review details

FlirtState.com attracts its users with free registration. On the main page, you will hardly read too much information. However, you can read that the number of their users has almost reached 4 million. Of course, you believe you can easily find your man woman in such a large pool of profiles on the site. However, if you just quickly check online, you realize that this operator has plenty of negative reviews. 

The dating site operator is a well-known company in the dating world. It is doing the wrong business. Meteor Interactive B.V is not a transparent operator. Plenty of sites run by it simply scam people by involving them in fake chats. Its dating sites get members into a trap with their free registration. After that, operators send you plenty of messages from fake members to make you spend as much money as possible until you reveal flirtstate is a scam. 

Registration on flirtstate

Flirtstate belongs to sex dating sites. This online dating site welcomes people of traditional, gay and lesbian sexual orientation. The site was founded in 2016. The home page of this site does not contain images for adults. This site is part of a network of dating sites that use the same database of member profiles.

Registration on this website is completely free and very quick. You just need to think of a username and password. That’s it, now, you are a member. You can also register with your Google account if you have it, which is even faster. 

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Fake profiles on flirt state

That is the most interesting part about the flirtstate website. Profiles on this site are run by operators. This online dating scheme is fraudulent. However, the operator that runs multiple dating sites predicted all of that. It cannot be a scam if it is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the dating site. If you are not going to get trapped by fake profiles, you’d better read all the terms on the site. We bet you would be surprised by how many interesting things you can find there. 

How can you realize that you are not talking to a real person if not reading the terms? It won’t be easy at once but in a while, you will understand that. As a new member of the flirt state dating site, you will start receiving messages from different users. You will do that even if you do not have any photos of yourself yet. Try to answer at least one person. You will see that everything is going great. However, your communication eventually goes nowhere. Once you want to meet in person (and this is the only thing why everyone is using an online dating site), your communication is quickly fading away. You will hardly hear anything from this person again. 

No, this fake member will try to flirt with you for as long as possible until you just quit. These fake profiles try to keep a user on the site to spend money. Plenty of users’ reviews confirm that this flirt isn’t going anywhere. You are kept for as long as possible to chat with operators. Many reviews also mention that those people do not sound like humans at times. While working on our review, we noticed that as well. It looked like our messages were answered by machines. You can easily check it by sending something out of the topic and you will see that the reply will still be the same. These members are not into dating at all. 

How much does flirtstate cost?

If you search for free dating sites,  then this dating site is not for you. Is flirt state free? No, it is not. You can only sign up for free and without any extra headaches. The site is paid. This dating portal uses a credit system. It has no trial period or tariffs. There are no discounts either. 

$9 16 credits
$6 3 credits
$20 7 credits
$50 25 credits
$100 52 credits
$150 105 credits
$300 300 credits

This tariff seems to be non recurring. It means you should not contact anyone to terminate your membership. Once your coins are over, you can stop buying them if you wish. However, keep in mind that all services on this dating site cost a lot. Depending on what you use — chat or messaging — your credits will be melting very quickly. You will need to put more and more on your account. This cost is too high for online dating with fake matches who are not even humans. The site also contains external links. We do not advise clicking them though. You will be taken to other dating sites by this operator and get into the same trap. 

Flirtstate Terms and Conditions

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that (i) the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators

Source: https://www.flirtstate.com/agreement

As you can see, the dating site owner does not betray itself. It mentions fake women you pay to talk to. Those women have stolen pictures and you don’t even know whether those images were taken from. Their images seem very real at once. However, since they are nothing but bots, it’s very curious where the pictures of those women were stolen from. You search for a real woman and instead, pay for talking to a ghost. This is fake data but since the terms and conditions mention it, you cannot even complain and ask for a refund. Once you register on a dating site for free, you accept all their terms. Be really careful with that. 

Our verdict on flirtstate.com

Our review discovered that regardless of your location, you can use the flirt state dating site. You can contact other members but you will never date any of those ladies. On the landing page, you will not find any information regarding fake girls. If you are looking for fun or flirting, it is better to search for another paid site for dating. 

This service is an example of those websites that steal money from their customers. You talk to absolutely fake people whose photos are stolen from other websites, most likely. This is a scam and such dating sites should not exist at all. It’s better to search for links to other resources in your browser. There are plenty of both free and paid dating sites where you can meet anyone from any corner of the world. 


  • This is a dating site for people looking for a flirt in their area. It is operated by Meteor Interactive B.V. which is very popular among dating experts and real, in general, for creating fake chats. Flirt state is created for the purposes of finding someone to flirt with, hookup, and maybe date. Its landing page welcomes visitors with a beautiful woman in a bikini.
  • That dating site belongs to the network of other websites. The owner has been operating for many years now. However, this site uses a scam scheme and charges members for talking to fake members and operators. 
  • Once you login to your newly created account on your computer or phone, you can notice plenty of inbox messages and chat requests from operators that will overwhelm you. It is done so that after you register for free, you would purchase credits and start spending them on chatting with those chat bots. Yes, we consider it to be a scam.

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