LonelyWifeHookup.com review: any person can be scammed by LonelyWifeHookup so it’s better not to risk your money and mental well-being.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

What Is LonelyWifeHookup And Who Created It?

Lonely Wife Hookup is a dating site fully focused on scamming people. This insufficient dating site gives you an image of having a real date with a lonely wife, but in fact, you will not be able to find here real local singles. Lonely Wife Hookup is just aimed at giving you a free account for chatting with fake online cuties. However, when you sign in for this fake dating project, you will not find real members but face a lot of ads from third party contractors aimed at sending you viruses to steal your money and personal information from your account.

Users who sign up for their membership will only waste their money. If you would like to get in touch with this company, you can try using the following contact information:

Company Name
Company location
Email address
[email protected]

But the chance that you will reach them via these contact details are as low as the chances to find a real date here. In fact, all the fantasy cuties here are just bots that will send you scripted messages in order to leach all the personal information from your account.

So now, let’s go on with the LonelyWifeHookup review to find out what makes us think that this site is another poorly organized scam.

The Detailed Review Of Lonely Wife Hookup

When we first visited the front page of this dating website, we saw literally nothing. It looks like a blank template with only a registration window. Of course, there were some internal links, but they led nowhere.

We did spend time trying to find at least something here, at least photos of fantasy cuties that had to be present. At least, the website claimed so in a lot of ads. But it looked like the only real account on this Internet scam project was the one we just created.

There was nothing to look at on lonely wife hookup. Just a photo of a woman that represents no idea of this dating site. Users who will sign in here will get their expectations ruined. So, to go on with our LonelyWifeHookup review, we had to register. Let’s talk about the poor but free registration process, fake profiles of other members, search tools, absent trial period, low-quality pictures of women here, strange paid membership, and scamming schemes this site applies.

The registration process on LonelyWifeHookup

The registration process was not only poor but too slow on lonely wife hookup. This is, usually, the point when we already realize that we spend time on a scam site. However, talking about the registration in more detail, we could see that there is almost no information needed to go on.

All you need to tell includes:

  • Email address;
  • Location;
  • Password;
  • Preferences (including different sexual orientations).

We had no idea why Lonely Wife Hookup had the option to change our sexual orientation to gay. Probably, it was just some template glitches.

It looked like another example of online fraud, where users will be forced to pay for a fake membership to chat with online cuties. But what is also important is that during this free registration, we had no online check of our profile. It means, that if we pay for the membership to send messages to women on this service, no one will protect our data.

And after we registered, we saw the women’s profiles here. Let’s talk more about them.

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Fake Lonely Wife Hookup profiles

The profiles on this website look like teleported to our time from the year 2000. All photos looked like they were made with the worst camera in the world because in some of them, there was no option to even see the face.

The search tool on lonely wife hookup was not available. Usually, this is a free feature that comes as a part of the trial period. It has to give a proper image of women on the dating site for the person who wants to pay for the membership. But here, you could only see women’s profiles with horrible pictures.

Talking about the quality of profiles, we could see that there is only nudity here. It was another red flag that proved that Lonely Wife Hookup is just a scam site. You can visit proper adult dating services to see a nice example of adult chat features. But this site just wants naive users to pay for chatting with fake women.

In the messages they sent us, there were only sexual comments with no boundaries to our preferences and gender. But to make sure that Lonely Wife Hookup is a scam site, we decided to buy their subscription. Let’s see what the payment options here are.

How much to pay for the LonelyWifeHookup scam?

To start sending messages here, you have to buy their premium membership. There is no trial plan and no way to find free messages or coins. It is just focused on recurring plans that are created to steal the money of naive members.

The subscription packages include:

3-day subscription for $9;
1-month subscription for $30;
3 months subscription for $50;
6 months subscription for $70;

It looks like a horrible rip off scheme that will give you nothing. They call their 3-day subscription a trial plan, but it is the most expensive one if we count the price per day or month. But we bought it.

The website didn’t deny access, so we could at least send some messages. And guess what? The spam attack stopped while 2 ladies we decided to chat with sent us a lot of messages trying to make us send photos, phone number, or our exact location.

Moreover, when having chats with women here, we realized that after we bought their membership, they became more interested in conversations. They tried to even reply properly. This way, they will make this scam scheme less obvious to common users.

It made us realize that people who would like to find a local single using this website will be also blackmailed. So what can this website tell about its security?

What does LonelyWifeHookup claim about its scam?

If you think that by joining this horrible scam site you will get at least some protection, you are mistaken. LonelyWifeHookup is not aimed at cooperating with you. The only things they need are your personal information and your money. Guess what they say about their responsibilities? They literally claim:

You agree that You are solely responsible for Your interactions with other users, both on and off the Site. Use common sense and caution when interacting with other users of the Service.

Source: lonelywifehookup.com

No matter what kind of damage you will receive when using this site, they will not help you. This resource is just aimed at leaving you with nothing. Any single person that wants to buy here a membership to chat with women will only sign a deal with the devil.

The Conclusion About LonelyWifeHookup

Lonely Wife Hookup is an insufficient dating website that has nothing in common with a pure and sincere dating experience. It will steal everything you have without any doubts. But the things that you might lose by using this website might be much more valuable than just money.

LonelyWifeHookup review just showed that you will never find here fantasy cuties and that a free account will only lead you to chat with fake girls. We have to admit that unlike other different sites that scam users on the Internet lonelywifehookup com might seem better. But there are no real women, just a lot of third party contractors that will use all the tools they have to leach all the money from your bank account.

This service will only make you sign up for their membership to give you access to chat with not real women. All users who want to join this service and find the only person to fall in love with will be scammed.

So, if you want to learn more about proper dating, select reliable websites that will fulfill all your desires. To find your loving couple online, read more reviews and comments from other members to pick only trustworthy services.


  • Lonely wife hookup is one of the classical scam sites across the Internet. This site is only aimed to make new users pay for non-existing services. However, after you buy something on this web site, they will only ship computerized messages via their fake profiles. This is why this site is fully insufficient.
  • Lonely wife hookup is not a legit site. This website is aimed to make you buy their paid membership in order to get access to your bank account. However, after you pay for their services, the only thing you will get will be fake profiles of ladies.
  • Lonely Wife Hookup is one of the scam sites common users can find on the Internet. Using this site, you will not get a chat with horny wives, fantasy cuties profiles, and married women. All the things that any single person will face here are insufficient dating experience and computer generated automated emails aimed at stealing all you have.

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