KinkMeets review has shown that this dating website is a horrible scamming scheme.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is KinkMeets And Who Runs It?

KinkMeets is a dating website focused more on adult dating. Nonetheless, the image of this resource is as fake as all the members’ profiles here. It is just an insufficient dating website with only computer generated virtual profiles. Starting our review, we can see that the company responsible for the creation of this product is a fake scam platform that provides you with fake contact data. But, if you think that you are lucky enough to reach them, here you get their contact details:

Company name
Flaming Head Limited
Company location
Antoniou Pavlidi 29, 2323 Nicosia, Cyprus
Email address
[email protected]

As you can see, another no-name company located in Cyprus. This is so common for our reviews on such scamming projects. But flaming head limited managed to get a lot of negative reviews of its work. If you don’t believe that this dating site has nothing in common with fair romantic and adult chatting, you should read our detailed review on KinkMeets. Let’s start.

The Detailed Review On KinkMeets

The beginning of our work with KinkMeets was horrible. It was the point when we saw that this dating site is a scam project. A huge number of stock and low-quality photos proved our opinion. This is not how the landing page of a decent website should look like.

Of course, the minor advantage of it is that you get all the internal links right ahead. For our review, it was a real present that saved us some time. But OK, we should be consistent and start with the registration process on KinkMeets. Let’s learn more about its computer generated virtual profiles, fully moderated chat, laggy account updates, paid membership options, rip off schemes, fake special offers, and insufficient communications with other members.

The registration process on KinkMeets

The free registration process might look not that complicated, but after feeling each field, users have to wait at least 2 minutes. This is because this dating website is so laggy that you will spend an hour registering on this insufficient dating website. You need to include the following information:

  • Your email address;
  • Username;
  • Your sex;
  • Password;
  • Your location/country of origin;
  • Your preferences (different sexual orientations included).

After a verification that requires you to type 3 letters, you will be able to start using all the fake features on this dating website. And this is awful because this dating site lets all the users identify you. Your nickname is not displayed here, and while having a chat with someone, you will notice that your email name is displayed. Bad Internet security here. It was impossible to send a report to the support team because none of the operators was online. This is the first time we saw something like that in our online dating platform reviews.

But what about the fake profiles on KinkMeets?

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How fake are KinkMeets profiles?

The very first thing users will notice is the flow of messages. You will have an opportunity to browse all the profiles but be careful clicking on them. This dating website has so many ads with nudity that you can simply catch some virus by clicking on the wrong spot or fake profiles.

We saw all these fictitious profiles that were screaming that they are here to rip off common users. This is a great example of a simple Internet scam that we saw a lot of times in our reviews. All these chats that appeared on the landing page were just awful. And there were no profile settings to find women we like. Usually, in our reviews, such a feature comes for free, but here, it is absent. No user can search for members he likes.

All the profiles are full of naked women. In fact, these are literally stock photos, which you can find using Google search. But one lady started a chat, and we had some free messages to tell her something. We started insisting on sending extra photos in order to make sure that she is not fake, but the operator of this bot just ignored our request!

In fact, this fake lady started talking about sex, personal meetings, and “blowing the mind.” When it came to such messages, the system blocked our option to send messages, and we had to pay to go on. So it is time to talk about the prices and rip off here.

How much to pay for KinkMeets services?

A recurring payment scheme is the only thing that you will find on KinkMeets. This is because this dating site doesn’t want you to buy credits. It would like to take all your money from your account, giving you its premium subscription. The prices are the following:

$30 for a 1-month subscription;
$60 for a 3-month subscription;
$100 for a 6-months subscription.

Buying each of these packages will lead you to the loss of money. For example, we bought the cheapest package, but still they charged an extra $20. This is just hard to imagine. It became a very expensive report for us. We understood why there are a lot of negative reviews on this online rip off scheme.

This online scam project claims that after paying, you will receive access to chats, developed profile settings, and other dating options. But with fictitious profiles, it would be impossible to reach any real members, even if you had such features.

And after paying money to these scammers, we received nothing. Everything looked like we didn’t pay at all. None of the features of this scam site became available. But other members claimed that they could send messages, which lead to blackmailing. So we would like to see what is inside their privacy policy.

What does KinkMeets tell about its scam?

Of course, everything is obvious here. You will only find that you are the only one responsible for every single action happening on this scam site. The owners of this dating website tell:

We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, cookies, or practices of any Third-Party sites or services.

Source: https://www.kinkmeets.com/site/terms

But you have to keep in mind that all the members here are third-party bots, while almost half of the pictures on this dating site will lead you to pornographic pages with viruses.

This online rip off scheme is just focused on stealing money and contact details of all users who want to become members of the dating community. Using a free registration process and a lot of chats, they hook users to sign in and share their personal details.

This is the point when we totally realized that KinkMeets is not only a pathetic scam site but a dangerous platform full of fake profiles that are worth no attention. Our review proved that you will find no real dating here.

The Conclusion About KinkMeets

The conclusion about this scam site is pretty obvious. KinkMeets is just a fake dating website that will give you nothing at all. It is created to take, take, and take again. You will lose everything if you try this site.

Flaming head limited created another example of a laggy dating site, where you will find an awful landing page, fully moderated chat, fake profiles of other members, no free services, horrible communications, an exhausting registration process, and will receive email newsletters every single hour. Instead of creating something nice, Flaming Head just made this.

Your money, your personal information, and in some cases your dignity will be at risk if you register here. So if you would like to join a proper dating website with real women, you should read more of our reviews, pay attention to the comments of other members, and choose only the best platforms for your preferences.

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