How single are you to write paid messages and give virtual gifts to fake accounts on the network? If you are still ready for such an adventure, read the Jolly.me review and be very careful!


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who jolly.me is For and Who Owns It

The jolly me dating site is already quite popular and a lot of single women and men visit it. The average age of the most active users of the platform is from 35 to 55 and higher. The users from different countries of the world register on the resource company in search of happiness and new impressions.

However, during the whole period of the study, we did not come across any real feedback from at least one jolly visitor, that he was able to invite his companion for a live date. And it is not surprising, because only bots and fake profiles, which are maintained by trained operators of the company, are used on the jolly me platform.

As for information concerning the company itself, there is not a lot of data about it.

Communitainment LP Renderwison LTD
Communitainment LP (12 South Bridge, Suit 1, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH 1 1DD, United Kingdom). Registration number: SL24873 Renderwison LTD (1 Apriliou, 47 Demetriou Building 2, 1st Floor, Flat Office 12, 3117, Limassol, Cyprus). Registration Number: HE 348713
Phone number
[email protected]

The system algorithms have their own features, configured in a way to choose users according to their location. To do this, there is a built-in GPS, which determines your place of residence. However, even if you change your address and find yourself at the North Pole, a hundred or two of jolly local single users will certainly be available to actively message you for dating and lead you to paid features.

You may have some questions about all those millions of people who passed registration on jolly me. There is nothing strange, it’s just that you won’t encounter live people in the network, the company system will take care of that. So our review on dating here is going to be even more interesting!

Details on jolly.me review: Registration and Fake Accounts

Are you still in the mood to try your luck with dating on jolly me? Our review will definitely help you find out the truth about what’s really going on at the site, why it’s created and how it became so notorious.

In fact, it is easy to register, become a member of the club and start communicating in the company. But you can only do it on the desktop, the mobile device will not help you because there is no app.

Once you appear on the network, a flurry of messages starts raining down on you, and it’s impossible to stop. You won’t have time to yawn until you’ve read the SMS of all your fans. It seems as if you were the one everyone is waiting for here, and many are flattered by this attention.

Now, let’s get back to the review – this is all a merit of the platform bots, which automatically choose anyone who appears in their field of vision. Is it really that simple and a complete fraud?

The Registration Process on jolly me

After opening the homepage of the dating site in the browser, users are immediately directed to the registration form. Here you can create a new profile or login into an existing account. By the way, it will not work with a mobile device, because the app has not been developed by the company.

Until such an action is performed, you can’t go any further. There is a picture in the background of jolly people who have already found their happiness. It is so trivial but so tempting. After all, that is what you came here for, isn’t it?

To make our review on dating complete and justified, we have become members of the company community, and have shared some information:

  • username;
  • gender identity.

The site then redirects you to the next step, with other questions:

  • email address;
  • password;
  • a small box to check the age of 18.

This browser window asks you to read the features of the License Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Payment and Refund Policy of the company. These are important points, but many people ignore them. We weren’t too lazy to read all of them to the end and we discovered a lot of curious points for our review.

By going through this simple procedure, you do not pay anything yet. But it’s a trap of the company, which every client falls into, hoping to find his happiness when dating in the network.

At this stage, your questionnaire of the member is empty, and you are asked to fill it out to improve your performance. The set questions of the company are standard, asking you to share information about your preferences, religious views, habits, etc. Believe us, they do not mean anything, even if you write that you are 90 years old and an inveterate alcoholic.

It won’t take you more than two minutes before you start getting tons of emails from attractive people of the opposite sex, who will send out jolly compliments and pretty words. From now on, you’re in the clingy clutches of the dating company bots and experienced operators, who will not give up their main goal – to make you spend as much money as possible on these companies!

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Review Fake profiles and fake Forms

We had to do an entire investigation in the review, so as not to be unsubstantiated about the authenticity of “interlocutors.” We were able to find a lot of evidence that shows fake and scam companies. First, many set photos after checking turned out to be downloaded from the network, stolen by operators from other people’s profiles, the owners of which have no idea that a scam is being conducted on their behalf.

But that’s not all! If you set up a few different accounts, you can see the same algorithm of dating, which may be unnoticeable if you have only one page. But will it be a problem for operators in today’s digital world to make a few different emails? Even 1,000 of them, if the company’s business is worth it!

Since there are more women than men on the site, the male account is attacked by the mass of messages at once. Frankly flirting and allusions can make some people uncomfortable, while others, on the contrary, may be tempted to make a serious purchase for premium services. Becoming a solid member of the community in the eyes of the lovely ladies is the perfect start to dating, isn’t it?

However, no matter how impressive your profile is, no matter how much money you invested in gifts to beautiful women, you will not meet with them in person, conversations in privacy and dates – all relations with matches will last exactly as long as your savings are enough.

The Cost of Membership on jolly me

Keep in mind that you can’t do anything on this dating site if you don’t have any money. You will not even be able to send a message to the person you are interested in. It is unclear why you need to reassure people with attractive images, if everything is based only on money.

However, let’s leave the lyrics of the review and see how much it costs to flirt on jolly me with potential matches.

Premium account:

  • gives you unlimited correspondence in chats;
  • opens up access to all the photos in the profiles site;
  • provides 24-hour improve technical support of operators through the chat.

The price for the purchase is per day, but there is a special discount from the company, which reduces the cost, depending on the term you choose – for example, the price for one day is 0.88 euros, but if you take a monthly subscription, the rate is reduced by 6 euros.

Premium Gold:

  • the ability to improve the filter has been added to the listed member privileges;
  • search for people close to you by location;
  • viewing accounts that have shown a liking to you.

VIP account:

  • privacy chat with operators;
  • your profile is always at the top of the list of recommended;
  • your messages are above all others.

You have to pay 19,99 euros per month to improve your position and get a vip-client benefit. Any purchase can be made only on the computer, mobile devices are not supported by the system, the app is not created.

As you can see in the review, the tariff is immodest, but the benefits are questionable, given who exactly you will communicate with.

If you do not remember in time to cancel the purchase, your money will be charged automatically to the site. At the same time, judging by the reviews of real but already former customers, the money for the purchase is withdrawn even from the delete profiles.

Terms and agreements No One Knows About

We’ll save you time and name the most troubling things from the wide list in this review:


Source: https://jolly.me/info/terms?source=footer

This means that the company declines all responsibility for low-quality dating, incorrect and any other content, and it is not going to correct errors in the app, admit them, etc. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of viruses, fake and scam, which is described in this review.

The same applies to payment transactions. No one gives you a guarantee that you will receive what you expected while you’re paying. Therefore, in our review we categorically do not recommend you pass registration and spend time on jolly me.

Conclusion From The jolly me review

Virtual dating is always a risky and dubious activity. But when you are confident in the reliability of the resource, it is worth trying your luck or having fun with it in your spare time. Review on the jolly me dating site did not pass the credibility test and turned out to be a scam.

We declare that you will not be guaranteed security, honest service and privacy here. The website is full of not matches but bots with fake profiles, the purpose of which is to extort money. This is a massive attack of bots that is impossible to get rid of. Moreover, the algorithm of the system is set up in such way that even after deleting an account, you will still receive messages of advertising character and constantly see such proposals in your browser. Save yourself from such troubles, follow our advice in the review and listen to the feedback from real users, who recall their experience and the services of the site with horror.


  • Jolly.me is a common scammer who lures users into wasting as much money as possible to participate in chats under the guise of romantic dating. The scam is to create masses of fake accounts of your sweet matches and steal other people's photos so that users pay for each of their actions with their personal money. No real dating is possible here.
  • The legitimacy is out of the question, when fake profiles pretend to be real people. Many visitors already know the trick, however, there are still many people unfamiliar with the scam. Aggressive advertising in the browser promotes a website that profits from the hopes and feelings of its customers.
  • There is no doubt about it! An attractive layout, free registration and a nice cover - it's all designed to mislead users. In fact, there is only scam here!

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