Good-looking sites aren’t always suitable for safe casual dating, and InstaFlirt is insufficient for any relationships of real members.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

InstaFlirt Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

InstaFlirt aims to provide a user-only web-based dating site designed to facilitate digital meetings between individuals and couples, allowing them to connect with one another and master a better connection with them while also expanding their social community. The site doesn’t limit interested parties in terms of age groups or gender, with the only mandatory rule to be of legal age to be able to register and start using this online dating site.

Company The Perfect Match Limited
Address 1, 6-ti Septemvri St, 1st floor, office-1 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone-Hotline 0033644631219
E-Mail Online contact form

However, the Insta Flirt dating site isn’t really welcoming — it won’t reveal its secrets before free registration. Enthusiasts can find partners for casual dating here, but the preference is given to no strings attached InstaFlirt experiences.  Our team couldn’t help but react to several comments from prospective users, asking them to analyze the quality of this dating website. In this review, we would like to show why staying in touch with this company openly is the decision to cancel. Let’s get straight to the topic and check the essential review steps right away. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Free Registration and Fake Services at InstaFlirt

The overall functionality of the Insta Flirt dating website isn’t significantly different from what alternative websites offer to their customers. Although it is basically oriented toward registered users from the UK, other members can also participate in its activities.

It won’t be challenging to come across a girl from the nearby city, but when you start talking to her, you will see how misleading the data she provides is — no knowledge about the city itself and other details that show her different accent and picture of the world. Intrigued to discover more about scams on the Insta Flirt dating site? Let’s check them out!

Registration at InstaFlirt

Frankly speaking, the landing page is pretty poor in terms of information it provides. It just offers visitors of the dating site to register or sign in. If you scroll it a bit down, you will see links to follow to get acquainted with its policies and FAQs. There is a separate button to contact the website’s support team as well. Here is how our test began:

  • The very first decision is to indicate your interests. We tried different options to see how their matchmaking algorithms work, and they did turn out to be insufficient. The key problem is that real users are offered to see and lead conversations with Insta Flirt online cupids, but we will discuss this problem a bit later. Although the InstaFlirt website states interested parties can communicate with couples as well, which is stated in the company’s terms and conditions, there is no way to distinguish them among individual profiles.
  • The https link of the Insta Flirt website is www.instaflirt.co.uk, so it is clear what category of customers is welcome here. During free registration, we had to signify our location. There is no way to make it custom, so we had to choose a random location from the drop-down list.
  • Once the initial choices are made, the main registration form is shown. We could select a nickname as our username only. To complete the profile, we also could use our Google account to connect it, but it is a risk to provide access to your personal information to untrustworthy solutions in such a way. Always choose your password attentively and don’t apply the same login details for several entertainment platforms you visit.

The Insta Flirt dating website is a sample of solutions where a trial period is a synonym with paid membership. The only difference is that you will have to pay a little bit less. To make our test accounts more realistic, we had to play as real members — the site won’t let you post a profile photo if a person isn’t clearly shown. The same goes for free group photos or just random pictures. Once the trial ends, be ready to face lots of payment issues and inability to cancel payments. These are among the biggest concerns of the InstaFlirt dating website, we must admit. But first things first.

Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

Even if you see great profiles and chat with them, we have to warn you — real members are a really rare thing to come across even if you pay for a premium subscription. Profile photos are divergent, but we encountered several retouched and copied pictures in account albums and during conversations with ladies. We could upload photos, but several of them were rejected by the site. The size limit is up to 2MB, but following this rule didn’t always help. Whether you are in the middle of your trial plan or paid memberships, you will have to deal with online cupids a lot.

On analogous dating websites, this term is applied to distinguish fake profiles from real ones. In the case of the Insta Flirt site, such cupids are everywhere and justified to contribute to the entertainment values of the domain. In turn, you will spend your money to engage in conversations with managers and professionals instead of other members, as we did.

The Cost of Paid Membership

What services are free on the InstaFlirt dating platform? There are some, actually, but all of them are available for female fake accounts. In turn, trying the service for free for men is restricted to free registration. We couldn’t even enjoy a free trial membership. Instead, we had to choose this pre-premium subscription just to check what was going on here.

Any plan here is automatically enrolled, and it is complicated to cancel the payment before it is automatically billed. It takes a lot of time and effort to contact the customer support of the InstaFlirt dating platform. Most probably, they are busy leading dialogs with real users and trying them not to cancel/stop payments and spend money to access videos and messages. Please note you can’t even read incoming messages for free, not to mention you get them from fake profiles.

There is no guarantee you won’t be overcharged when the trial ends. The automatic renewal might include extra charges from the InstaFlirty dating domain (although they claim they don’t) and bank service providers too. In general, here are paid subscriptions the InstaFlirt dating company offers:

  • Non recurring plans are presented as a gold paid membership. It will last for six months and cost around seventy US dollars.
  • Several customers mention in their reviews that they chose a silver paid membership because of its duration — three months with a total charge of fifty US dollars.
  • To be as fluent as an average internet user at the InstaFlirt dating domain, they offer people to review a monthly VIP paid membership for around thirty US dollars.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

You won’t be able to cancel fake profiles by reporting them or cancel your membership on time — InstaFlirt has the right to alter its terms and conditions anytime, and they don’t react to the audience’s comments and reviews on the internet. No matter how many messages we tried to send them, just few answers with misleading details were received in return. We have no interests in these lies and would like to warn you in advance about how dangerous it is to upload your vulnerable data here: “InstaFlirt rejects any form of liability… the Users will be solely responsible for the totality of actions or statements made through their Users account.”

The Conclusion from Our InstaFlirt Review

Simply put, if you want to read messages from other members, you have to pay. If you want to stop payments, you have to pay. If you desire to cancel your subscription and do other activities to get rid of InstaFlirt in your life, you will waste a lot. Our team doesn’t recommend this company with fake profiles and fake promises.


What is InstaFlirt.com?

No flings and personal attachments are real here — users contact fake profiles through messages and don’t get casual dating with other members even when they want. This company for British people is a cheeky scam.

Is InstaFlirt a legitimate dating site?

It offers fake profiles to contact through messages, and other members have little power to solve issues on the website. The team isn’t willing to help and delivers scam services.

Is InstaFlirt.com a scam site?

It scams include fake profiles, problems to stop payments, and difficulties to cancel the user account at all, but they are justified as small glitches in the internet connection, online cupids for entertainment, and other fake excuses. This makes InstaFlirt a scam site for casual dating and hookups.