In our Local Bangs review, we managed to prove that this website has nothing in common with fair dating.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Created LocalBangs And Why?

Local Bangs is a dating website focused on giving men members an opportunity to find a couple for a night. However, in our review, we found out that this dating site is just a scam platform that will not give you the demanded features.

If you want to contact the company that created this dating site, you can use the following information:

Company name
Venntro Media Group Ltd
address The Switch, 1-7 The Grove, Slough, SL1 1QP, United Kingdom.
Email address
[email protected]

But don’t think that you will find at least something useful in this company. Their contact data is as fake as the services on their scam site. You will never be able to reach someone and will have no option to send your report. But wait, you might be thinking that we are sort of biased.

No need to stand in one place. It is time to learn more about dating here. Let’s talk more about the work of Local Bangs.

Starting LocalBangs Review: What Are The Main Points Of This Scam Site?

Shock. This is the very first thing that you will experience when visiting this dating site. The landing page of it just screams how fake this resource is, and it tells you that you should just quit the page.

First, you see some low-quality pictures of naked women. They are horrible because they look like they were just cut from some porn videos.
You will see no information about the dating site, just two links that were hidden well with their privacy policy. And a registration window.

So let’s start with our review and learn how slow the registration process here is, what is wrong with all these fake profiles, and how much money this scam site will steal from your bank account.

The registration process on Local Bangs

The Local Bangs free registration process is awful. All users who come here will get tired by only trying to fill all these fields. And the “reward” will be a fake chat with fake members. But we are running too fast. To register on this dating site, you have to include the following data:

  • Your name;
  • Your email address;
  • A password;
  • Age;
  • City of living;
  • Preferences.

As you can see, your real location is not important for the website. Of course, because there is no matchmaker, you will not be able to find local singles here. Our test email was blocked. Probably, the owners of this scam site didn’t want us to make a review of their platform. But we used another one to go on and see the fake profiles of women.

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Fake profiles of women on Local Bangs

The landing page of this scam site was just a nice warm-up. The real trash began when we joined it. A ton of naked photos of some women were everywhere. Ads with naked women, profiles with naked women, pictures, and videos of naked women. We were surrounded. We can’t stand such situations. It shows that no dating options are included.

All the members on this app are not divided by age or location. Moreover, you cannot search VIP members, because there are no search filters at all. For new users, it has to be a free option to find women they like, but this dating app just forgot about it.

But when the spam attack from these fake profiles started, they didn’t just offer some sex. They were talking awful things. We had to start a chat to learn more about these women, so we had to pay.

However, paying for using this website wasn’t an option already, but for our review, we need to make sure that this dating website we use is really fake. So let’s talk about prices.

How much to pay for LocalBangs’ fake services?

When we decided to pay for its services, we saw that there are only paid membership options. There are no coin plans because subscription comes as the more beneficial part. You will not be able to cancel it or to report to the support team some mistakes with it. This is why, you can be sure that by using Local Bangs, your money will not be safe. Giving this dating site information about your credit card will just give them an opportunity to take as much as they want. But the prices are the following:

3 days cost $2.5
3 Months cost $79
6 Months cost $120
1 Year costs $199

Of course, buying the cheapest pack was the main way to test this site, but instead of taking $2.5, they took $10. Well, it is already obvious that we get nothing real in here, but to our surprise, our access to this site and its chats wasn’t denied. This is why we got more messages in which women asked for our photos reviews. We realized that blackmailing is also an option on this dating site.

What can LocalBangs tell about its scam?

Local Bangs remains clear with its motives, even in its security policy. This is why you will see that they claim you the only one responsible for any single action on their sire. Don’t believe us? Read it yourself:

If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we are not in control of, and do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies or any third party website linked to the Website.

Source: http://member.localbangs.com/terms/

But you should remember that clicking on any of the images on the website might redirect you to some garbage scam site, which will be also under the authority of Venntro Media.

The Conclusion About Local Bangs

Local Bangs didn’t even try to hide their intentions. This site is just a horrible platform. In fact, even if it was fully fair, while all women here were real, it would still grant you insufficient dating experience.

The result of this localbangs com review is simple. We didn’t even need more specialized criteria to review this site, due to the fact that it is just a regular scam service. There are no free services, no real members, and no dating options at all. The only visible things on this app are disgusting interface elements, fake users, and horrible paid membership solutions.

So if you would like to avoid being scammed and want to save your time, money, and nerves, read the reviews, examine the comments, and use only reliable sources that will help you achieve all your goals.


  • Local Bangs is one of the fake hookup sites provided by Venntro Media Group LTD. This website is full of fake accounts that create an image of women who want to experience some sex dating. This site only wants users to purchase their overpriced premium subscription.
  • Local Bangs is not a legitimate dating website. It was bolt on by Venntro Media Group and was performing its fraudulent activity against users looking for sex dating. This site has no real community of active members and only steals money using its paid membership.
  • Local Bangs is a scam site, which abuses people who would like to find sex dating with fake profiles of other members. It creates a lot of external links that lead to other Internet scams that steal contact details and bank account data from regular users.

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