Dating might be the only option to find love for older people. But Granniestomeet is a fake website that might ruin it for them.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Runs Granniestomeet And What Is The Main Goal Of The Website?

Granniestomeet is a dating website that is mostly oriented toward the senior audience. The main target of the website is people from the USA. The separate category “Chicago dating gives us enough grounds to claim that Chicago is the city where the targeted audience is.

If you want to contact Granniestomeet, here are some details:

Marbore Web Solutions Limited
Company location
Bulgaria, Sofia, 76a James Bourchier blvd, floor 3, office 4A
1 (800) 935 0685
[email protected]

Marbore is a company that created the website to provide dating services to senior citizens of Chicago. The creation of such a website requires a lot of attention to detail.

So let’s take a closer look at this website to see if there are any online profiles active.

Getting Started: Details About Granniestomeet.com

The first glance at this website was pretty amusing. Granniestomeet looked like a good grannies’ dating site that had a lot to tell. And we didn’t realize that this is one of the fake dating companies for grannies.

Scrolling a little down, we saw that Granniestomeet provides templates of online profiles of other members, which should attract more customers. However, there are no real members here. 

We saw some reviews by “common members,” which were fully fake. Senior dating is focused on people who lack experience using the Internet. Granniestomeet understands it because their main purpose is just a scam. 

They tried to create a clear image of the website, and you can see a lot of tabs  with contact details, terms, and conditions. But older members will not read it. They will focus on meeting grannies on this site.

Let us note the main points of the website and have a look at the registration process, paid membership, ways to cancel it, fake profiles, fake messages from bot users, coin plans, the absence of SSL connection, and scam methods they use. 

The registration on Granniestomeet

First, we thought that meeting grannies was a real thing. Completing  one browser page is enough to start dating grannies. We could note that tabs were pretty common and included:

  • Preferences;
  • Age;
  • Location;
  • E-mail;
  • Password.

The site covers both man and woman dating for its senior members. We were looking for a woman. But when we decided to tell that we are from New York, it was technically impossible. We couldn’t cancel anything, so we had to go on with Chicago.

No one asked us for our account nickname. It is a sign indicating that the site is fake. Trying to mention it later on the website will be hard for many inexperienced senior members. And we saw no mark about the SSL connection. 

We couldn’t use the website immediately because the download took 20 minutes. And that is to see a ton of fake profiles. Read more about them right now.

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Profiles on the website: how fake they are

First, we visited the online profiles page, and it was the point when we doubted that the site isn’t fake and that Granniestomeet provides really fair services. 

It looked like a storage of online pages where we could see a lot of mature women. There was no age filter, so grannies can’t find younger men for dating.

However, when we saw they included the distance from local ladies, we realized that there was no real account. Everything was fake. Why would senior people love to see the distance from other members and potential partners? 

Two minutes after completing the registration, we started to receive messages. We received a lot of messages from ladies of any age, which proved our suspicion that all other members here are fake. It looked like a sort of subscription to fake chatting.

The very first message from a woman was, “Come over, I have cookies”. Honestly, these scam local ladies were a bit funny and creepy. 

Such messages can be really dangerous for grannies. But we decided to reply to fake members thinking it was a free option. As soon as we clicked to reply to the woman, we saw the pay tab without any trial period. So now let’s talk more about the paid membership.

The prices of Granniestomeet services

First, we discovered that there was no trial membership, no coin plans, and you don’t even buy messages directly. Here you buy paid membership, which doesn’t even look that expensive. At least, their online scamming method will not take too much money for talking. 

However, they could give us a trial plan to see this dating service. A Premium subscription is not that expensive, though there are no non-recurring variations that you can cancel freely. You will have your payments automatically enrolled until the trial ends. 

Thus, the paid services here don’t have variations or trial periods, only different prices:

$0.99 For one day. You have to pay daily;
$0.39 Weekly. For one day;
$0.96 Monthly. For one day;
$0.54 3-month. For one day. 

It is ok for the conversations. Even experienced dating customers who saw a lot of sites will claim this one is not fake. But there is even no talking available. This website simply stole our money. And you will not be able to cancel these payments or delete your dating account. Moreover, you can’t see when the trial ends. And you will be automatically enrolled in their scamming system. If you are using this site, get ready to experience a lot of non-recurring expenses.

We would have tested a trial membership, but there was no such option. We bought a weekly plan. And after we confirmed the payment online, we joined the website back. Nothing happened. Each click for chatting grannies led us to the payment page again to buy a premium subscription. If only there was a trial period, we would have managed to recognize everything without paying for comments. But they need to provide a recurring plan to charge you for nothing. It is impossible to stop payments. Leaving the website is the only way to free yourself from this scam.

We didn’t get the subscription we bought. It wasn’t automatically enrolled on our account. But, without waiting for our money back, we decided to pay to this site once again. This try was successful. And after replying to other members, no older ladies wanted to respond.

That was the point where we were a little bit sad. There were no online profiles active. But the option to send messages tells that some customers can send their content to the website or visit some suspicious links with fake data. And what does Granniestomeet say about data protection?

What does the website tell about its responsibility?

Data protection is an essential part of every fair dating website which proves that a website takes care of grannies that use it. But the issue with Granniestomeet is that they simply take no responsibility for the action of users on the website. Here is what they say:

Unfortunately, the online transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to the Site… We assume no responsibility or liability for disclosure of your information due to unauthorized third-party.

The website is not liable for anything. Although the website cannot use your personal and banking details, you may be affected by this fake service. Everything you send to mature women might be stolen. They are not only using the recurring plans to steal money for the subscription, but trying to steal your data with every comment you send.

This site just steals photos and information in some comments to use it for blackmail.

The Conclusion About Granniestomeet

Granniestomeet created a nice illusion of a properly working site without real grannies involved. But, each senior user has to be aware of this fake scamming service. You should delete an account here if you have one.

Everything was ruined, when we realized that there is no trial plan. The site started sending messages every 5 minutes. All the members ignored our messages, and when the website stole almost $40, we saw how fake it is.

Granniestomeet is focused on senior people who don’t have a lot of experience using dating websites. They decided to scam the ones who just want some love. They ruin this desire in such a disgusting way, posting strange and fake comments for everyone who joins and selling a fake subscription. 

Save your time and money. There is no real granny here, no trial period, no younger men. Don’t use Granniestomeet and try other reliable services.

Let us respond to your questions about Granniestomeet.


  • Granniestomeet is a scam dating  service that provides you with fake profiles, fake subscriptions, and fake messages. It is aimed at stealing money from older users with their non recurring plans. This website doesn’t help to have a union for free and remains dangerous for senior people looking for dating.
  • Granniestomeet only creates an illusion of a legitimate website but has nothing similar to fair dating websites. This service is a scam and will trigger automatically enrolled payments to senior members who look for dating. And you will not be able to stop payments.
  • Granniestomeet is a scam platform with a dating illusion. The website charges you for every click made and sells its fake subscription. This service should be avoided if you want to protect yourself from fraud.

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