Our thorough review of the hookupstop online dating site revealed that this casual dating platform is not worth your time and money.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What is hookup stop and what should you know about this dating site?

Hookup is an adult dating site for all age categories. It is also appropriate for LGBT members. Any user is supposed to find a hookup buddy easily here. 

Geography  USA
Age  18+ 
Members  Straight, LGBT, Bisexual 
Payment types  Premium subscription 

This online dating site doesn’t welcome users from all over the world though. If you are outside of the US, you won’t be able to sign up since you need a ZIP code. It is created for casual dating purposes. The operator of this site, as well as of some other dating sites, doesn’t have a good reputation online. 

Vancouver, Canada
[email protected]

If you are interested to know more about what new members should expect from this adult dating site, keep reading this review and see why this online dating platform is fake and what our reasons for having such an impression are. The details are below. 

Hookup stop.com details

This online dating site offers to sign up for free. The landing page doesn’t contain much information and you cannot find many details other than the Terms and Conditions. The site doesn’t suggest much transparency. Much more than just one user says this is one of the worse dating sites in the world. Some reviews are quite neutral or even good but the operator’s reputation leaves much to be desired, actually. 

It is well-known for creating fictional profiles for entertaining purposes. People from the USA pay for talking to fake users while paying huge money. 

Registration on hookup stop

The sign-up process is not complicated. It takes just a few minutes to become a new member on this dating site. If you are located in the rest of the world other than the USA, you will not be able to register. Just open the hookupstop.com site in your browser and select your gender, what gender you are looking for, the desired age range, and your ZIP code. That is enough to see the photos of other users on this dating site. 

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Fake members

The registration process is as quick as the lightning. No one is intended to scan the users’ backgrounds. Anyone can register on such sites. It means that your security is at risk. Although quick registration is one of the most convenient features, it doesn’t make the dating process on this site safe. The landing page seems quite decent but not very transparent. 

Anyways, you will be surprised to know that when you access the site, you are overwhelmed by fictional users pretending to fall for you. How can you understand that those profiles on sites are fake? It’s very easy, actually. They send you plenty of messages, make an impression of being so interested in a hookup or dating, but never want to meet in reality. 

Dating is not their purpose. If you fall for one of them, she will keep you engaged on the site as long as possible. A woman will find tons of reasons not to meet you but keep you writing on the dating site. Be prepared to spend a bunch of money without any results if you are going to use this dating site. Talking to fake members is definitely not what any user expects. 

How much does it cost?

  • This dating site doesn’t offer too many features of usage or information on its costs. It is a platform that mostly doesn’t contain any valuable data about how to use it and how much you would pay. We don’t like this non-transparency at all.
  • You should check the Terms and Conditions before you decide to use this or other dating sites. Only once you sign up, you are supposed to be able to find out the costs of their services.
  • When registering, they ask you to select your preferences on membership duration.
  • They can provide anyone with a free membership for the reason of catching you on their hook.
  • A free trial is provided but as they say, the dating site reserves the right to cancel it at any time for no reason. In their Terms and Conditions, the owners of the dating sites claim that you can see the prices on the registration page but you, actually, cannot. 
  • When completing the signup process, you will be offered to choose your membership options. In general, for two weeks, we spent around $300 to check those fake profiles.
  • We chose a Premium subscription and had to spend as many credits as possible to verify how the dating site works and who we were talking to.

What do hookup Terms and Conditions say?

The Terms and Conditions of this dating site do not mention anything about fake profiles. However, here is something interesting we found on the dating site’s Terms and Conditions page: 

You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members. You understand that Hookup Stop does not in any way monitor the activity of its Members either offline or online. Nor does Hookup Stop screen or interview its Members, nor does Hookup Stop inquire into the backgrounds of its Members or attempt to verify the accuracy or statements made by Members.

Source: https://hookupstop.com/terms.php

As expected, we can say that this dating site doesn’t do any background checks. You never know whether you are talking to someone real or fake. They do not bear any responsibility for those users who register on this platform. Even someone in another part of the world can register by stating an American ZIP code and pretend to live in the same city as you do. 

Our verdict

After our thorough scan of the hook up stop, we can make a conclusion that this dating site did not pass the test. Signing up for this Internet resource would be very wrong because your security is at high risk. The operator creates too many fictional profiles that make members sign up for free and spend money on this online dating platform.

Although all girls say they live in your city, the process won’t go further than online dating. In the hope to meet someone in the city outside of the site, you will spend plenty of money. By the way, all members are online at night which is quite weird. It means that most of those profiles are absolutely fake. 

We do not recommend using this Internet dating site for many reasons. You can find plenty of negative reviews on different sites telling that the site is a scam. 


  • Hookupstop.com is a dating platform that promises to find a person online for a hookup, casual dating, or just a fuck buddy. The operator of this online dating website (Hydra Media Limited) is not very reliable and does not have a very good reputation on the Internet.  This dating site hosts plenty of fake profiles. None of the members are interested in a date but to make you spend more and more money on the site. 
  • The operator is officially registered under the legislation of the United Kingdom. At first sight, everything seems very legit. However, what this site offers is not a very good sign. All user profiles are fictional and seem to be created by the operator. When working on our review of this hookup portal, we did not come across a single person who would be interested in dating or any other contact. All of them were interested in regular communication on this dating website.
  • It, definitely, is. The hookup stop site is not free and if you plan to search for a person to date, you’d better stay away from this portal. The reputation of this dating site speaks for itself. The landing page of this dating portal is not suspicious and everything seems quite decent. You hope to find a person to date and build a relationship with. You will hardly meet someone even for a hookup though. All members who try to get in touch with you are totally fake and make you spend as much money as possible until you realize it’s a scam. They lead a conversation, flirt with you, and pretend to be really interested in dating or hookups. You will be surprised that all of your interaction stays online forever. It will go nowhere. The hookupstop site is the Internet dating place to avoid by all means.

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