Hookupit is nothing but a lacking website where users leave negative reviews about their membership.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is hookupit.com for and who does it belong to?

Hookupit is an insufficient dating website that invites users to get their membership, create an account and start chatting with other members. Both women and men can be members and use this online service, text, and spend money. Here you can find either a straight match or a gay man, a lesbian, etc. 

This dating site promises a big variety of advantages of its service for the membership. It additionally claims that after getting membership everyone will be able to enjoy casual dating, and the matches are selected based on the results of psychological testing. It is also said that managers will help with everything. But all the talks are fake and this online dating website does not help to get a real meeting.

You can go to the landing page to find out all the details. Basic information about the online dating website Hookupit is as follows:

Knowledge Gate LTD
Hong Kong
Phone Hotline:
+33 9 71 08 12 81
[email protected]

Theoretically, you can get in touch by phone, emailing or chatting. Members can use the access provided for the membership community.  But the response takes a long time. The proof was provided by numerous negative reviews from real users of the site. Fake internet websites like this one are not designed to provide support. In reality, they are of no use whatsoever. This is what makes such a dating site different from reputable platforms for casual dating where customers and their problems come first.

Hookupit.com: Review details 

As a result of the analysis, it turned out that all the benefits indicated by the site do not work. There are a lot of details that confirm the site is fake. So you will not find recommendations to participate in the registration on such websites in this review.

Let us additionally mention that there are no free services so it is better not to waste your time. Now, let’s see why Hookupit is a scam. Here you’ll see an honest review of the main points. And always keep in mind that it is worth reading several reviews from independent sources that are not interested in advertising the agency.

Registration process at Hookupit

If you want to register and get membership, you need to additionally fill in information about yourself. As it turned out, the company is not responsible for the safety of confidential data. The details are provided directly on the official website. As usual, you come up with a password and login, and use the “sign up” button to register.

Registration is of medium complexity, and you need to fill out 9 boxes. After registering, you get a membership to the site and can look at available profiles of women. An inexperienced user will find it very difficult to understand whether the account in front of him is fake. The company catches everyone on the hook and makes it compulsory to register. 

Information can be stored not only within the platform but also end up in the hands of third parties. A large number of fake questionnaires are also present because there is no stage of identity verification, which is a prerequisite during registration on all reputable and popular platforms.

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Fake Profiles Questionnaires

The site states that management or operators additionally verify each profile but the site itself mentions that the conformity of profiles with real people is fake and accidental. Because of this, negative reviews appeared on the Internet and on various online platforms, which described the site as a service with a bad reputation.

It may seem that everything is fair because the user has gone through the process of creating an account. But the platform itself is set up for business and profit only rather than for real dating. Every profile picture is picked up by crooks. That’s why website workers use their clever strategies. An account operator makes messages to schedule casual dating and procrastinates for a long time. 

After you sign up, every new profile additionally leads to the landing page. There will be a lot of detail and scam on the landing page that doesn’t match reality. After that, you will be moved to private chats where there are so many fake messages. 

A smart strategy can show that some users have a close location. Don’t believe it since it’s a fake. You may try to verify it but here comes the issue about the effectiveness of the matchmaker activity. 

Cost of membership

Membership is not free for members on the website. The subscription trap is there for all accounts without exception. During the transition to the landing page, everything seems fine and high prices for fake chat scam are even noticeable. Moreover, if members end up in the subscription trap, their subscriptions extend automatically. 

Now let’s take a closer look at the expensive report and the price details:

€32.45 costs 1 Month plan
€54.49 costs 3 Months plan
€85.64 costs 6 Months plan

You can pay for these plans with a Credit Card. There are platforms where you don’t have to pay for a membership so you can start with these options and gradually find your perfect match and be satisfied. Find more detailed information on our main page because here membership isn’t free. 

Members can also adjust the setting for the membership to extend automatically. There are no free trials, you have to pay for the registration and use of the website right away. The subscription trap really works for inexperienced members who don’t know how to unsubscribe. The subscription rip off is effective from the beginning, starting with the landing page.

That is, members pay money on Hookupit to test dating websites search, find people with a similar location and conduct casual dating. In reality, they get nothing from the list except spam comments and unpleasant experiences. Former users were often warned about the lack of effectiveness of private chats, even for money.

Website Terms and Requirements

The terms and conditions state that:

For your convenience, the subscription you have chosen will be upgraded after 3 days to 1 month membership & automatically charged from your credit card every 1 month.

When the membership is registered, the site immediately redirects the members to the landing page. The landing page is where you can find a category about conditions and requirements. Former users write in their reviews that they wish they had seen those details earlier. It says that the Hookupit online dating website creates fake accounts under the name of real people and is not responsible for any matching up with real life. The project can be characterized as a fake chat scam.

This insufficient dating website also does not guarantee any security and is not responsible for the safety of personal data. Members should not believe dubious internet reviews and comments, as the website page has all the information about their scam activities. Therefore, in order not to get caught on the hook, you need to check all the details. First of all, it refers to the terms and conditions of the site. 

The conclusion of hookupit.com based on our review

There are lots of evidence that the site is a scam and you need to cancel your subscription. Forwarding online messages on this website is time-consuming. This dating website promises a lot of meetings after free registration that never take place.  

Insufficient dating is the case on this fake chat scam site because the workers are working all the time and responding to messages. However, real casual dating is not possible. Fake profiles are accompanied by fake chat, which means registering on the site is a waste of time and disappointment in the future. There are many reviews on the Internet that have repeatedly warned other members about this.

Many women have fallen for this trick and spent a lot of money. If all of the above factors convince you, do not take a subscription or cancel it. Any text message that is not free is a hook for a woman. The proof in the various internet reviews of former users is abundant. Subscription rip off is the main goal of the site. 

Some people test dating websites by a good overview. They search for comment, try using platforms, and create an account, thinking that they will be able to figure out everything on their own. But it is worth remembering that there are professionals with the aim to make more money. They can use psychological tricks so that unprepared people can’t handle the situation.


  • It’s a site for online dating, where they promise excellent matchmaker services and communication results. It is suitable for women and men of different ages. There is a fake chat scam, expensive reports, and a lot of fake profiles. Insufficient dating is all that you get for subscription rip off they extend automatically.
  • The activity is a 100% scam. Fake profiles and fake chat prevail. There is enough proof by former users and the platform itself in its requirements and conditions. This site has a bad reputation in general.
  • Yes. According to the review, fake profiles, fake profile pictures, and fake chats are prevalent here. You can read that in the review of former users. A good overview is made for advertising purposes, so such a review should not be believed. We recommend that you cancel your subscription in time or avoid becoming a member of a fake matchmaker, be you a man or a woman.

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