The details of our experience with the getflirty website are provided in this review. We rank this website as a scam that puts its users at risk.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

For whom is the Getflirty dating website?

Getflirty is an online dating domain that is created for fun and flirt as you can guess from its name. The site hosts plenty of users and advertises with a free and very quick registration. Our detailed review of this website showed that this company is not very trustworthy. Its members do not rank it high. 

Company owner
Morganite Ltd
Cyprus company, Company number: ΗΕ 402439
How to contact
via the contact form on the site

Plenty of members complain about this company and report scam. We tried to conduct our own research and investigation and found a lot of curious things about this dating website. 

  • For whom: singles and swingers
  • Supported devices: computers and laptops, tablets, mobile devices
  • Website popularity: 1000 active users daily

If you want to learn more about what our review of the https. getflirty.com domain revealed, keep reading further and learn many interesting points about this website.

Getflirty details: what you should know about this website

Our report about this company is based on our personal experience, as well as multiple reviews of its members. Like in the case of other websites, we created a profile on this site and verified the registration process, what subscription terms are, and how much we would spend on this website. The results of our investigation were very surprising. We managed to spot lots of shortcomings, as well as plenty of suspicious aspects about the getflirty dating site. Check our report right now. 


The site attracts all people to register only with an email. It advertises that the process is absolutely free. It’s written in caps and for us, it created a misleading impression that the site is free to use. Unfortunately, the information on the landing page is very misleading. The site lacks transparency because right after registration, you must pay for its services. Such websites can be found quite controversial. 

Regardless of such controversial information on this dating site, we managed to create a profile. You only need your email, password, and select whether you are a man, woman, or a couple. Remember that this is a website not only for singles but also for swingers. That’s, actually, it. The registration process is over. getflirty is one of the dating sites that do not pay much attention to your background check no matter where you are located. The result of our review meets our suspicions. After you create a profile, even though you do not have any pictures and do not fill your profile in, you start getting plenty of interest. You don’t even manage to search for anyone yet. 

Hot chat

  • 10 chat girl
  • 3 chat girl
  • 8 chat girl
  • 4 chat girl
  • 1 chat girl

Fake profiles

Any new person receives plenty of messages once registering. We checked it several times with different profiles. Do all of them want to date so much? No, we do not think so. Even if you are single, you are not desperate to overwhelm someone you do not know and who doesn’t even have a photo in his profile. 

The reason for such incredible activity is money. These are fake profiles that are intended to scam users. They make an impression that you are really popular and women have interest in you. They seem interested at the very beginning and until you run out of credits. This scam is very popular among dating sites. 

You have an impression that real people are interested in you and are involved in this fake chat to spend your money. You do not know whether there is a human operator behind those photos or those are just bots who generate messages automatically. However, in some time, a user understands that even in a week, his lovely girlfriend is not going to talk outside of this dating site. She is only making you stay on this platform and get more credits. Your account is empty and you start wondering what’s going on there. You’d better not even search for this website in your browser. It is not worth a single minute even. 

How much does it cost?

The biggest issue with this website is that getflirty charges your account automatically. Plenty of other dating sites use non recurring payments. However, on this site, you will need to cancel your subscription on time if you don’t want to be charged over again. We recommend you close your account a lot beforehand because doing it is a real challenge. The site doesn’t do it happily. You keep sending your requests but the getflirty  isn’t even bothered to reply. Let’s see how much you should be prepared to spend on this fake website. We checked this while writing this review. 

As soon as the user finds out about these fake chats and fake profiles, the first thing he will do is ask for a refund. Unfortunately, according to the terms and conditions, the subscription is non-refundable. This is clearly a scam. We also found reviews online from users complaining about their bad experiences with the same company that runs this site.

In addition, according to the terms and conditions, subscribing here implies that your profile can also be seen on other sites owned by the same company. Thus, user privacy is very fragile here, as it seems that the company runs several similar sites.
Trial-Plan: Trial
– 1 Day costs $0.99
If you do not cancel before the end of the trial period, you will be automatically enrolled into the recurring plan.
– 1 Month costs $21.99 

Plan: Subscription
This plan is recurring. You must cancel it to stop payments.

$22 costs 1 Month
$85.99 costs 1 Year

While working on this review, we tried to check as many members as possible. Your account will be empty very soon. Although this is a recurring payment, you will need to put more and more money on your account all the time. The search is free but messaging and chatting simply makes your credits melt. 

Terms and Conditions

Here is something we found in the terms of the getflirty dating site:

Indeed, some Users of the Site may actually be created by the company and, therefore, the information, text, and pictures contained in these AI profiles do not pertain to any actual person but maybe included for entertainment and educational purposes only.


Source: https://getflirty.com/terms

This means that this website creates user profiles to scam people. They call it entertainment but it is actually a scam. Fake profiles are not identified as those and you waste credits on talking to them. This is a very cynical and not legit scheme of getting income. 

Our verdict

Taking into account everything we learned while writing this review, we cannot recommend this dating site to anyone. Even though the site has a copyright, this copyright doesn’t protect its users from scam or leaks of their data. The trust rate of this website is very low. After what you read in the terms and conditions, you can never be sure whether there is at least one real profile on this site. 

Getflirty is a very expensive site and you just waste your time and money for nothing if using it. A scam is detected! You will find plenty of proof if you use it but you’d better don’t. Trying to cancel your membership is also a challenge. They simply do not want to reply to your inquiries and you keep being charged until you block your credit card. Plenty of user comments mention that. The rating of this website is too low so that it would be worth using. You bear too many risks when becoming a member. 


  • This is a popular platform in the dating world. The site is meant for all types of relationships and even for couples looking for some fun. Its geography is mostly the USA. Our review revealed that this site is not trustworthy. It also collects users' data. Plenty of reviews mention that users faced data leaks. 
  • It wants to seem to be legit. However, you are not aware of its scam scheme until you lose a lot of money or read the terms and conditions. This site creates fake chats and makes users communicate with fake profiles. 
  • Yes, it is. If you join it to date someone, you should search for a different website instead. Be aware that you will be contacted by fake people and we managed to capture this. You will only chat on the site but will never go into any details. Your story will not go further than talking on this website. No one there is interested in dating because all profiles are managed by the site operators. Plenty of members commented that they had an impression that they were talking to chat bots. 

Hot chat

  • 10 chat girl
  • 3 chat girl
  • 8 chat girl
  • 4 chat girl
  • 1 chat girl