Single women and men are often looking for quality dating websites. We found out that Hotandflirty is a dishonest dating site scamming its customers.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is Hotandflirty.com for and who owns it?

Hotandflirty is a dating website that allows you to talk, send messages, hot photos, and different images and offers to meet people from different locations and ages. Anybody can use the services of the site after registering. The average age of the participants is 35 – 55 years old. The site is open to members of any sexual identity. It operates since 2008, so there are plenty of reviews. The main page of this site does not contain images for adults.

Before you create an account, study the contact information: 

Timespace Holdings Limited
P.O. Box 146, Trident Chambers
Index + city:
VG1110 Road Town
British Virgin Islands
Phone Hotline:
[email protected]

But it is worth understanding that the support service does not work in the right way. There are very long delays in responses as employees are rarely online. 

When you enter the site, you can see the hot interesting pages of women and become instantly involved in the site operation. Charming girls attract new users, especially men, but it’s a pity that most of the interesting accounts are fake. Furthermore, users are automatically billed and we’ll analyze that aspect below. You can register and visit the site to check it yourself. Registered users can see other people’s accounts and can take advantage of the website services after the payment.

Review details of Hotandflirty.com

Questionnaire analysis and the registration process are important aspects to pay attention to before choosing your dating website. You can talk on Hotandflirty.com, but as the analysis shows, the company is dominated by scams. Let’s consider where exactly it is observed. In particular, robots work to catch inexperienced female users and men on the hook.

After a long time of use, you can observe the passionate desire not to leave the resource. The site workers are professional in keeping the account and writing messages to different members. Many other points do not inspire confidence either. This also applies to the lack of a trial period. In this case, the quick launch conversations are alarming, because they make  a well-established scheme of employees noticeable.

A premium subscription is not worth its money, and in general, any tariff does not justify itself because of the lack of effectiveness. For example, verified resources provide a trial period for new and other members. This allows you to understand whether the conditions and functionality of the dating website suit you or not.

Hotandflirty registration process 

There are just a few simple fields to fill out in the online registration. Any members must fill out the lines with the right personal information. It is worth noting that no protection is provided. That is, your data can fall into the hands of swindlers. And such cases have already been recorded by other members. 

There are 5 fields in total that you need to fill in. First, you need to provide brief information about yourself. Then choose your age, email, password, and place of residence. Finally, you can visit the homepage and start looking at fake accounts. The talking can begin instantly, as workers do not lose the opportunity to earn. Any new message is women’s or men’s money. It is better to quickly cancel the subscription and registration on the site, so as not to get into trouble.

Only registered members succumb to the negative influence of platform workers. You may be offered different purposes and options for dating, ranging from sex dating to romantic travel. This is all nonsense that you don’t need to believe. All these tricks are invented to make naive women or men fund their accounts. The need to pay at every corner and a large number of hot professional photos should make you think twice.

If registration is simple, it is not a reason to trust the site. On the contrary, it is a reason to doubt and start looking for another option. Identification in this area is an important point, which in this case was missed. Five steps to fill out the information is very little to know if you like a real person or not. Platforms with similar themes are obliged to require more data and real photos with location, which are checked for authenticity.

Hot chat

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Fake Profile Questionnaires

We must disappoint you that all the hot photos on Hotandflirtyare fake. At least most of the hot pictures do not correspond to reality. Specially trained bots are used to exchange messages. They write beautifully and encourage users not to use the free services but to pay as much as possible. But members who have come to their senses in time can cancel the subscription and delete the page.

Online video chats, female users, hot photos, and other Hotandflirty features can be very addictive but it’s important to keep your sanity. Membership is possible only after registration. Another surprise is that you don’t have to be patient for the profile to be validated. Everything is very fast and there are no rules. It affects the platform’s reputation, which is already bad.

Other online websites take this step much more seriously. Members can be automatically enrolled to some services. Attractive pictures of fake members can be a trick to make sure they are automatically enrolled. This can indicate deception. It is a disappointing experience when members find themselves being automatically enrolled and charged for some functions.

Cost of membership

There are several tariffs that you can buy. They include:

Trial Plan: Trial Membership

  • 1 Day plan costs $1
  • 1 Week plan costs $7
  • 1 Month plan costs $61

Trial Plan: Premium Membership 1-month promotional price

  • 1 Month plan costs $30

Trial Plan: Premium Membership 3 months promotional price

  • 3 Months plan costs  $33

Plan: Premium Subscription

This plan is recurring. You must cancel it to stop payments.

  • 1 Month plan costs $61
  • 3 Month plan costs $67

There are no Coin Plans or trial plans, so you can’t get a trial membership and quickly launch conversations. A trial plan is a good idea for beginners.

Payments and trial plans can be canceled at any time. It is possible to make a straight payment through the card. Membership is paid but even the free functionality of the site does not provide the necessary efficiency. Real people say that no service corresponds to the price they want to charge for it. Furthermore, all the hot photos and messages users receive will be fake and scams. Renewal is available, but there is no mobile app since it has been created. The trial period is not free. Don’t believe the recurring plan.

Terms and Requirements

The terms and conditions of the site stated the following:

All paid subscriptions will automatically get renewal for the period and price that you signed up to. You may cancel the auto-renew feature to avoid recurring charges, but you must act at least three days (that is, 72 hours) before the next renewal date to avoid reopening.

This information was taken from the official Hotandflirty site.

It is also stated in the terms and conditions that the platform takes almost no responsibility for any action. It explicitly states that the use of the platform can be unsafe due to the lack of rules and honest operation. These dubious services should not be used, even for free, because your data may end up in the wrong place.

The conditions also state that profiles can be created by piecemeal, which means that people’s hot photos are not true. The site spells out all the details in the terms to avoid liability. 

The conclusion from our review of Hotandflirty.com

The conclusion is negative, so we do not recommend using this dubious and irresponsible resource. The platform was created and developed as a scam, so it is dominated by fake information and deception.  

As experts who conducted a detailed review, we confirm that the resource has several flaws. And the most minor disadvantage is the lack of a mobile application, which enables visitors to use it more comfortably. Also, we don’t see the point of paying for any plan, since the communication is performed by bots. The script is the same for all of them, so you won’t get any results. Such websites can engage in scam activity for years, as in the case of Hotandflirty. 

The trial plan and trial period and any such suggestions are meaningless and would be a waste of time. When the trial ends, you will be asked to pay. it can be said that there is no point in registering because the project will not protect you from the leakage of personal data.

Disappointment will never end, so we recommend to look for other websites as there are many options today. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of meeting new people, read detailed reviews, and beware of scammers. All factors should be positive, not as in the case of Hotandflirty. All important criteria must be of positive rate, especially when it comes to safety, responsibility and honesty. 

Using a dating platform has no meaning if it doesn’t have honest profiles. So do not wait for a miracle and do not get upset if you face these scammers because there are many other worthy sites where people find their soulmates or sex partners. The recurring plan of deception will continue to work. This platform has been in operation for more than one year, and repeats this “non recurring plan” over and over again.


  • Hotandflirty is a site that plays a dishonest game and engages in dishonest dating.
  • According to the site's terms of use, the platform may use your information for its purposes, and if you agree to the terms of use, you are likely to be cheated. So, it has a little to do with legitimacy.
  • This Hotandflirty company is a scam. Its method includes specially trained employees who create fake profiles and lead fake conversations. They communicate nicely and make promises to lure funds away. Scammers work on a recurring plan.

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