JuicyDates.com Review

JuicyDates review: uncover all the dark nuances of working with this scam site


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is JuicyDates And Who Runs It?

When you first visit this dating website, you can see that it estimates its goals as a dating platform for adult chatting. However, when we decided to dive deeper into the work of JuicyDates, we saw that this resource is just a horrible scam, which has nothing in common with real dating features.

If you are interested in the company that runs this dating website, you can find more information using the contact data below:

Company Name
Infinite Connections In
Company Address
865 SW 78th Ave STE A100
Email Address
[email protected]

Yet, this is just a scam company that hosts a bunch of other resources that are aimed at stealing money. JuicyDates is not the first one they created. It is one of those companies we saw in our reviews.

They hide under the mask of free registration to make naive users connect to their scam network. They don’t even tell about their city to prevent users from connecting them.

But now, let’s start our review to see what is wrong with this dating site. It is time to define what users can get here. Is that possible to find your first date? Are it chats available? Is it free to register here? It will be one of the most interesting reviews ever.

Starting JuicyDates Review: What Are The Worst Points Of This Site?

The first glance at the landing page of JuicyDates shows how poor and cheap it is. There is nothing on this website and nothing real you can find here. This dating site just looks like a low-quality template for scamming people.

When you first see sites of such type, you can be sure that you will not find your first date here. It might look like a free register site, but you can be sure that such companies only create nice pictures for their sites in order to steal all the personal details from their potential members. We saw it a lot of times in our reviews.

All the information on juicy dates is not relevant, because they literally want to hide everything they can from you. Even though this landing page might contain a lot of things, you will not be able to learn more about something you are really interested in, so we decided to go ahead with our review.

Let’s talk about this online scam site. It is possible to find your date here? How to register on this site? Will you find real members here? Are there any free features? Will your password or other contact details be stolen after you logged on? Is that possible to find love? Read one of the most thorough of our reviews!

The registration process on JuicyDates

The free registration process on this dating resource is just bad. Entering each piece of information about you will require JuicyDates to load a new tab, which will take extra time.

To register here, you have to tell this dating site:

  • Your preferences;
  • Your sex;
  • Age;
  • Nickname/username;
  • Email address;
  • Password;
  • City with postal code.

And imagine you have to wait nearly 2 minutes between completing each of these gaps. It will be extremely exhausting. In our reviews, we saw a lot of sites that required too many factors to mention. However, after members logged off, these sites stole their passwords and other details.

The combination of such a laggy interface with slow work means that this dating website is a 100% scam. If these facts are not enough to believe so, read our review further to learn more about juicy dates services and whether if offers a first date.

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Fake profiles of JuicyDates members

Talking about the profiles of JuicyDates, we can see that they are truly disgusting. These members not only post a lot of nudity here, but literally, scream about how fake they are.

When we decided to browse all the profiles here, we saw that our inbox started being flooded with messages. A lot of filthy messages from women baiting us to reply. When we opened the chat window, we saw that they use non-stop spamming to make us pay.

In our reviews on sites for dates, we never saw anything like this. All the members are not real. Their pictures are low-quality, their accounts are blank, and they show that you will find no love here. This online scam site just showed that it is disgusting. And, what was also strange, there was no search engine.

So, for us, the only option left was to pay for services in order to continue our review. So let’s talk about the costs here.

How much to pay for JuicyDate’s scam services?

Of course, we suggest you do not pay. Especially, including the fact that there are no trial plans, no coin plans, and even no messages. This dating site wants to sell you its premium membership, which is truly cheeky. The positions on the price list of juicy dates include:

1 Month comes for $40;
3 Months come for $65;
12 Months come for $135.

In fact, it might look like a pretty affordable solution, even though the prices per day are not different at all. But after paying, you will be not only scammed but also blackmailed.

In our reviews of sites for dates, we saw a lot of services that required buying a membership. But such an approach will not leave you to find love. Our reviews proved it multiple times. The only thing you will get is a blank bank account. This is the cost of fake sites with online chat to enter.

When we bought the cheapest package here, we decided to answer the messages from one of those bots. And they started asking us for photos. It was disgusting. From that point, we were 100% sure that people can be blackmailed on juicy dates.

What does the website tell about its scam?

If you think that this dating site will help you if you lose your money, you are mistaken. Juicy Dates is nothing but a fraud, and it makes everything to make you think that it is impossible to have your funds back.

The site says:

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password and you are fully and solely responsible for all activities that occur under your username and password.

So, if something is stolen, you will be the one guilty, because JuicyDates tells you that you are responsible for any single action. And if you share your information, which, later, will be used by admins of this site, you will have no help. A truly immoral dating website with no dating options.

The main thing is that they made it almost impossible to search for their terms. Thank God, we had the required skills from our reviews career. But the average user will only see a nice picture and will create an account freely.

The Conclusion About JuicyDates

The conclusion about this scam site is obvious. Juicy Dates is a horrible platform that is focused only on stealing all money you have and on making you pay for their fake services.

Using this site is dangerous. You can lose literally everything here, and no one will be able to help. For this reason, we strongly recommend you avoid this website. If you open it, you will join a cheeky dating community with fake profiles of fake users. If you register here, you just agree to be scammed.

Contacting other members is not an option here, the age filter doesn’t work, female users are not real, all their usernames are just fake, and the profile you have will be used to steal your information and create other fake accounts on other dating sites. This site will be the worst mistake in your life.

In our reviews, we encountered a lot of sites with no search engine, no online chat, and only naked pictures. We agree that such sites are common, but this one became one of the works. Such disgusting things are rare in our reviews. It required a lot of effort to finish the overview of this fake online chat.

But if you would like to find really reliable and qualitative resources, you can read reviews and comments on our site to see what dating option would be the most suitable for your needs. Search for our reviews and read comments of other users to find the best websites.


  • JuicyDates is a fake dating site that has no real dating experience in it. This site only aims to steal all the money you have, trying to sell you their premium subscription plans. The way to achieve their goal is to send a lot of fake messages using fake profiles of members here. In our reviews, we rarely faced such immoral resources, and our team agrees that this is one of the worst.
  • JuicyDates is a horrible dating website that is not safe to use. Any person that signs up for its services will lose all the money and personal information. The only thing you will receive back is lots of pictures from non-existing users. There is no search engine, no real members, and no dating options.
  • JuicyDates is not only a scam dating website, but a horrible place that will take no care of your privacy and security. This website works only to steal money from users, so you should not trust these scammers. If you join this dating site, you will become one of the scammed users. You will not be able to search for help here. Our team agreed that this site is one of the most terrifying we had to review.

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