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IWantBlacks: An investigation uncovers deceptive payment structures and widespread fake accounts, advising users to approach with caution.


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In the dynamic world of online dating, iwantblacks emerges as a niche platform with a distinct mission: to foster connections within the Black community. It warmly embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds who share an interest in Black dating. To cater to this unique demographic, the site boasts features that cultivate an inclusive yet focused dating environment.

Features IWantBlacks.com Other Popular Platforms
Community Focus Primarily Black Singles Diverse Singles
Sign-Up Process Efficient & Streamlined Variable
Mobile App User-Friendly with Engaging ‘Matching Game’ Standard Browsing Features
Freedom of Self-Expression Encouraged Moderate to Encouraged
Interface Attractiveness User-Centric Visually Sophisticated

Although the platform’s user interface may not boast the high polish of its competitors, its dedication to straightforward functionality strikes a chord with its user base.

How to sign up and create an account on iwantblacks.com.

Embarking on your journey with iwantblacks.com is as straightforward as it gets, offering a sign-up process that epitomizes simplicity. Here’s how to swiftly become a part of this dynamic dating community:

  1. Visit the iwantblacks.com homepage and locate the sign-up section, which is prominently featured for easy access.
  2. Select your gender and preference, then provide a valid email address for account security and verification purposes.
  3. Create a password that is both secure and memorable; this will be essential each time you log into the site.
  4. Enter your age and location to enable the platform to curate geographically desirable matches for you.
  5. Upload a profile photo that showcases your personality, and craft a succinct bio that encapsulates what you’re seeking in a partner.
  6. Complete the email verification step by clicking the link sent to your inbox, thus activating your account.

This streamlined registration method underscores the platform’s dedication to user-friendliness, allowing you to plunge into the dating scene without any hassles. With these steps fulfilled, you’re ready to delve into the plethora of profiles and discover someone who might resonate with you on multiple levels.

iwantblacks.com profile settings and customization

Once you’ve completed the IWantBlacks registration, it’s time to make your profile shine. Crafting a bio that captivates with fascinating tidbits about your interests and your ideal partner is key to standing out. Embrace the site’s customization options to showcase your unique personality—whether it’s choosing a profile picture that truly represents you or detailing your relationship goals. A thoughtfully curated profile not only reflects your individuality but also greatly enhances your prospects of forging a meaningful connection.

User interface navigating

The user experience on IWantBlacks is intuitive and seamless, boasting a sleek, contemporary interface. Control functions are easily navigable, tucked away in a drop-down menu for a clutter-free journey through the site. While the interface opts for understated elegance over flashy graphics, this clean design puts the emphasis on meaningful connections with others. However, for those who appreciate a more vibrant visual appeal, the site’s minimalist aesthetic might seem lacking in comparison to its more colorful counterparts.

Profiles and Matching

On IWantBlacks, profiles serve as the pivotal gateway to forging connections. Each profile is rich with details, offering a snapshot of compatibility at first glance. To maximize the likelihood of finding the perfect match, users are encouraged to meticulously complete their profiles and upload distinct, sharp photos. The advanced matchmaking algorithm meticulously filters through user preferences to present potential matches that resonate with stated interests—ranging from playful short-term flings to more profound, long-term partnerships. While the efficacy of the matching process significantly depends on the comprehensiveness of profiles, users must exercise due diligence to ensure they interact with authentic profiles, thereby enhancing their overall experience and maintaining a safe online dating environment.

Exploring user profiles on iwantblacks

Delve into the vibrant universe of IWantBlacks and discover a microcosm of cultural variety that reflects society’s rich mosaic. The platform is home to a diverse array of members, ranging from lively 18-year-olds to seasoned individuals reveling in their golden years. While men, particularly those in their 50s, are a notable presence, it is also a sanctuary for women to pursue their romantic desires. User intentions vary widely, encompassing everything from fleeting flirtations to the pursuit of lifelong companionship, and the site’s features adeptly accommodate this broad range of desires. Profiles here are distinguished by their quality, with an abundance of active participants. Nonetheless, users must navigate with discernment. Alongside those earnestly seeking connections, there lurk potential deceivers, as evidenced by the platform’s own acknowledgments of automated notifications and fictional accounts. Thus, the journey to forge meaningful bonds on the site becomes a delicate interplay between optimism and prudence.

How the matchmaking algorithm works?

The matchmaking algorithm of IWantBlacks is a state-of-the-art engine, expertly designed to pair users based on shared interests and lifestyle preferences. It delves into user profiles, taking into account both stated desires and interactive behaviors on the website, to recommend potential partners with a promising likelihood of compatibility. As you become more active on the site, this dynamic system adapts, ensuring that your matches become increasingly personalized. This sophisticated approach is the foundation of IWantBlacks’ success in fostering authentic connections.

The role of preferences and filters in finding suitable matches

On IWantBlacks.com, preferences and filters are instrumental in refining your search for the perfect match. By leveraging these features, you can sift through the multitude of profiles to find those that resonate with your unique criteria. Whether it’s a specific physical trait or a shared hobby you’re after, these filters streamline your journey, swiftly bringing you into contact with singles who are truly compatible. It’s the precision of these tools that elevates your dating experience on this platform to new heights.

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Communication Tools on iwantblacks.com

Interacting with fellow members on IWantBlacks is a dynamic and engaging experience. The website boasts a diverse array of communication tools specifically designed to nurture connections. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the features you can explore:

Feature Description Access
Wink Initiate contact with a playful wink to express interest Free
Like Gallery Scroll through member photos, rate them, and discover potential matches Free
Favorites List Create a personalized list of users you’re drawn to Free
Messaging Engage in deeper conversations through text, and share photos and videos Premium

While the basic membership offers the enjoyment of complimentary winks and access to the Like Gallery, unlocking the full potential of messaging requires a premium upgrade. This ensures more substantive and protected interactions, fostering a safe online dating environment.

Messaging options on iwantblacks

At IWantBlacks.com, messaging stands as the cornerstone of forging deeper connections. Standard members can initiate up to five free chats, providing a springboard for starting conversations. For those who upgrade to premium, the horizon broadens with the perk of unlimited messaging, paving the way for the cultivation of meaningful relationships—a feature that, though prevalent across numerous dating platforms, proves indispensable for users earnestly seeking companionship.

Beyond the robust chat functionality, premium members gain the exclusive ability to share photos and videos, infusing their interactions with a sense of intimacy. It’s a dynamic that elevates communication beyond mere words, allowing users to share life’s snapshots and solidify bonds that have the potential to overcome the impersonal nature of the digital realm. This multimedia sharing could be the catalyst that transforms an ephemeral chat into a long-lasting romance.

As you traverse the complex terrain of online dating, the messaging features of IWantBlacks might just serve as your navigational tool, guiding you to the heart of genuine connection—a treasure sought by many yet found by few.

Video chat and its significance in international dating

In the vibrant world of international dating, IWantBlacks elevates the experience with its cutting-edge video chat feature. This tool is a game-changer, shrinking the vast distances between members and facilitating a real-time visual connection. It’s a critical step in nurturing trust and evaluating the spark of chemistry. Through a webcam, nuances of expression and body language come alive, delivering an interaction that’s far more genuine than mere text exchanges. Not only does video chatting increase the sense of closeness, but it also offers reassuring evidence of a match’s authenticity. This paves the way for relationships to flourish on a foundation of transparency and assurance.

Sending gifts and virtual tokens of affection

Beyond mere words, IWantBlacks.com elevates the art of online dating by allowing you to charm with creativity through virtual tokens. Offering a digital gift can serve as a delightful and meaningful gesture of your interest and affection. This facet of digital romance sparks joy and, quite possibly, sets hearts aflutter. Such acts do more than express admiration; they distinguish you in the bustling online dating world. As these tokens build up, they become emblems of a deepening bond and the emotional investment in a burgeoning relationship — a perennial rose in the online garden of love.

Safety and Security

As we transition from the allure of digital romance, let’s address the critical issue of safety and security on IWantBlacks. This platform prioritizes your peace of mind, implementing strict identity verification processes to prevent deceptive practices. An attentive monitoring system scans communications to ensure that no inappropriate content detracts from your experience. Furthermore, the website’s commitment transcends the online environment, offering pragmatic advice for face-to-face encounters and shrewd tips to recognize and avoid online scams. While no virtual space can be entirely immune to the guile of scammers, IWantBlacks has established a formidable line of defense, protecting your pursuit of love every step of the way.

iwantblacks.com ensuring member safety

The commitment to member safety on IWantBlacks.com is exemplary, with a comprehensive security framework in place to shield users from potential risks. The platform enforces strict protocols, including email and phone number verification, to thwart the creation of fake profiles. Furthermore, the implementation of two-factor authentication significantly enhances account security, serving as a robust deterrent against unauthorized access. These measures, coupled with diligent bot protection and meticulous manual photo reviews, ensure that IWantBlacks provides a safe haven for users to foster genuine connections free from apprehension.

Blocking users

Ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience on IWantBlacks is simple with these proactive steps:

  1. Visit the profile of the user you wish to block.
  2. Locate and click the ‘Block’ button, often symbolized by an icon.
  3. If you encounter any suspicious behavior, choose the ‘Report’ option.
  4. Provide a detailed account of the incident, including any relevant evidence.
  5. Once you’ve submitted your report, the dedicated IWantBlacks team will promptly take appropriate action.

By taking these measures, members play an instrumental role in upholding a safe and welcoming environment, contributing to the security and integrity of the IWantBlacks community.

Scams on iwantblacks

While the IWantBlacks platform offers both entertainment and the convenience of making new connections, users should remain alert for potential scams. It is wise to refrain from sharing personal details prematurely, and to approach overly enthusiastic or urgent money requests with a healthy dose of skepticism—these are telltale scam indicators. The diligent team behind the platform relentlessly pursues fraudulent profiles to keep the community safe; however, your vigilance is the ultimate safeguard. Should any interaction feel amiss, trust your gut, and promptly bring any suspicions to the attention of the moderators for immediate investigation.

Membership Options and Pricing

When you embark on the IWantBlacks.com dating journey, you’ll find yourself at a crossroads: the option of a complimentary base membership or the enhanced experience of a premium subscription. The base membership is perfect for newcomers eager to get a feel for the online dating scene, offering essential features like profile creation and an introduction to messaging. For those ready to dive deeper, the premium subscription unlocks the site’s full suite of capabilities, including advanced search filters, unlimited messaging, and exclusive content designed to enrich your quest for meaningful connections.

Feature Free Premium
Profile Creation Yes Yes
Limited Messaging Yes No
Unlimited Messaging No Yes
Advanced Search Filters No Yes
Exclusive Content No Yes

For value-conscious singles, membership plans begin at an affordable $4 a month. Those seeking a more committed online dating experience may choose the annual plan at $30, both options thoughtfully designed to pave a smooth and uncluttered path to romance.

Overview of free vs. premium features

At IWantBlacks, the distinction between complimentary and premium offerings is clear-cut. Those who join without a subscription have access to essential features: crafting a profile, dispatching winks, and conducting basic searches. On the flip side, opting for the premium membership unveils a world brimming with opportunities. This includes limitless messaging, viewing photos in full resolution, and utilizing advanced matchmaking tools. While free members may signal their interest with a wink, those with a premium subscription have the privilege to kick-start and maintain meaningful dialogues—an indispensable benefit for individuals earnestly seeking meaningful connections.

Subscription plans and their costs

Exploring IWantBlacks.com subscription options reveals a commitment to affordability that’s sure to attract a wide range of users. The platform entices new members with a three-day trial, leading smoothly into a variety of subscription tiers. These include $41.40 for a single month, a reduced rate of $23.10 per month for a three-month package, and the most economical option of $18.60 per month for a year-long commitment. Each level is thoughtfully constructed to align with the varied financial situations and dating aspirations of its users, ensuring that the quest for authentic connections is accessible to everyone.

Payment methods and billing procedures

Upgrading to a premium membership on IWantBlacks offers users a variety of convenient payment methods, including both credit and debit cards, as well as alternative solutions where available. The billing process is designed to be both straightforward and discreet, ensuring transactions are listed under an unobtrusive name on bank statements to protect user privacy. Importantly, members should be aware that subscriptions automatically renew; however, they can be canceled at any point, providing members with complete control over their subscription status.

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Member testimonials

The realm of internet dating is often depicted with the idyllic narratives of success stories and fairy-tale endings. IWantBlacks.com, while embracing these accomplishments, also recognizes the multifaceted nature of online connections. Here’s a snapshot of member feedback:

  • Advantages: Numerous users appreciate the platform’s diverse community and the straightforwardness of customizing search parameters. This feature is seen as a welcome convenience, empowering members to pursue relationships without the limitations of distance or cultural hindrances.
  • Disadvantages: However, some members express concerns regarding the authenticity of profiles, pointing to the platform’s own disclosure of using automated messages. This practice has led to some skepticism about the genuineness of interactions.

Although the site’s dedication to user safety, through robust encryption and discreet billing practices, earns commendation, the presence of both authentic and automated exchanges prompts users to proceed with a degree of caution.

Pros and Cons of iwantblacks.com

Embarking on the IWantBlacks experience offers a combination of advantages and disadvantages. Positively, the platform distinguishes itself with features designed for singles who appreciate diversity in their romantic endeavors. Its intuitive search capabilities allow users to effortlessly sift through a multitude of profiles, pinpointing matches that align with their individual preferences. Member safety is paramount, with robust encryption and discreet billing practices in place.

Conversely, the potential for genuine connections can be somewhat diminished by the presence of automated messages, which can cast doubt on the authenticity of certain profiles. Although the site’s credibility is largely confirmed by ScamAdviser, the anonymity of the site’s ownership and the inherent risks associated with adult dating platforms warrant cautious engagement. It’s about striking a balance between leveraging the positive aspects and staying vigilant of the possible drawbacks.

Summary of the iwantblacks review

In conclusion, IWantBlacks.com presents itself as a specialized platform dedicated to those interested in interracial dating. Its robust functionality, highlighted by an array of search options and a strong commitment to safety, renders it an attractive choice for individuals in pursuit of authentic connections. Both free and premium membership tiers offer varying degrees of access to the website’s amenities, and the availability of a mobile application further enriches the user experience.

Nonetheless, concerns regarding automated messages and the presence of potentially spurious profiles somewhat mar its credibility. Yet, the platform’s association with Together Network Holdings bestows upon it a measure of credibility. Users are advised to exercise discretion, balancing the practical advantages of the website against its potential drawbacks. In the end, the efficacy of your online dating endeavors on IWantBlacks will likely depend on the strategy you employ to steer through these challenges.


  • Crafting an attractive profile on iwantblacks.com is all about balancing sincerity and style; it's essential to express your distinct personality while being forthright about your relationship goals.
  • Indeed, IWantBlacks is dedicated to facilitating enduring relationships, with a plethora of success stories that attest to its efficacy.
  • At present, IWantBlacks.com has not developed a mobile application; however, their website has been optimized for mobile use, ensuring that members can enjoy a smooth dating experience even while on the move.
  • Indeed, IWantBlacks provides an anonymity feature that enables you to peruse profiles and navigate the site while keeping your identity under wraps.
  • Like many online dating platforms, IWantBlacks.com isn't exempt from the occasional fake profile. However, the site actively implements measures to mitigate their presence, ensuring a safer search experience for genuine connections.
  • If you decide that it's time to move on from IWantBlacks, deleting your profile is a straightforward process. Simply head over to your account settings, click on the 'Remove Account' option, and follow the prompts that guide you through the confirmation process. It's designed to be user-friendly and efficient, ensuring that your experience on the platform ends as smoothly as it began.
  • IWantBlacks.com: An authentic and vibrant online dating hub, IWantBlacks.com stands out with its dedicated user base and array of features tailored for forging substantial connections. This platform is more than just a cyber meeting space; it's a community where safety and meaningful interactions are the cornerstones.
  • Indeed, IWantBlacks stands as a bona fide dating platform, boasting a robust community of users eager to forge interracial relationships.

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