Localbangclub has a low rating as it doesn’t meet the users’ requirements and merely scams gullible customers.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who is Localbangclub.com for and who owns it?

The site is designed strictly for adults, women, and men. Each can use their location and supposedly find the right match. But because the site was created recently, an adequate number of girls has not been engaged. Such websites are not appealing to guys because of this, although they promise that everyone can find entertainment. Probably because of the above mentioned points, they also began to create fake profiles on this dating site. It claims to be for users who are determined to find naughty locals near them and get some adult pleasure. 

Localbangclub has also established its primary target audience. They are adults, women, and men who live in the USA. The average age is 35-55 years old but you can find a person of any age and status for conversation or other purposes. If it were not for the questionable algorithms and the main purpose of this dating website, then girls would really have the opportunity to take advantage of entertainment purposes, getting laid and adult pleasure, and meet interesting users.

When it comes to the owners, the following information was found:

Mountain Top Digital A.G.
Postplatz 1
Index + city:
6301 Zug
[email protected]

The owner did not list any phone number. Using this data, you can contact the support desk and wait. You may get an answer if you are lucky enough, but our request was ignored.

Localbangclub.com review details

The analysis found that some criteria mandatory for honest and decent dating sites are missing. Localbangclub creators has not managed to set up a decent site and improve it. The necessary functions and features for real dating are missing. The profile was manifested unexpectedly quickly, which indicates the work of site employees. In addition, after registering, we received the same messages from different profiles, which indicates a structured scam system.

Even if the site is young, this is not an excuse for all the bugs found because it provides paid services for money, so the service must be honest. It is important to any user. In reality, the company cares about profits only. As they say, when a business is based only on making money, all its meaning is lost. 

And so it turned out in this case. In addition, other members confirm in their review that the website is not reliable and it is better not to start using it. The site is configured for older users who may not recognize such factors as fake pictures, fake online intimate messages, etc.

Localbangclub took the example of other similar dishonest scam sites and decided to give hope that is followed by disappointment. It appears that the statements of this club do not correspond to reality. That is, the promises on the site are the opposite of the owner’s action.

Localbangclub registration process

To get access to other photos and accounts you need to go through the moderate form of registration. This club for dating requires you to fill in all information in 11 fields. Although there is no mobile app, you can access the dating website from any device with a browser. Just use Localbangclub URLs to find the site again.

Such young services usually work without error. However, in this case, there are errors in everything, starting with the concept and the basic idea of the website.

Finding entertainment after registering here is really possible for all kinds of orientations, including gays and other women with unconventional views. But after a while, they will still realize that everything was a scam. Once you get on the landing page, you might think that there are lots of non recurring profiles of real people. But unfortunately, beautiful pictures do not correspond to real women. These members are not interested in sex, they are interested in making money, because the site employs workers, not users. 

A woman can add perfect photos but it doesn’t help. It is better to find even free but honest service, which will be more useful. Then there is a chance that a real woman will contact men after he registers. Furthermore, reputable and honest sites usually have more members of different ages, interests, etc.

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Fake Profile Questionnaires

Using profiles of other people and creating profiles with someone else’s data are the biggest problem because users do not know who they communicate with. After such a bad experience, a woman or a man may be disappointed and no longer use the dating site. There may be fears that she will not be able to find a soul mate, which means it is better to beware of such websites. And any user won’t be thrilled with wasted time and money on messages to an anonymous person.

Such online services with fake profiles appear on regular basis, so it is worth learning how to choose the right websites for sex dating and casual dating. In this case, registration does not seem to be simple. But since some steps are lacking, the site can be easily accessed by unscrupulous users or scammers. A user, be it a woman or a man, has to make effort and pay attention to all criteria in addition to reading reviews. There are many profiles available within the project, so there is a lot of traffic.

Cost of membership

The cost of dubious entertainment, such as dating on this new site, isn’t cheap. If you came here looking for sex, then we can guarantee you a disappointment. The website doesn’t stick to its promises and will not let people achieve their goals even for a fee. Indeed, beautiful people and messages appear, but they are created by workers and bots.

Well, this online dating offers the following coin plan (gold membership and credit purchasing):

Gold Membership does not imply auto-advancement.

  • 1-month plan costs $13
  • 3 months plan costs $33
  • 6 months costs $50
  • 12  months worth $60.

Credit Purchasing:

$20 are worth 10 coins
$45 are worth 25 coins
$85 are worth 50 coins
$160 are worth 100 coins
$265 are worth 200 coins

The coins received through credit purchasing are exchanged for a chat with your favorite members on a dating site. No free trial plans were found on the landing page.

To communicate, it is required to click on the online links of the people you like. Often bots start the correspondence themselves so that users spend coin plans faster. And different members can write, but the messages are non recurring. The strategy of the scammers is so clever that people begin to believe in the possibility of getting not only an online message but also a real dating experience. The website employees are active around the clock because the team is big and they need to get much traffic. In addition, they have already managed to deceive a lot of users with non recurring profiles, so the website does not plan to stop its activity.

If even a negative review doesn’t stop you, take a look at the prices. The services are very overpriced for such a young site. Money is the main thing here, so the functionality and dating probability are extremely low.

Localbangclub terms and requirements

The terms and conditions of the site tell users directly that Localbangclub is not an honest platform:

The Website is a digital fantasy service for grown-ups. The accounts are provided for the entertainment of our users. It is not the intent of the Website to establish real-life meetings between users of the Website. We are not making any guarantee that you will find a date, that you will meet any of our users, or that any given person or profile manifested on the Website is available or interested in dating or communicating with you or anyone else.

The profiles posted on the Website are fictitious and are associated with our “Fantasy Entertainment” (FE) service. This Digital Fantasy website is a part of our efforts to stimulate conversation with users to encourage further and broader participation in all the Website’s services, including the posting of additional information or pictures to our members’ profiles.

This suggests that you should first pay attention to the part with conditions. It always features the real story and purpose of the page.

The conclusion from our review of Localbangclub.com

Such dating links are of no use. They make people pay the full price but they don’t bring results. The website tortures people with hope so they stay as long as possible. Localbangclub builds its business on lies. Traffic is steadily increasing despite the bad reviews and it’s frustrating. 

There is no anonymity here. Security is also not provided. Personal data can be disclosed to any third party. The website is too young and immature, and reliability occupies the last position in the owners’ interests. This is not the place to spend time chatting. It is better to read our other reviews and find a worthy platform that will surprise and delight you. Believe us, you will find a significant difference between Localbangclub and decent platforms.

If you find a positive comment about this platform, don’t even doubt it – this is advertising. There is no advantage here, as we have made a detailed review on absolutely all criteria.


  • Localbangclub is a dating website, which promises to bring together people of different genders and interests. Because of the laconic design, it may seem that the project is decent, but in fact, it is nothing but a scam and chatting with bots.
  • The conditions and requirements specify all the negative nuances that the platform implements. This is an unreliable resource with no trial plans, which is confirmed by other reviews as well. It uses other people's photos and project staff writes on behalf of them. Therefore, the question of whether the platform is legit or not gets an answer automatically. 
  • Yes, it’s a scam platform. They use such method as creating fake profiles and corresponding with the help of bots. The strategy is so clever that people don't see the deception at first.

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