Hotneedywomen is an insufficient dating site that scams naive users and offers to find people for physical contact. Let us check all the details.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is Hotneedywomen.com for and who owns it?

This dating site is designed for sex dating. It provides services to people of traditional, gay, and lesbian sexual orientation. People of all ages can send messages and write comments to each other. The service was created in 2021, so it can be described as a very young website. Whether you are a woman or a man, the service offers a paid subscription for anybody. According to the creators, each user, after entering a login, can search for a match by location. That is, customers can find a person in a nearby location. So, let us explore whether it works in reality. 

The website was created by White Mountain online solutions, which has a low rating on the Internet. More details on how to contact the company are below:

Company name:
White Mountain Online Solution B.V.
Stormsweg 2e
Index + city:
2921 LZ Krimpen aan den IJssel
[email protected]

To get in touch with support, you need to login through your browser. The disadvantage is the low level of support personnel. It can take a very long time to get the answer or important questions will be ignored altogether. The fact is that the employees are not interested in helping, but only in personal gain.

Hotneedywomen review details

During the review process, it turned out that the company uses unfair ways to make money. The customers suffer because of it. As a result, there is no physical contact, as it is all about fake messages, information, and fake profiles. 

Such websites operate to gain profit. Only the site’s employees are satisifed, other users just get disappointment as a result. In addition, it is worth noting that the site is young, and therefore not experienced. The chance to meet your man or woman is zero due to several factors, which we will consider below. Theoretically, you can upload photos. However, it is recommended to think well about whether you need to do it on such a dubious website. We recommend avoiding believing in generous promises and look at facts only.

Hotneedywomen registration process

Registration is not difficult and registered users are supposed to have privileges. Yet, reviews and comments prove that the registered profiles are the closest stage to being exposed to a scam. To become a member, you need to fill in 10 boxes with your information. In theory,  users can exchange messages after registration, but still, they will face fake profiles.

In addition, Hotneedywomen does not exclude risks while using the platform. Everything starts when a user attempts to register. The domain is unverified, and contact with anybody can result in some tricks. You may even end up having your personal data leaked. It can be disclosed all over the Internet. There are no stages to confirm or verify identity, and this should raise doubts. As a rule, after registering, people instantly get the first message from bots.

Many comments recommend canceling your subscription as soon as possible, as there are no security guarantees. There is no need to send any photos for identification, so any fraudsters can create an account just by going to the browser. There is no way to check users for honesty. While concluding the report about an attempt to register, we can say that there are more risks than advantages. 

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Fake Profile Questionnaires

White Mountain Online Solutions is a company that works according to its own scheme. They create a fake account of a woman or man and text other users. Hotneedywomen is a website dominated by fake profiles. That’s what the service is based on. Any corporation should have some positive feedback. This is not the case. This project is not the first failure that has been heavily condemned online. Nevertheless, there are still people who believe in such lies.

Beautiful pictures are carefully chosen. Often these are professional photos downloaded from the Internet. On behalf of a person with such beautiful photos, short messages are written. On the one hand, users are happy that they do not have to go through an additional verification, but it is also a disadvantage in terms of performance. The most negative thing is that profiles can feature people who don’t even know that their pictures have been added to this Hotneedywomen site.

Any review suggests a large number of images, although the site is very young and could not have gained such a number of users yet.

Cost of membership 

You have to pay to confirm your intention and access all the features. After payment, you can watch images of other people. Let’s take a closer look at how much money a subscription will cost:

Rate: Credits

This plan has no auto-renewal, so you don’t have to do anything.

$20 cost 10 credits
$50 cost 25 credits
$100 cost 50 credits
$180 cost 100 credits
$330 cost 200 credits

This credits plan is used very quickly. Bots send the nicest possible message to get people to pay even more.

Hotneedywomen seems to offer reasonable pricing, however, the effectiveness is not proven. That is, the formation of prices does not correspond to reality. The service does not offer free rates, so no demos are possible. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. Participation here is very expensive. You may not even notice how your wallet is completely empty, so we recommend you think carefully before you top up.

There is no way to save cash here. There is no bonus or loyalty system for anyone. Although the platform is young, it is not very modern. Various perks to improve the comfort of participants are absent.

Condition and terms 

Our report should definitely mention the rules that are spelled out on the official website of Hotneedywomen. Here is a quote by the site:

You also recognize that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that (i) the profiles are fictional, and your interactions will be with operators.

A review from several members confirms that the site operates on the basis of their imagination. Employees write beautiful comments and try to attract attention with fake profiles. Everything that was written should be doubted. Do not believe any words written. Such websites do not accept responsibility for their activities and stipulate that in the terms and conditions. Anyone involved should be aware that every little thing on the site is made up. Profiles are created by employees, so to avoid being liable, the site owners describe this point in the rules.

The conclusion of our review of Hotneedywomen.com

All honest reviews say that the best solution is to have your account on Hotneedywomen deleted as soon as possible or not created it at all. Any money spent here is a waste and will do no good. Profiles have no links to reality. There is no account verification during registration, so security and reliability are on the low rating. 

If you want to meet someone to talk to, you’d better look for another website. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to many factors that are not present on Hotneedywomen at all. There is no security, honesty, reliability, or effectiveness. Other reviews on non-paid sites also say they have wasted money and time. That is, using the site can be called a waste of time and nerves.

Our detailed review showed that the project is engaged in a scam. Moreover, much information about the owner is hidden for unknown reasons. When it comes to reliable sites, all activities are carried out openly, and no data and details about the operation are hidden. 

Think about whether you need such a negative experience. This time can be spent on finding and communicating with a real potential partner who can be found at a reliable platform.


  • Hotneedywomen is a dating website that offers meetings of all kinds. Under the guise of other profiles,  its employees communicate with people and promote paid services. There are members of all ages, genders, and views, but their reality is worth pondering.
  • The legit status of this site has not been proven. The platform has disclaimed all responsibility, so it is not safe to use the website. You can read in the site's terms and conditions that the owners can use people's personal information for their own purposes.
  • Yes, it's a scam. Its method is to create fake profiles and correspondence. Bots lure people out of their money and work according to an elaborate strategy. Only deleted participants will be able to get rid of intrusive communication with site workers.

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