Check this funchatt review to see why it one of the worst options to try online dating


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is funchatt for?

Funchatt presents itself as the best place for users to take time to socialize and relax. The landing page appeals to everyone who likes to have fun on the Internet and just enjoy a conversation. It’s really easy to become one of the users on funchatt. A quick and free registration is all you need to connect with thousands of users from all over the world who are ready to chat, flirt and eventually date.

We wrote this review because we found out that this site is very different from what it looks like at first glance. FunChatt.com is not a free platform as it may seem in the beginning. To get in touch with other users, you must purchase expensive credits. Moreover, the profiles of users are all fake. Based on our observation of what we noticed when writing this review, these profiles are run by the site operators. They want to involve you in chatting with absolutely fake people and you do not even suspect it until a certain moment. 

Orania Ltd
[email protected]
5-9 Main Street, GX1 11AA, Gibraltar

For whom: if a partner search singles, just to chat, have fun online 

Geography: All the world

Payment options: VISA, Mastercard, AmericanExpress

If you want to know about funchatt right now, keep reading this review and see why you should not create an account with this site. 

Funchatt review in detail

FunChatt is a scam associated with fake chat rooms. Although they never claimed to be a dating website, users expect to talk to real people.  People use their search tool to find close friends, pals, etc. Unfortunately, that promise will not come true for anyone on this portal, according to our thorough review. A lot of the profiles that users will find in the user section will be fake. Can you imagine paying for a chat with someone who doesn’t even exist in reality? You will even find this statement in their terms and conditions. 


Registration on funchatt seems to be free but it’s not really so. Their terms are misleading. Our review revealed that you will create a profile and browse the profiles of others for free. The rest will cost you money. This fake site uses a credit system. To create a profile, it’s enough to state your name, age, email, and provide your password. Fill in your profile and answer multiple-choice questions. You may upload a photo and may not upload it. If you confirm your email address, you can get 20 free credits. 

While registering, you will not see anything about their fake profiles or payments. So this is nothing but a scam. 

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Fake profiles

If you are using their search filters to find a close person, you will hardly find him or her. When writing this review, we realized that most members on funchatt are simply fake. It would not even be so offensive if those profiles were operated by real people who would entertain you. 

We revealed that even half of them are not controlled by people at all. The messages you receive may come from simple robots or chat bots. These fake accounts cannot be somehow determined. There is no way to tell them apart from the real thing until it’s too late. The aim of chatting with real people is to meet in reality eventually. 

You will hardly be able to do that on funchatt. You will be kept entertained as long as possible. Every next action on this website will be paid additionally. If you send a message, photo, or video, you spend another bunch of credits. Eventually, this scam with fake profiles turns out to be a good profit for this company. The more you get in touch with a non-existing perso with the help of search filters, the higher incomes of this site are. 

How much does it cost?

To pay on funchatt, you need to purchase credits. A package of 20 credits costs $2.99. Each service on this site is charged separately. The price varies depending on your activity. Live chat costs 2 credits per minute. Sending 1 photo costs 10 credits and opening a video costs 50 credits. Sending emails is also expensive. The first one is 10 credits, each subsequent one is 30 credits.

The only good news is that the company does not automatically recharge. When a user of funchatt free runs out of credits from this site, he has to actively buy new ones. At least we can be sure that this is not cheating subscribers. You can pay with almost any credit card on Google Pay. 


$2.99 20 credits
2 credits/minute Live chat
10 credits 1 photo
$50 credits Opening 1 video
10 credits First email
30 credits Each following email

Our review of this platform showed that money on it is simply fading away. You can see that with a basic bunch of credits, you won’t even be able to exchange a few emails. You must constantly buy more and more. 

Terms and conditions

As for 2022, you can find the following information in their Terms and Conditions:

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that said profiles do not pertain to any actual person, but are included in Funchatt for the reasons stated herein above. You further understand, acknowledge and agree that Funchatt personnel or contractors may contact Users, from time to time, via computer-generated instant messages or emails for purposes of encouraging further or broader participation in Funchatt.

Source: https://funchatt.com/public/terms-of-use

It means that funchatt simply may contact you for entertaining purposes. You will hardly understand whether you are in touch with a real person or just an entertaining profile. Such activity cannot be even called a scam. If you accept the terms, you agree upon them. Thus, no one deceives you. Of course, no one reads lengthy terms and conditions and cannot even imagine to pay for communication with a chat bot. 

Our conclusion

If you have enough friends, you’d better avoid using funchatt by all means. Its customer support is not even tolerant when it comes to complaints. You will spend plenty of credits that cost a lot of money on talking to someone fake. The profiles of users on this platform are not real. Most of these people do not exist. Naive searchers would hope to find someone to become friends with for money. But they will only talk to entertaining profiles instead. 

Our verdict is that this site is a scam. When writing this review and reading the reviews of its former customers, we realized that there are almost no real people on this platform. At first glance, it looks like social media. This is exactly why we get into a trap. Eventually, you see that it is not even close to it. It is a full-fledged scam site that sucks your money out of your credit card and instead, introduces you to robots to communicate with.


  • Funchatt is a website for people who want to relax, have some fun, and have a good time. The company operating it is called Orania Ltd,and this communication platform doesn't have a great online reputation. Plenty of funchatt dating site reviews show that users complain about it a lot. Is funchatt free? No, it is not. You can only register for free but then, you need to purchase credits that cost quite high. In users’ reviews, you will see that this site is very expensive and your money just fades away as you talk.
  • The operators of the funchatt website have a legit address and are registered under Gibraltar’s legislation. However, this doesn’t mean the site guarantees safety. You receive the first mail a while after signing up. However, you get it not from real users but from operators of the site. You talk to a fake user and this is why we worked on this review — to deliver the truth about the funchatt dating site to everyone who is going to actively sit  on this website.
  • We have conducted a very thorough funchatt dating site review and we found out that profiles on this site are fake and the funchatt dating site is a scam. Moreover, plenty of funchatt dating reviews we came across online only confirmed our thoughts. The site’s support team isn’t responsive at all. Many users say it's almost impossible to stop their website membership. Your account will be still active for some time after you try to stop it.

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