GetNaughty review: this site is just a scam dating platform with fake profiles only.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Runs GetNaughty?

GetNaughty claims to be a regular dating website for people who would like to find a loving couple. However, when we only visited the website for our review, we saw that there is nothing real on this so-called dating platform. Get Naughty dating site presents no local naughty women but has the desire to give you a paid membership that, in the best case scenario, will only give you the option to receive a couple of fake messages.

The company that created this site can be found using the following information:

Company name
Apricot Digital LLC
Company address
83-85 James Bouchier, Sofia, 1407, Bulgaria
E-mail address
[email protected]

This company seems to be a new player on the market of scammers. And, of course, it is impossible to reach them. This is just a fake company aimed to create a cover for a scam site they own. So let’s sign in here and see what Get Naughty offers to users who want to find their couple online.

Starting The Review: What Is Wrong With This Scam Site?

When we first started our journey on GetNaughty, we immediately saw how bad this website is. It looked like something was wrong, not like a proper dating website. The poor registration window with an extremely laggy interface proved our point that this site is just fake.

The landing page contained a lot of text that has almost no relation to dating and some tiny links to their privacy policy. At least, we didn’t have to spend hours trying to find it.

There was nothing at all that could be useful for us, so it was time to register. Let’s go on with our review and see how laggy the registration process is, learn more about the fake profiles of women on this website, and how can Get Naughty steal your money with a fake membership.

The registration process on this scam site

The free registration process might look pretty simple, but it is just an illusion. The laggy interface of this scam site will not let you complete it simply. You have to include the following data to register:

  • Your age;
  • Your sexual orientation;
  • Your email address;
  • Password.

As you can see, the website will not even ask you for a nickname. This way, if you have your real name displayed in your email, it will be used on this scam site. A sad beginning that shows that there is no anonymity. Get Naughty dating site has no options that will grant you safe dating. Only cheeky marketing purposes and willingness to steal money from common members.

But let’s dive deeper and get acquainted with the fake profiles of GetNaughty’s members.

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Fake profiles on GetNaugty

It is nearly impossible to describe how fake the women here are. At first glance, it might look like local naughty women are pretty fine, and you can find here a local hookup. But this is just a simple trick. No real member is on this scam site.

First things first, the Get Naughty dating site didn’t look like something with safe dating. All the naughty singles here are not real women, because this is not a fair hookup site. When users join this website, they will never be able to contact matches they liked.

What is also important, the Get Naughty dating site has no proper options. There are no age filters, no free features, no like gallery, and nothing that is common for regular hookup sites. Get Naughty women are just fictional members that will spam you with a lot of messages, which are not common for real dating. Moreover, their profiles only contain naked videos and profile pictures.

We noticed that after completing the free registration we received about 5 messages. Excluding the one from the admin, 4 of them were from other ladies who just messaged us with scripted messages that have nothing in common with dating. And they did it even before we completed our registration!

But OK, maybe it was a glitch. It is time to pay for their premium subscription and learn more about the work of this scam site. Let’s learn more about Get Naughty membership.

How much to pay to chat with fake ladies?

The prices for fake messages here are as strange as high. But first, you have to know that you are not buying messages or credits here. Moreover, there are no free features, such as like gallery, which are usually available for members of regular dating websites.

A premium subscription is the only thing available on this scam site. It is made to leach all the money you have in your bank account. And the GetNaugty cost of membership is way too much.
Talking about prices, you can find them right below:

$5 for a 3-day subscription;
$50 for a 1-month subscription;
$120 for a 3-months subscription;
$210 for a 6-months subscription.

We were glad about the cheapest option available for account updates. However, we didn’t want to spend our money on this scam site at all. But after paying, we could chat a little. The girls started insisting on sending our photos, some of them started talking about real meetings and sexual contacts, while the rest just ignored us.

Also, we received a lot of filthy videos of matches that were just copied from somewhere. Imagine being a woman, whose private photos and videos were leaked and are visible to anyone who joins this online scam site. It was the point in our GetNaugty review when we felt really disgusting.

But such chatting mechanisms proved that this website can also blackmail its users. So let’s talk about their privacy policy. What can Get Naughty tell about their membership?

What does this website tell about its scam?

Of course, we had no illusions about how this website would justify its scam. Diving deeply into the privacy policy, we saw that there is a golden classic of scam sites. Just read what GetNaugthy says:

We assume no responsibility or liability for disclosure of any of your information due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third party access, or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

This site itself has no reasonable control. Just a fake platform with poor operators that have no idea of how dating works. But still, they remain extremely dangerous and might steal the money you have.

All members that sign in to this online scam platform will not meet real women but face a horrible web scam. This is why Get Naughty is just ugly.

The Conclusion About GetNaughty review

GetNaughty is a scam site that has nothing in common with pure and real dating experience. This website is just an illusion focused on stealing all money you have in your account.

Get Naughty has no real women, no age filters, no free features, and no real membership. Naughty singles will never appear on this scam site. Want to sign in here? Think twice about your decision.

It will steal your money and your personal information, which will be used to blackmail you for doing literally nothing. So if you would like to date safely, read our reviews and comments of real users, and pay attention only to reliable services.


  • GetNaughty.com is a scam site focused on stealing money from people who want to find some classical dating. This site has nothing to offer and is just focused on giving you a false image full of fake half-naked ladies. Get Naughty will just steal your money, baiting you with a fake opportunity to meet hot women online for free.
  • GetNaughty is not a legitimate dating site. This resource is just made for scamming. It has fake profiles, provides you with a fake paid subscription, and leaves you with literally nothing. Registering here will be just a mistake. When you sign in, you just give all your contact details to scammers.
  • Getnaughty is definitely a scam site that is only made for stealing. However, its blackmailing schemes were uncovered by many users that were caught in the nets of this horrible platform. There are no free features. Only a scam membership that will leach your money.

Hot chat

  • 3 chat girl
  • 8 chat girl
  • 6 chat girl
  • 10 chat girl
  • 9 chat girl