FoxyTemptation review has proved that this dating venue is an insufficient dating site


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is FoxyTemptation And Who Created It?

FoxyTemptation is a dating site focused on regular chatting with some adult dating features. At least, this is the image that the owners of this scam platform wanted to create. In fact, there is nothing real, even the company that created it. Interested in creators? They are:

Company Name
Oxygen Mind Ltd
Company address
Office 3, First Floor, 18 Castle Street, Dover Kent, CT16 1PT, United Kingdom 2257
Company email address
[email protected]

There is no such company in the United Kingdom, but this fictional name is also used for other scam sites with the same template. Oxygen Mind LTD will never be found, not on the first floor or on the second. For our review, we researched the address and never found this company on 18 Castle Street. These details are fake and created to interact with more people who join their portal.

But you might wonder why we claim this site is fake. Let’s continue our review to discover their laggy landing page, fake chats, abusive dating options, and scam membership they sell to their users.

Starting Review: What Are The Main Points Of This Scam Site?

When we first appeared on FoxyTemptation, we saw that this site is truly insufficient. The landing page contains almost nothing, except the name of the company, some internal links, and the registration window.

Talking about the speed of this site, we can see that it is too slow. Every single action takes no less than 5 minutes to complete. This is a complete disaster. Foxy Temptation didn’t even show us their fake chats, but we were already disappointed.

This fake chat scam has only computer generated virtual profiles. It makes Foxy Temptation an insufficient dating website. The only goal is to sell you a subscription rip off. Later in this review, you will find out that their paid membership will only give you the option to chat with their fake profiles who only promise casual encounters.

But there is no time to complain about a landing page. Let’s start a detailed review and talk about the lacking registration process, fake profiles of other members here, and incredibly awful prices for their membership.

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The registration process on FoxyTemptation

Starting with the free registration, we can see that it contains only 3 gaps. Looks like no one is interested in our information at all. To start with the website, you need to include:

  • Your email;
  • Your password;
  • Country;
  • Age.

After that, you have to wait for about 10 minutes, before the next page of this scam site downloads. After that, you can enter your username, preferences, and some information about you, which is essential to go on. However, if you don’t enter your login info, the operators of these fake automated online accounts will see your real personal details.

What is also important for online adult dating? Yes, anonimity. And this site just forgets about it. A lot of profile pictures can be found online, and you will see that there are real women whose photos were just stolen.
And after we registered, we were just shocked by what we saw. Read our review further to know more about fictional profiles on this dating site with only rip off features.

FoxyTemptation fake members

The profiles on FoxyTemptation are notorious. This is the case when you will only see naked women, stock photos, and some porn stuff. However, our real shock came when we saw that they tried to reach us 30 minutes before we registered. Probably, it was some glitch because after a reload of the main page we saw that all that messages disappeared.

Our screen was full of naked women. A huge number of profiles didn’t look active at all. In our reviews on dating portals that rip off common members, we often face such things. We received notifications, but first, we wanted to find more details about their search system. And guess what? There are no age filters, no like filters, and no useful options at all. You cannot build a connection with anybody on Foxy Temptation.

The first thing we mentioned was the advertisement. A lot of ads with naked women and men made us feel uncomfortable. But we were interested in another part. We could send some free messages to computer generated virtual profiles. And, luckily, a girl started a chat. After she proposed sexual contact directly, we recognized that this is a scam. But after the message insisting on sex, the website told us to buy their premium subscription. Just for you to know, each second it took us to think about the importance of buying it for our review, this girl was sending a message, trying to hurry us up. She needed more and more attention.

In fact, to have a demanded dating result we had to send only one comment. These automated profiles tried hard to reach us because they wanted to lead us to their rip off scheme. So let’s talk about the premium memberships on Foxy Temptation.

How much to pay to chat with a fictional lady?

You will never find a proper credit system on Foxy Temptation. No coins, no other things. Just direct premium subscription rip offs, which are used on such websites to charge you at least monthly.

The premium packages include the following listings:

$30 for a 1-month subscription;
$60 for a 3-month subscription;
$100 for a 6-months subscription.

The website creates the image that the most expensive one comes as a real bargain, but we can tell you that none of these subscriptions will give you at least something. After we paid $30, the site just denied further access. It became a very expensive report that didn’t even give us the option to experience their fake chats. We couldn’t contact members here and, of course, we couldn’t find anything about the cancellation policy.

We rarely see such horrible things in our reviews on online dating platforms. We realize that all users who buy a membership here will just lose their money.

However, when we read the comments of other members of this dating website, we understood that sometimes, you can even send photos to women here, which will lead to blackmailing. So what can a website tell about its scamming schemes?

How does this site justify its scam?

The privacy policy of this website is as cheeky as its membership. It contains almost no useful information. Only lies and false statements. But we were able to find something special there. FoxyTemptation online dating platform says:

We take no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages caused by the inaccuracy of the Personal Data Provided by you.

Source: https://www.foxytemptation.com/site/terms

So, they say that you not only have to provide them with only accurate personal data but also that they will not be responsible for possible damage.

Completing the registration here, you will only see accounts with pictures of naked women. Additionally, when you create a new profile, you will only have 5 free messages to chat with these fictional profiles. In some cases, it might be enough to steal your personal details. Just horrible.

The Conclusion About FoxyTemptation

FoxyTemptation dating website is nothing but a complete fraud that will only take all money you have on your account. However, don’t think that stealing from you will be enough. They will use any single piece of the information you give in order to blackmail you to take even more money.

This site is laggy from the very beginning. Its landing page is not impressive, the fictional profiles here are obviously fake, the members here are not real at all, free messages are used to steal your money, and fake chats are just unavailable. Additionally, there will be no support team that will explain all the possible problems. If you complete a free registration, you will have to pay a lot for this site. You will never contact any single member here.

Be careful. We advise you to read reviews, comments, and the feedback other members provide in order to find only the best and safest platform for your dating. And avoid such websites as FoxyTemptation.


  • FoxyTemptation is a scamming platform that tries to create an appearance of a real dating site. However, it is full of fake members and fake features. The only thing you will get using this site is an empty wallet and leaked personal information.
  • FoxyTemptation is not a legitimate dating site. Using only recurring plans, it steals all the money people have in their bank accounts. In some cases, you will not be blocked, which will be even worse due to the fact that you will share your data with fake members.
  • FoxyTemptation is a scam site that has nothing in common with real dating. However, using its tools, it also steals the contact information of all the users on the website to blackmail them. Fake chats are used here to steal your money online, without giving an image of real dating. Only overpriced membership options, naked pictures of women, and fake users.

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