What we found out about Hotdailyflirts, all the pros and cons — we believe this dating website is not worth your money!


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

The owner and for whom Hotdailyflirts is

Hotdailyflirts is a dating website for all possible groups of people from all over the globe. From its name, it’s easy to understand that the website is created not only for dating but also for flirting, hookup, affairs, etc. It is created for both straight and LGBT members. The website uses a credit payment system. 

Members: mostly from the USA

Activity: around 50k active users weekly. 

Purpose: serious dating, flirts, sex, hookups

For whom: straight and LGBT members

Age: 20-60 

Information about hotdailyflirts.com:

Company name:
Meteor Interactive B.V.
Located at  Savannahweg 17, Utrecht, Netherlands.
[email protected]

This dating site welcomes you with sex cam girls advertising on the front page. By the way, the front page doesn’t contain much information and makes you sign up at once. The website promotes 100% dates but as a result, appears to be a typical Internet scam. It becomes obvious after learning that the site is operated by Meteor Interactive b.v. It won’t be difficult to check a few reviews about this operator on the Internet to find out it is pure fraud. 

The dating site is full of fake profiles. Those fictional entertainers’ profiles only want you to pay more and more without any single chance to get physical contact with other members. The only goal of those either bots or fake profiles is to make you purchase credits. You will see fictional entertainers profiles marked as beautiful women interested in dating and physical contact until you learn it’s a huge scam. 

Keep reading this hot daily flirts review to learn more about this dating website. 

Hot daily flirts details: registration, membership, fake profiles, and prices

The homepage of this dating site looks tempting. There is a heart icon welcoming you and a very sexy lady inviting you to date. There is some basic info about this website. This data is not enough to create a decent and in-depth review though, so we had to register to learn more. 

Registration on the site

You sign up for free. You only submit your email and that’s it. After that, we just had to confirm an email address. The truth is there are no identity or background checks on this site. Additionally, anyone can lie about his or her age when signing up. No one is going to check it. 

After registration, you won’t be able to communicate with anyone without payment. To contact different members, you have to purchase your first credits. 

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Fake dating profiles

This is the most important part of our review and we were genuinely shocked. On one hand, the profiles of girls look amazing and promising. All of them seem so interested in you and we won’t hide it that they looked hot. If you dig deeper though, you will know those are fictional entertainer profiles who want you to spend as much as possible on the site. 

They are not people but fake profiles and sound like chatbots who act on the benefit of that doubtful dating site. They will send you messages on different topics, such as sex, marriage, future relationship, friendship, and, of course, personal meetings as soon as possible. You will never meet any single person though.

We tried to arrange a real date tons of times. Each time, there were plenty of excuses. For the first few times, they sound realistic. However, they are not. All these bots do is incline you to spend more and more. All communication on the site is paid and the bot will tell you different stories such as a woman has no Internet on her phone to be in touch outside of the site, she had a very bad experience and wants to get to know you for a year here, she has a personal trauma and so on. You will hear hundreds of stories and their only goal is to make you buy more credits. All messages are fake. 


The site uses a credit system. This review exposes how much you, actually, will pay. 

Number of credits  — Price  (cost per 1 message):

$9 ($0.6) 16
$6 ($2) 3
$20 ($2.9) 7
$50 ($2) 25
$100 ($1.9) 52
$150 ($1.4) 105
$300 ($1) 300

At once, the prices seem fair. However, the system of this site is very tricky. The way these fake profiles communicate with you, you risk wasting thousands in the hope to meet her in person. It will never happen though. The site is a scam and you will only spend plenty of time and dollars on messages to bots. No meetings are possible with bots. Their system is built this way — convince you to spend as much as possible. 

Terms and conditions

We found a very interesting abstract in Hot daily flirts Terms and conditions. Here it is:

The website, the services, and the content are being provided for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to be used for establishing meetings with other users

Source: https://www.hotdailyflirts.com/agreement

As you see, the site charges you for messages with chatbots to entertain you. Everything those fictional entertainer profiles write to you is fake. If you read the Terms and conditions before purchasing anything on this dating site, you will understand that they do not even hide that they are just having fun with you! 

Our verdict! 

Hotdailyflirts is a tempting dating site promising real dates and flirts to every user in 100% of cases. We used the website back and forth. We paid, messaged its members, tried to arrange a date, and did everything to finally meet someone from this site in reality. However, even if you do not register but just check the Terms and Conditions of this site, you will realize it is absolutely clearly written that it was created for entertainment purposes! 

This site acknowledges that all real meetings with users are impossible. They are just excluded. For users who do not read the Terms and conditions in small font, it will be shocking to find out that your “love” isn’t going to meet you in reality. This woman simply does not exist. The site uses fake profiles, pictures, and just chat bot operators to entertain you and give you those fake hopes.

It would probably be funny if this dating site was free. It is not though. That platform is extremely expensive! It is doing everything to make you spend more and more keeping messaging to those robots. Is Hot daily flirts site worth your money? No, it is not! If you can, just stay away from this portal that is sucking every dollar from its members! 

You may have a lot of questions about the Hotdailyflirts dating website. If you want to save your time and money and know if you meet real or fake women on this site, try to find an answer to your concerns below. Learn more about that dating company right now. 


  • Hot daily flirts is a dating site run by Meteor interactive b.v. It was created solely for entertainment purposes for both straight and LGBT members. The site is full of fake operators who make you buy credits one by one. Those sex cam girls do not care about you at all but are only interested in you spending tons of money on “dating”. The dating site uses a credit system. 
  • Hot daily flirts is registered in the Netherlands. However, it contains plenty of fake profiles and according to its reviews, is a pure scam. This Meteor interactive dating site costs a bunch of money and rips its members off. A person who will talk to you is one of the operators and will only make you buy credits. 
  • It, definitely, is. It looks like you are talking to computer programs instead of those stunning women. Their pictures and all data turn out to be fake. You will hardly meet possible matches or new friends on this dating site. All women are fake. This company is a fraud. The Hot daily flirts website costs huge money and brings no results. 

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