LocalFarmGirl.com Review

LocalFarmGirl review: if you are looking for love online, be aware of insufficient dating platforms.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

LocalFarmGirls: How Does This Site Work?

Local Farm Girls is a dating site focused on providing features to people who would like to have a short-term union with ladies they like. You might think that this site is aimed at helping people find women from the countryside, but it will be a false thought. This site only wants to scam you, and it doesn’t hide its intentions.

But let’s talk about the company that runs the website:

Company Name
Company Address
12 Georgiou Saktouri, Suite 202, 8011, Paphos, Cyprus Contact
Email Address
[email protected]

This company didn’t even bother leaving proper details about it. This is because it is just a fictional image to create a reliable look at the site. But in our review, we found out that this site is just awful.

We have enough grounds to think that this online fake dating platform will only expand to scam more and more people.

The Detailed Review Of LocalFarmGirls: The Most Important Aspects

When we first visited LocalFarmGirls, it was nearly blank. Only the picture of a half-naked woman near some barn was even suitable for the theme of the website. But, except for the registration window, we couldn’t find anything here.

Yet the image was nice. At first, we thought that all your reports to make the review on this site were some sort of mistake. But you will learn it in only a moment. Let’s dive deeper into our review of Local Farm Girls.

Let’s see its horrible chat solutions, free features, online scam schemes, lacking contact opportunities, and other daunting things about this dating website.

The laggy registration process on the website

The free registration process is just slow. The site tells us to include a lot of information here, but it takes at least 5 minutes to load each new page. To register here, you have to mention:

  • Your sex;
  • Your preferences;
  • E mail address;
  • Age;
  • Location.

This website might use all the information you place here in a chat. In fact, by using free registration on this online dating platform, you can only sign a deal with the devil. All your contact details will be stolen.

The site will provide you with no verification. No one cares about the security of the provided information, and no one cares about your real location, because this online dating platform doesn’t want you to contact anyone for a chat. Of course, we will prove it, but let’s first move to the fake profiles of other members here.

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Fake profiles of other members on LocalFarmGirls

When you first see the main page after the registration process, all the illusions about this website simply disappear. You can see that the website looks like a huge dumpster with free porn. And, by the way, they sell porn here either. What a joke.

From the very beginning, they ask you to buy their membership, but we decided to browse profiles to see what is wrong with them. And here comes the classic. Stock naked photos of women, a lot of filthy messages and desires, and a “Twitter” feed with free porn. This is truly disgusting.

Chat options are not available here, just like the opportunity to contact anyone. In fact, you will not want to have a contact or a decent chat with such members. They are disgusting. They only insist on sexual contact options and use this fake chat to spam with their filthy desires.

The members started spamming us with a lot of messages. The most interesting one came directly from the operator. He told, “I don’t know how this new messenger works. Can he see my messages in chat?”At this point, we were laughing so hard that our walls started shaking.

So now, it is time to pay to tell them that we can see their messages. Let’s find out what chat options you get here.

How much LocalFarmGirls will ask for chatting with fake ladies?

The prices on the website are insane. There are no messages, no credits, and no trial plans. Only horrible premium subscriptions that will only leave you with no money in your account. Even buying here, you will not be able to contact anyone or start a chat. But if you are interested in their pricing policy, you can find more information down below:

$9 for 3 days;
$72 for 6 months;
$48 for 3 months;
$30 for 1 month.

As you can see, prices here are rather strange, but we still wanted to experience the work with these services, so we bought the cheapest package.

After we did so, the website gently reminded we could watch some porn, but we were not interested in it. We decided to move forward to chat with people. And nothing changed. The only thing they started doing is asking about personal meetings and about sending photos and insisted on sexual contact. It was not only disgusting but also pretty scary.

What does LocalFarmGirls tell about its scam?

The policy of this website is just awful. They are not only justifying the scam methods but also can tell you that some members can be under the age of 18! Here is what they say:

The Company is not responsible for the messages or content posted to or transmitted through the Site. While users represent and warrant that they are at least eighteen years of age, the Company cannot and does not guarantee that a person under eighteen years of age may not have infiltrated the Site.

Source: https://www.localfarmgirls.com/?wm_login=admin&ps=s&page=terms&from=s3

This is truly insane. It showed that these scammers have no limits at all. There is no age verification, so this website could be dangerous for people who just wanted some contact with like-minded people.

The Conclusion About LocalFarmGirls

Local Farm Girls is just a pathetic website that tries to sell you everything, starting from underage dating to free porn content. This website will definitely blackmail you after it steals your money from your bank account.

This dating site is truly disgusting. When you connect to it, you can forget about anonymity. There is no real dating solution, no opportunity to chat with people online, and no free options, and you will only feel lonely after using this garbage website. We have enough proof that this platform is horrible.

So, if you would like to avoid such scam sites, consider our reviews and comments to find only reliable dating websites. Examine our online dating platform rating to avoid fake websites and to find the best options to connect with real people to never feel lonely again.


  • Local Farm Girls is a scam dating website that is only focused on making you buy credits. However, after you do so, you will only lose your bank account data and still will not be able to send messages. All the members here are fake and operated via computer while chatting is not available at all.
  • LocalFarmGirls is a horrible scam network, which is aimed only at providing you with fake services. With these services, the website will steal all your account information. So, the best way to avoid being scammed is to just close the browser page with this website.
  • LocalFarmGirls is not a legit dating solution that will only leave you with a ton of fake profiles of other members and loneliness and will rip you off. You will not meet here any real person, because the website has only fictitious profiles here.

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