Having studied the dating site La date.com we concluded: do not use the services of this website as it is irresponsible and misleads customers.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

More details about La date.com

The La date website is suitable for women and men from different countries who do not look for a life partner but rather for a match of one-time meetings. The age is more like from 30 to 48. Female profiles prevail.

Company name
La date
Limassol, Cyprus
[email protected]

La date.com is one of the dating sites for users of legal age. As mostly members use dating sites looking for a match, they need to opt for a trustworthy dating website account with all the necessary details. In this regard, La date is not an option since its get capital from fake profiles. Yes, scams are thriving on La date.com. 

Today dating sites attract a lot of new users. When it comes to real life dates, it difficult to find the right person. The Internet space makes everything much easier.

Unfortunately, La date.com offers just fraud to its users. So, let us see whether it is a good idea to register at this casual dating site. It should be mentioned that reviews about the La date dating site are provided by both males and females. According to reviews, every action on the La date dating site should be paid for. Continue reading this article to find out about all drawbacks mentioned in our La date website review, as well as to see comments from interesting people and new members.

Specifics of La date.com overview

La date is an online dating website that makes a promising impression with publicly accessible photos and communication features. Here, you can register without restrictions. Moreover, you can find foreign acquaintances with appropriate marital status. That gave us the impression of a good platform that has got a lot of new members. But later on, it was proved that we were wrong as an experience at the La date dating platform is nothing more than a cheeky monetization of communication services. You can request contacts of the dominant age from the support team within a few minutes.

Registration process at La date

To complete the registration on the La date main page, you need to fill out basic information about yourself and your communication features in the registration form. For example, you need to enter your real-life date of birth, postal code, main characteristics, and place of residence. It is also recommended to enter a mobile number and email address. After that you need to confirm your login, it comes for free. Then you will be automatically enrolled in communication. The registration form on the site is free but after that, you will need to spend credits for long letters.

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Fake dating platform profiles

This dating website has an enormous choice of male profiles. There is a possibility to request contacts and see private photos of female fake profiles. They are there to make men pay for the opportunity to express their affection. In reality, men communicate with bots hiding behind sexual and similar fake pictures.

Actually, there are a lot of profile photos and fantasy female or male profiles. And people on those private pics don’t even know they have a dating profile. Every new member has to choose coin plans and a premium subscription after the free trial ends. If you want to see private photos, you will pay more money. Also, you can find foreign acquaintances from different countries. There can be profile videos from female members, but don’t let La date.com fool you. It’s nothing but fake people feature.

The cost of membership

To chat with La date profiles, be ready to pay a certain price for membership after the trial period. Having read La date reviews, you can understand that everyone was offered a price by the support team. Furthermore, they wrote money off from the card once it had been linked to the profile on the website within a few minutes. The most reasonable packages for purchasing credits are as follows:

$150 - $0,2 per credit for 750 credits
For new members, the membership fee is $3
There are also such prices as $ 0.4 and $0.5 per credit

This cost on this website is much higher than on other platforms. The service is a scam that does not inspire trust and hope, especially taking into account the support team and buying credits for more money.

The Terms and Conditions section

Any statement that may be posted on the Service is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional financial, medical, legal, or other advice.

Source: https://la-date.com/public/privacy-policy

All the letters of the operated fake profiles tempt the user to get a paid membership, as reading or writing long letters is not available with free basic communication. By the way, such participation or membership costs a lot of money. Moreover, the paid subscription will renew automatically. The mobile application of website does not provide communication with the support team, so you cannot get answers to all your questions. Poor support and absolutely no care for its customers.

The conclusion about the La date.com review

We carefully searched for the main features of the mobile application and desktop service to prepare a reliable La date review. The assessment of La date profiles is moderately low according to our typical algorithm. According to users, the rating of the service account is relatively low, especially because of the costly paid membership. Thus, it is recommended to avoid using this fraudulent service.

There are hardly any real members from your city, and you can see that during your trial period. La date profiles are fake and not trustworthy entertainment. Male profiles and female members’ profiles feature photos from the public realm, and the support team is of no help. 

The company owner hides their identity in communication features. Spammers use the basic information of La date owners to promote their scam services with such profiles. Therefore, some website owners have decided to cancel their online communication with other members. Nevertheless, this can furthermore be manipulated by fraudsters’ female members. 


  • Generally speaking, La date.com is a fraud and scam dating site. In fact, this is a scam method where a person communicates with a bot, sees public photos, and pays cash for it. Money is also spent on service membership and VIP subscriptions, which are useless and hard to cancel.
  • The terms of service of the website state that it can use members’ data for its objectives. Once a member agrees to the terms, the data may be exposed.  This dating platform provides services officially. But there are comments that make us doubt its trustworthiness. Local fellas of dominant age can request contacts of people they like. But this scam service has only bots.
  • It is known for a scam chat by the support team and expensive services. There are fake accounts of members with profile pictures and profile videos to make users order a gift delivery. Chat operators will facilitate conversations between new clients and fake profiles, as well as an exchange of messages with the support team. But the fake accounts managed by chat operators do not indicate their mythological owners. The partner will spend a lot of money to send photo messages. Customers comment that most accounts of interest are fake. It is also hard to cancel the membership.

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