The Jamble dating website offers only fake profiles of women — don’t let this site scam you with its bots and operators.


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Jamble Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Jamble is a fully responsive web design for chatting and getting acquainted with new interlocutors. Then, interested parties are welcome to develop their relationships as desired. Whether they are searching for online friends or using Jamble as an online dating website, this simple interface offers suitable communication tools. All that you need to do is to sign up with your Facebook account (the easiest way) and start checking comments in your on-site mailbox.

Company Name
Lakehaus Inc.
541 Jefferson Ave., Suite 100, Redwood City, CA, 94063, USA
[email protected]

Putting this promotional description from the brand, what do we have in practice? It is high time to check it out since the overall digital reputation of the Jamble website is far from being lucrative and trustworthy. So our team of experts has decided to complete our own accounts and test the efficiency of the site. It is designed for men and women older than eighteen years old, but the major part of female accounts belong to women in their twenties through forties. Stay tuned to check how appealing messages from women’s accounts really lure you into losing your cyber privacy, money, and security on the internet. Let’s get straight to this review!

Review in Detail: Free Registration and Fake Services at Jamble

The only free cheese is in the mousetrap, and that’s the case with the Jamble dating site. This community welcomes anyone who has access to online resources from their computers or other devices. But becoming a member of Jamble will cost you a lot. Former users of the site reported several violations of their rights, including information leaks and breaking their own data-related policies.

Everything comes with certain conditions, and Jamble doesn’t seem to require a lot from the beginning — it is free to fill in its registration form and join the club of online dating members. Let’s virtually analyze the most important performance aspects to define why users decide to abandon the Jamble dating site with its fake profiles rather sooner than later.

Registration at Jamble

Compared to other online dating sites, the Jamble community isn’t demanding in regards to its registration form. You don’t have to highlight your city, country, and other details right away. Your registration takes a few moments and is done free of charge:

  • We used a test email address to sign up for its services. The system lets you access the site on your computer and mobile phone. However, it doesn’t matter whether you use a real or fake email — it will still let you in. Although the site automatically sends you an activation email to verify your profile, you will still get a glance at the interface for free and without any negative consequences to your privacy.
  • On the contrary, the Jamble dating site offers enthusiasts to sign up and log in with their Facebook accounts. In our humble opinion, this way is worth it only when you are sure you are going to spend your money on reputable and trustworthy online dating services instead of fake bots.

Our first impression was pretty normal since the Jamble dating site’s profile is standard — nude tones, bright photos of women, and intuitive navigation. The only thing is that the very first message to our profile contact and tons of others we got were fake — only worth reporting, not chatting and having fun. But let’s continue this analysis stage in the next chapter of our review.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

This site is great about frauding its registered members in many ways, yet its fake profiles do stand out in this activity. If you are attentive enough to check the reviews about the Jamble dating site’s chats, you will see one interesting peculiarity — a lot of users are convinced that girls contact and send messages to them only to get them stuck on the website, regardless of their true opinion about the platform. Here are at least a few moments we noticed during our stay on the Jamble website:

  • Given the free signup for Jamble services via users’ Facebook accounts, we checked whether some of the photos could repeat themselves on these two non-interconnections sites. We were surprised to see that even random searches had shown a lot of copypasted details.
  • We chatted with several ladies, yet they commonly sent us ambiguous signals. For instance, we could mention that she had been born in Illinois with no knowledge about the Thanksgiving celebration in the country.

The worst thing happens when these fake members, bots or operators, whatever, start sharing how magical and fascinating this dating app is. It is only Jamble that lets people stay in touch and get to know new users throughout the global digital dating web. Those ladies do seem ridiculous and somewhat cringy. We tried to report some of the fake profiles that asked for financial assistance, providing our physical address, and other suspicious requests, but it was an epic failure. Unfortunately, the Jamble dating site’s policy is to fraud users with its fake messages and require more payments for lacking performance.

The Cost of Membership

With no proof of identity verification features to report fake profiles and no anonymous payment methods, the Jamble dating site is definitely not the right service for beginners. The only free aspect is registration, while other functions are pretty demanding and always require more coins. Despite the city and country you live in, there is a high risk to be charged more for your purchase or subjected to cover additional fees by your bank.

This dating site is really young, but all its providers do is focused on creating negative reviews from users based on spam women’s messages, bots, and other illegal functions.

Of course, the ripping-off strategy is peculiar on the Jamble dating site. Despite the fact that the site doesn’t have any traditional coin plans or subscriptions, it lures users into spending more on VIP features with discounts — that’s free the mouse trap is set.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

“We do not use any automated decision-making or profiling”, they say. We wish that could have become true. The practice shows the opposite — our privacy was commonly disrupted by fake messages from bots and operators. It was absolutely devastating to notice the repeated informational patterns over and over again from ladies from the same city and not.

Of course, potential users are free to visit the official Jamble dating site and double-check their terms and conditions on their own. We only suggest you be attentive to detail and read through the lines. These brief statements just show how vulnerable your purchase is. The site lets you pay through such systems as PayPal and CommDoo, but this doesn’t make your purchase any safer and more reliable:

  • If you delete your customer account, your data will be deleted from the customer account, unless their storage is necessary for commercial or tax reasons.
  • We store the data you entered during the ordering process. This includes, in particular, your name, address, e-mail address, and other information voluntarily provided by you (such as a different delivery address or telephone number).
  • A transfer of your personal data to third parties will not take place without your consent, unless this is necessary for the provision of the service or for the performance of the contrary.”
    At the same time, in order to prove your original consent, we may store your signing-up data for up to three years.

The Conclusion from Our Jamble Review

Negative reviews aren’t among the main reason why people stop their curiosity from ruining their virtual relationships — interested parties are frequently tempted by magnificent offers. From this perspective, we suggest checking comments and seeing whether sending messages will lead you to bots and operators or to real customers.

Users aren’t ready to pay a lot for the seemingly free account. Yet, that’s what happens with all the trapped fans of the Jamble dating site. Your details aren’t private and might be stored and transferred only upon your original registration consent. According to our analysis, the Jamble dating site is an insufficient solution with too many ambiguous details and requirements.


  • The Jamble dating site is designed for people who desire to effortlessly contact others through messages, comments, and related advanced means remotely. The site doesn’t require you to pay for its “free” functions right away, but there are several features that won’t be available to the full otherwise. Your privacy isn’t protected by SSL security measures since you interact with fraudsters 24/7.
  • Compared to other sites, the Jamble dating platform is a US-registered team. Since the list of their contact details is limited (email and contact form on the site), it is complicated to check what representatives work on board. Anyway, the legitimacy of this registration is ruined by non-free features and constant breaks of users’ privacy and security through spam newsletters and notifications.
  • We don’t recommend using the Jamble dating site because every contact with fellow users makes your privacy prone to information leaks and the unauthorized spread of your private details to third parties by the Jamble team. Restoring your data then won’t be hassle-free, so this platform is certainly a dangerous digital space for dating and meeting men and women.

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